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Monday, October 5, 2009

September's Apron Stitching Challenge.


September's stitching challenge was to make an Apron. It is interesting to see two completely different aprons. Aprons seem to be making a comeback. There are many different styles of aprons a quick search on the net reveals some amazing patterns. This is Anita's apron she chose some stripe material and her favourite Debbie Mumm fabric.
Look even one of her dolls made it into the photo shoot. Anita has had some luck finding Debbie Mumm fabric at one of the local op shops. She eyed off the material and it was tucked under her arm in a second. Good on you Anita.

For my apron I used some black homespun and some ribbon I had on hand for the neck and back ties.

I chose to embroider a rose on the apron. It has been put to good use already.
I have a book on loan from the library called "Sew and Save" by Joanna Chase. ISBN 978-0-00-731377-8.It is reproduced from the original 1941 edition. There is a small section on Apron Making. It states the following;
Aprons from Old Cotton Frocks. Never throw away faded or torn cotton frocks,and rather then tear them up for dusters,make yourself house-aprons with them. You get two aprons from every frock. Cut out the sleeves,then from the lower arm-hole cut straight across the top. The side-seams should be cut open, then hemmed down flat again.The back and front bodices are hemmed into square bibs.A couple of yards of ribbon,or coloured tape to attach to the bib of each apron,taken back over the shoulders,crossed over at the back,and brought round to tie at the waist-front will complete the garment." There are two other books that have been reproduced from the original books. One is about gardening and the other about your kitchen. The hints in these are still relevant today. There are several knitting patterns in the back of Sew and Save for gloves clothes socks etc which could be made up. The stitching challenge for this month is to make a cushion which has something in it starting with R S and B. It will be interesting to see what we both come up with.
Happy sewing.
Bev C


Lurline said...

Pretty aprons - too nice to wer in the kitchen!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely aprons! I still have some Debbie Mumm faric that looks very similar. Perfect use for it!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I always wear an apron in the kitchen Bev!!! Love your one...and yes I can see that ribbon...what a wonderful idea!!! Have a lovely Tuesday...Hugs, Dzintra♥x

Mylene said...

Great job on the aprons and love the embroidery rose on the black one.

Hope you are having a good week.

Sarah said...

I make aprons but I still haven't got one myself. Perhaps that will be a good project in the future.

I love your sewing machine cover! I need to make one for my new machine too. I was thinking of something similar, maybe patchwork.

Bobbie Lynn said...

I'm an apron fan too. Great job on your apron and the rose adds a perfect touch too. The bright pink pops with the black.