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Monday, March 21, 2011

"Makes Me Happy Monday"


Happy Monday to you. Guess who is making us all a bit happier this week Prince William is. Have you seen the young girls on television going all googly eyed,even some of the older ladies are doing this. Isn't he a breath of fresh air. The younger generation of Royals are so happy and outgoing. It may be a sign of the times we are in. I know everyone in Christchurch and the recently flooded regions of Queensland and Victoria needed a morale booster. I would say his visit has done this. One young 10 year old boy has even been given an invite to his wedding.

 Do you ever stop and think where the heck do these people go to the toilet when they are out and about?? Remember when you had small children you always had to find a toilet stop. You have got to be wondering what I am going on about at this stage.

I would love to know which one of these toilets Prince William used on his visit to Christchurch.Please make sure you check out the link and see what I am talking about. You might even make a donation to the Earthquake Appeal while you are there.

I now know why they were advertising for plumbers to go across to New Zealand to help out!!! Lets hope they get things moving again.

Happy Monday to you,please let me know what is making you happy today.

Bev C


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

now bev...you do have a point there...where do they go...i have never thought of that haha...dzintra

Maria said...

Oh Bev you sure made my Monday a little happier looking at the link.

Mitzi said...

Bev, I have started my Monday with a big chuckle after looking at the "Long Drop" link! I hope Prince William finds one that has a little more privacy.....it is wonderful of him to visit an area affected by the earthquake. I love the young royals, especially William, and Kate is delightful!

Terriaw said...

It's funny how crazy people go over anyone from the British royal family, like crazy celebrity groupies. Good coffee and breakfast (two of my favorites) have made me happy to far this Monday.

Anne said...

Golly, what a wonderful site, Im dilegently handsewing little quilts and toys frm the book 'Little Birds when I found your name answering a competition,