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Monday, November 21, 2011

"Makes Me Happy Monday."

Hello and a super Happy Monday to you all.

We had a fantastic weekend. I hope you did too. We managed to fit a lot in, there were visits to Ainsley and Julian and friends,shopping, markets, fabric buying etc.

On Friday we received a post card from Lucy. The mail was super quick from New Zealand. It was a card from Kaikoura where she went swimming with the dolphins last Monday.

Now on Saturday she took a ride in a Helicopter to the top of the Franz Joseph Glacier and hiked over the Glacier for two hours. To quote Lucy "It was the best day of her life ever" I think she is turning into a bit of a "Bond Girl".

The floral fabric is some I picked up yesterday at the Guilford Town Hall Markets. We got there as everyone was packing up but we saw this fabric which was only $5.00 for 2 metres. Even Ian knew that was a good price. It is keeping my sewing room company at the moment until I work out what it will be used in.

These are the fabrics I received last week from Fabric Traders. I have plans to use the floral fabric on the end for a Garden Journal I wish to make sometime this week. Thanks so much ladies for the fabric.

I was so happy to catch up with some great on-line friends on the weekend. Sue and Maria were at a retreat nearby and I took the opportunity to travel across to Toodyay for a chat. I now know why they love these weekends. I think it is the massage that they all sign up for. Seriously it was a great afternoon and a pleasure to chat and see Sue's tumbler quilt and Maria's Elves in real life. Thanks for asking me along ladies. If you have the opportunity to meet up with an on-line friend please take it up. You know how you start chatting to people in line at the craft shop about what they are making , it is just like that. You have lots in common already.

 Every now and again Ian and I have a walk around the river. One of the swans comes up to greet us in a certain spot each time. So last week I remembered to take my camera. The swans have been on the river for many years.

On Saturday Ian and I took the opportunity to have a look around the new beaut flash Recreation Centre and catch up with some locals. This new building has only been open for use for a few weeks and it was wonderful to be able to have a look around. It is going to be a great asset to the town. Apparently State Netball games are going to be played here.

Pauline has kindly passed on this award to me. It is for blogs with less than 200 followers. I am finding it a hard task to pick out several people to pass this onto. Remember being at school and you had to be picked for teams. It is like that. So if you have less than 200 followers and you are reading this please take it on.

I found this on Barbara's blog this morning and have decided to join in. Nothing makes me happier than occupying my sewing room. Maybe you could join in too.

I received a phone call from a handsome young man this morning inviting me out to lunch so I better go and get ready for him to arrive.

I hope you have a very Happy Monday.

Happy days.
Bev C



Notjustnat said...

This post looks like a happy Monday for you indeed. Glad you had a nice and busy weekend. I love weekend like that. Full of action and fun. I have been on top of Franz Glacier, but climbed on foot - No fancy helicopter ride as Lucy did! I am glad she had a great time. It was worth every steps for me too - Hugs Nat

Maria said...

Looks like Lucy is having a wonderful time in NZ.
Your fabric sure was a good bargain.
Was sew nice of you to come and visit us in Toodyay.

Anonymous said...

such a happy post Bev,love that swan pic.

Michelle said...

Lucy sounds like she is having fun and fitting lots of things into her stay..
The rose fabric is gorgeous... I wonder what you will end up doing with it?

Cheryll said...

Love the pic's of NZ.. and what fabric bargins you found!
How nice of you to meet up with "friends" at the retreat. Enjoyable post today. :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

Sounds like there is a lot making you happy this Monday Bev. It is nice to meet up with blogging friends.

Sue said...

Wow Bev, I so glad you found time to visit us on this busy weekend. I was thrilled to see you on Saturday and I'm certainly enjoying the Kainga roses you brought along. Lovely post so full of happy things.

Vickie said...

happy happy happy very much, bargain fabric kewl..free fabric excellent, lovely for you to catch up with some on-line friends-meeting in the 3 dimension just adds a whole new aspect, the swan looks beautiful, cheers Vickie

rosie said...

So glad you got to meet up with some blogging friends Bev..
It sounds like Lucy is having the time of her life..
Hope the rest of the week is going well for you too...

Terriaw said...

Sounds like a really fabulous weekend! Lovely selection of fabrics - those are going to be so fun to play with.