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Saturday, June 29, 2013

"East cross stitch, Christmas shop,from garden to plate and looking for Madame Weigel's Journal of Fashion.


I have completed the" East" Weather vane on the cross stitch.

 There are some French Knots and Lazy Daisies still to be done on this one. Will do them right at the end so the hoop doesn't flatten them.

 Wednesday saw us with no power for the day. So in the afternoon Lucy and I took a drive across to Toodyay. A Christmas shop had recently opened. We had a look around. We both felt, why? I guess if it was closer to Christmas it would be OK but to me it felt over the top. It would be a lovely place to take children closer to Christmas.

 This homegrown organic Broccoli was part of our meal last night. It was just perfect, picked about an hour before it went into the pot.

 This is one of the beds of Baby Cauliflowers which are just starting to form. The blue flowers are from the Chia which has re seeded from last year. Two corns have come up in the bed as well. I was throwing out some seeds that were old and these were amongst them.  They have Corn forming so hopefully I may get one or two from them. Not really the right time of the year for them, if nothing much comes from them at least I can feed them to the chooks.

I have a blog reader who collects these old magazines. Madame Weigel's. If you are willing to sell your copies or have seen some please leave a message in the comments.

Have a lovely weekend.

Happy days.
Bev C


Anonymous said...

lovely cross stitch Bev,oh wish we had a xmas shop close by,i love xmas,boy your vegie garden is looking awesome,that broccoli is perfect.xx

Anthea said...

The cross stitch is coming along beautifully Bev, how big is the complete design?
I guess the Christmas shop will appeal to people who like to do a lot of decorating or spread their spending on things, rather than doing it all in Nov/Dec, but yes it does seem a bit OTT. x

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Bev....JoJo would love that shop....she would be in Christmas mood all year if you let her! I love broccoli, especially in soup. Have you tried that.....it is really delicious!

Terri said...

Love that weather vane! Bummer to hear you were out of power!

There are a couple Christmas-year-round shops around here. I usually only go there when it's the holidays.

How fun to have broccoli from your own garden! I've always wanted to grow my own, but I either forget or get lazy.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lovely cross stitch and your garden looks wonderful. Broccoli definitely tastes better straight from the garden!

Christine M said...

This cross stitch is going to be lovely Bev. I think there's a Christmas shop just near Noel's work but I don't know if it's open all year round. Will have to check!

marina said...

lovely cross stitch progress.
I suppose the christmas shop being open so early means you can slowly add to your chrissie decorations?
It would be great to just pick up little bits and bobs through the year.

Narelle said...

Lovely cross stitch pony and how yum would some home grown veges be :o)

Lynda said...

Your garden always fascinates me ... Delicious looking broccoli. The cross stitch is wonderful.

pattas said...

Beautiful work..:)) Love all the pics of the vegie garden..
Now that Christmas shop,... I will have to pass that info onto my sister in Perth, she loves looking for new things for the Granddies :))

Haven't seen a Madame Weigel's pattern for years..
Have a great week :))

Karen said...

Great work with the cross stitch! Looks wonderful.
Love the idea of visiting the Christmas shop. Perfect time of year to do that.
Wish I could grow broccoli like that!!

diane b said...

I envy your veggie patch. Mine is drowning at the moment and empty.

Julie said...

Hello Bev ...just playing catch up with my favourite blogs :-) Yes we have the odd christmas shop popping up here in N.Z. too - guess some people celebrate mid winter christmas's.
Your veges are looking so healthy & wonderful, I just planted brocolli today, one of my all time fav veges to grow & eat. Julie x0x

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
Wow, broccoli. I have not had luck with growing them. Yours looks amazing and what a treat. Love the garden photos, just beautiful. Your cross stitch is beautiful. Here in the US we start to hear "christmas in july". Especially for the craft store. Now is the time to start our christmas projects. I guess if your going to start, now is the time.
Have a wonderful day.

Jess said...

Christmas in july? or all year?

Your cross stitch looks better and better!
Bev what a beautiful garden you have at home I wish i had more space to have one.
Hugs ; )

Nicky said...

Feeling a little envious of your vege garden Bev, I think I need to get a tunnelhouse so I can grow winter veges too, yours look amazing. Your cross stitch is really growing quickly now.