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Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Fat legs are better for quilting!, vegie and straw bale gardening."


Did you know that fat legs are better for quilting?

 This week has seen me working on completing the Letter's quilt. You see the outside legs on the letter N were too thin. I unpicked and sewed and did a bit more of that then realised it was those skinny legs that were the problem. Fat legs won in the end. The cat fabric is what I am using for the backing.

 Raised garden beds are the way to garden here. The water seems to retain a bit more in the soil. This bed contains some  Summer Squash that has taken off. It also had Purple Carrots and Round Baby Carrots. Beans were grown at the bottom. I left some of the stalks to use as mulch.

 The smaller raised bed is growing Amish Paste Tomato's that I grew from seed. They have supplied us with tomato's each day.

 November last year I saw a review for a book about Straw bale Gardening. The author is Joel Karston, for those in Western Australia you can borrow this from your library.  You have to prep the bale for a while, first you must soak it for a few days then apply different fertilizer to activate it. I used a variety of fertilizers including some Power Feed, Scots Lawn Fertilizer and Urea. I added some Sheep poop as well. In the bale above I planted some Beans, unfortunately the pesky slater's have been having a field day eating them off at the stem base. There is also one Zucchini plant that has had several flowers but no fruit as yet. We have had extremely hot days which means the bee's tend to stay away.

 The other bale has two Beefsteak Tomato plants which were also grown from seed then transplanted into the bales. These are growing well. One thing the book did say that all sorts of fungi will grow. You can see a blob of yellow on the bale. This grew overnight.

This bed up amongst the fruit tree's has been taken over by self sown Pumpkins. There are a couple of different types growing here. The other side of the bed has Beetroot and Carrot's growing.

How is your garden going? Is is supplying you with lots of fresh veg or lovely flowers.

Happy days.
Bev C


Cheryll said...

Well your fat legs look great ! lol
And you have a very GrEEn thumb by the looks of your garden! Yummo... all those fresh veggies to enjoy! xox

Lin said...

Sweet little quilt and I love seeing pictures of your garden. xx

marina said...

lots of lovely vegies growing! what an interesting process of growing. Well now you have made me feel good, I knew I was preparing and maintaining these legs for something! lol

Dolores said...

Lovely quilt. So your 'N' and your 'Z' are the same now? Just turned.
I love your title.
I have a big yard but I don't do gardening of any kind so I am happy to see other people's gardens.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
Your "Alphabet" quilt came out wonderful. I love the colors too. So sweet.
Your garden is off to a good start. Everything looks so healthy. In my garden, the new leaves on my roses are sprouting very early this year. It seems I just trimmed them down. I still need to move a few around so I hope I will get to that soon. Spring is just around the corner for us. I have a new one to make room for.
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

Christine M said...

I thought you were talking about me when I saw your heading! LOL! I love your alphabet quilt. Your garden is looking good. I picked the first two zucchinis from the garden the other day and our first tomato is ripe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev love your quilt and boy your garden is looking fantastic xx

Mrs Knitaddict said...

I adore your Letters Quilt, Bev!and I am jealous of your veggies and flowers. I showed Jimmy your pictures to inspire him.
He is the gardener at home, I just like to pick the fruits and flowers-shame on me heee
Very inspiring all you do Bev.

Julie said...

Hi Bev, your alphabet quilt is looking great :-) I enjoyed seeing all your veges, that straw bale gardening is very interesting. My raised beds do better here too than the lower in-ground beds.

Anthea said...

Bev, you're so clever in the garden... as you know, I'm not a gardener, but I do love my natives, they're so easy & forgive our neglect

Kim said...

Yay for fat legs!! Love your alphabet quilt, it packs a mighty colourful punch. That's a serious vegie garden you have happening there, Bev. Thanks for the interesting information on straw bale gardening.....I will get my gardener to have a bo peep! ;)

Fiona said...

Well no wonder I like quilting with my fat legs... your veges look great.... I didn't bother planting with family time and going away with the dreadful hot we have had they wouldn't have survived... the parsley and basil has seeded so hopefully some babes will come... the quilt looks great - lots of work in the lettering.. and what a fun background...

Farm Gate Creations said...

You had me giggling with the fat legs, and how I would love to delve into that vegie patch.

Julia said...

Good to know fat legs aren't so bad after all..
All I have growing is a tomato plant that came up on it's own...must have been from thrown out salad leftovers.
Keep cool Bev..

Patricia Lewis said...

Bev gardening hits the spot for me...Our garden is the best it has been for a long time.. I put it down to the unusual weather we are having.. I have read about the straw bales but have not tried it as yet..:))
On the quilting front I am lousy at it... lol... hugs pat :))

Karen S said...

Your alphabet quilt is looking great and I like the backing fabric.
Your garden is doing well and i am amazed at how well considering your heat and lack of rain. Your must have a green thumb well and truly.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your alphabet quilt is looking lovely and your garden looks amazing. Lots of interesting ideas!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Awesome garden Bec.....we are lucky and getting little tomatoes everyday that ar self sown!

Anonymous said...

I was really interested to read about the straw bale gardening. I think that would work well in the desert where I used to live, but here in Tennessee, where it is wet all the time, I'm afraid I'd have a lot more than a spot of fungus! Still it's an interesting idea. I've been exploring the idea of pallet gardening - in those wooden pallets that businesses use under stacks of things. I need to find one or two that are free or cheap.