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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heading for the Hills.


Last Friday I took my Mum to one of the best rose gardens for lunch and a wander around the gardens. If we had gone on Sunday we would have had to walk for quite a while to get in. It is always busy here. The restaurant is on top of a hill overlooking the gardens and roses which are for sale.
The zinnia's were in full bloom. Ladybirds and bees were everywhere getting pollen for lunch.We asked where they got the plants from and were told they came from punnets which are available everywhere. I will be trying zinnias next season.

Roses are under planted with lots of plants like saliva's cosmos and perennials.

This Camellia hedge was in full bloom and was attracting lots of bees as well. I bought two new roses for our garden. They were both pink of course and very fragrant. Chartreuse de Parme has a strong blueberry flavour which is delicious and a dark pink. The other one is called Violina which is a bit lighter pink with a strong fragrance. Not much sewing being done here my machine has been playing up and I was doing some machine embroidery for my Liberty project when it seized up. After making some visits phone calls and emails yesterday I have found somewhere I can drop the machine off to and it will be serviced at that shop. Lots of places take them elsewhere and as I paid a lot of money for my machine I want to know where my baby is at all times. Also it will be serviced on that day as I have planned ahead. So I will have to bring out one of my other machines. I will have to remember which button is where.
Happy days.
Bev C

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miss~nance said...

What a beautiful garden. Looks like you had a lovelt day.


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