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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Australia and New Zealand Raggy Quilt Challenge of 2009 and beyond...


A few days ago I sent a email to Pauline and she has taken up the challenge of making a Raggy Quilt. If Pauline wished to really take up this challenge she had to drag my sister Chris into this as well. Well surprise surprise they have decided to have a go. They both said if Lucy can make a quilt so could they.

The best part of this challenge is there is no time limit. This all came about because Lucy is making a Raggy Quilt for her Textiles project this term. I told her I had one in a bag in my sewing room. I told her where it was and when Lucy went to pick it up the bag started malting it had been there so long!!!! So I have a project to finish. Now I must find some clear and concise instructions to send to Chris and Pauline. If anyone else wants to make a Raggy Quilt please feel free to join in, you may be like me and have one to finish off.

Happy days.

Bev C


Pauline said...

You know what, Bev? I think we are going to enjoy this! Did you read my post about how I have different dreams when I'm in sewing mode? Last night the sewing angel visited with an idea! I'd love to see what other people create, too!

chris said...

Well, as we said, if Lucy can do it so can we! I have bought two super 60's style chanille (is that right) bedspreads in the most beuatiful colours - lime green and a lovely bright pink. But am I game enough to cut into them?
Oh, the pressure this has put me under. Pauline will probably have hers finished before I have thought what to do!! Watch this space.