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Monday, September 13, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" number 37.


Happy Monday to you all. Plenty to be happy about here at Kainga. I was so happy to see the Dutch Iris starting to bloom. Last Wednesday they started to bud then on the weekend they came out in bloom. I love Dutch Iris,there are several parts of the garden that have a few tucked in between other plants.
On Sunday Ian celebrated his Birthday. He is a big Brisbane Lions fan and he was given lots of gifts to do with this. So he now has a new shirt mug cup photo frame etc. Which I noticed was on his bedside table,will have to shift that I think!!! Lucy bought him some number plate surrounds,these he put straight away on his ute. Talking about the ute I am so HAPPY to say that on Friday Ian picked it up from the panel beaters. You may remember it was damaged in the hail storm that Perth had earlier on in the year. Six weeks ago today it was put into be repaired, we thought it would be ready in a week maybe two weeks. I am sure the panel beater has a list. A list of excuses.
I am also happy to have found a new author by the name of Clare O"Donohue. I am reading the first book called "The Lover's Knot" If you like Jennifer Chiaverini's books these are very much the same.
I am really happy that Bonnie and Ryan shifted into there new home last week. I got to give her belongings that have been in the spare room. Plus a few boxes from the shed have gone to. There is still more to go but Bonnie tells us that she is busy every weekend for the next couple of months!!!!
I found this little tidbit in a magazine the other week and I knew it would have made the English very happy- In 1547 English Law abolished the method of boiling people to death as a form of execution for criminals. That makes me so happy to be living in 2010.
I hope you all have a Happy Monday.
Bev C


teresa said...

Wow, lots of wonderful things to be happy about Bev! So happy for you! Brisbane Lions fan hey? now how did that happen? Of course I agree with him totally, but then I live here!!!
Happy Monday to you xx

Simone de Klerk said...

I always look forward to your Happy Mondays! It makes you look at life from different perspectives!
Have a lovely week!

Sue said...

Happy birthday to your bloke. Please tell him I'm sorry he's a Lion's fan and hope he's over it soon LOL.
At least he won't be allowed to boil me alive!

Maria said...

I also love Dutch Iris. Will put some in the garden next year.
I bet it is nice to get some room in the spare room.

angelosam123 said...

Happy Monday to you too, How wonderful creation .That all make my monday more happy.
Hire a Ute

Notjustnat said...

Happy Monday Bev. Monday is the day to think and plan for the rest of the week - Have a great week - Hugs Nat

Terriaw said...

Your flowers always make me happy too! We have several Dutch Iris plants throughout our yard too. They are so majestic, aren't they? Happy to be living in 2010 with you too. That boiling people story sounded so medieval!

Farm Girl said...

Lots to be happy about at your place! Love the flower pics, very pretty.

chris said...

Hi Bev, heaps to be happy about at Kainga this last week. A very, very happy belated birthday to Ian. Sorry I dion't get to call. We had a happy Sunday here at Koura too. I guess Pauline will report on it from The Paddock so watch her blog!
The iris' are beautiful.

WhimsyLoft.com said...

Hello Bev, how are you? I've been following ur blog, although I've been quiet lately :-) I'm loving the Dutch iris!


Pauline said...

Happy Birthday to Ian, Bev. I am trying to blog about our Sunday but Blogger made my Monday very frustrating. Again today no joy! I decided to accept it will happen when the planets are better aligned or something!!
Love your Dutch Iris!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Love the Dutch Iris...Interesting book you tell us about Bev...I am slowly going through the Elm Creek books...up to The Winding Ways Quilt...I just love them all...Wouldn't mind going over to help Anna in the kitchen though ha ha...Dzintra♥x