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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures.

Hello and Welcome to Tuesday's Treasures.

This week I want to share with you some weighing scales that David picked up when a housemate was cleaning out. They were thrown out for a verge pick-up but David realised they would be worthwhile keeping and brought them home to me. They have been in the shed since. I went up this morning and took some photo's. So they are as is,dust grease and all.

These are Australian made and weigh up to 21 lbs, The company that made them was "Ajax".

These are some old kitchen scales which are also made in Australia. The plate part is missing but they still work and are a nice weight with the solid base. Not like the plastic things you buy now.

I really should give these are good clean up and bring down to the house.

Make sure you take a look at Melody's blog and see who else is joining in Tuesday's Treasures this week.

Happy Treasure Hunting!!!
Bev C


Rochelle said...

Oooo, yes, you really should clean them up and take them to the house, they are great.
I have tried to buy scales like that for years. Not that I haven't found any, they are just ridiculously over priced.
Enjoy your scales and have a fabulous week.

Melody said...

Hi Bev, It's wonderful to visit you as part of Tuesday Treasures. Thank you for sharing these fabulous old scales. I think you should definitely bring them down to the house. They would make a fabulous display.
Well done to David for finding the first set you shared. I love finding things on hard rubbish collection days. I recently got a wonderful old wheelbarrow that my daughter in law uses to grow herbs.

Sue said...

I like the bottom scales. They remind me of some used in our kitchen growing up:)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Shiree said...

my they are a treasure, and I bet they weigh more accurately then most modern scales!

Pauline said...

Hi Bev, you better hide that first set away next time Chris visits! I'm sure she would love to have them for her collection!

Notjustnat said...

What treasures you got there Bev. I love scales too, but no room to store them. Enjoy restoring them in your spare time - Hugs Nat

BubzRugz said...

Those are great.... such fun to have them...

Anonymous said...

I use scales like these in my kitchen and I still love the look of them (and using them too) and they are really accurate (I'm not but the scales are lol). Wonderful Tuesday Treasure Bev - be lovely if you got them cleaned up some day :0)

Sheila said...

So cool and also so useful , yes I vote for a clean up ,they will look great in your house .

Val said...

The old scales look great. I also noticed you plan to do the "Catnip" quilt. I was hoping to do that this year too.

Anita said...

Hi Bev, Good score with the scales. Who on earth would get rid of things like that? They look great. Kind regards, Anita