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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

" Saint Mary's fabric and some of Nana's Treasures."


A very belated Happy Monday to you. No time to post yesterday, Bonnie had the computer and was making dozens of discs of photo's  from her trip. Hopefully it has all worked out this time. There is a big pile of discs on the printer ready to be posted to her friends. Onto what is making me happy this week. The first one would be my "instincts". I quite often have a feeling or instinct that something good is about to happen. A fortnight ago today I felt I had to go and have a look in Good Sammy's. I certainly wasn't after anything in particular or needed anything. One look in my sewing room would prove that. I walked in and went straight to the table that held the fabric,the one that said $1.00. They quite often put fabric and linen articles out for a dollar. I went around the table and saw some Toile fabric rolled up. I touched and admired and couldn't believe my luck.

The fabric was just so beautiful, all I could do was touch it and as I unrolled the fabric I saw the most amazing scenes.

One after another.

I knew if I didn't use it for myself one or two family members would love this fabric.

On the side of the label in the selvage was the information about the fabric. It was printed in 1992 . Australian artist Pamela Griffith was given the task of drawing these beautiful scenes. It was commemorating the life of Sister Mary MacKillop. Australia's first Saint.

I took the fabric home and rang Mum to see if she wanted something made from it. I said the material was too lovely to cut up and suggested a Doona cover. She came up the next day and said "Yes Thanks." Yesterday I got out the Over locker and Sewing Machine and whizzed up a Doona Cover for Mum and still have some of the material left over. I think I will make a table runner with that piece.

Other things Making a Happy Monday are:

A great couple of days celebrating Mother's Day. Yes not just Sunday but it was spread over a couple of days this year.

Planting Bulbs in the garden, some White Dutch Iris and Bluebells.

Seeds of the Pink and White Everlasting coming up. I did put some snail pellets nearby as they just love chomping on fresh greenery.

Watching the movie. "We bought a Zoo." Thanks Lucy for that DVD.

Reading,currently reading a book by Monica Ferris with three murder mysteries in one. They are the first Needlecraft Mysteries. Crewel World, Framed in Lace and A Stitch in Time.

Receiving my win from Sandy at Cookies & Cream Craft. A lovely kit called "Vintage Broderi Kit" by Rosalie Quinlan. Thanks Sandy.

Seeing it is Tuesday I will link this post to Melody for her Tuesday's Treasures.

Today I want to share a painting done by my Nana. It is one of a pair of paintings. Will share the other one next week.

My Nana was a very good artist. I have lots of her paintings and have grown up with visiting relatives and seeing her art in their homes as well. Unfortunately much to my children's disgust no art abilities run through my veins nor theirs.

Happy days.
Bev C


Christine M said...

What a great fabric find Bev! It is too lovely to cut up.

Pauline Woodcock said...

What a find you had with that fabric, Bev. It's fabulous and not something you are likely to see anywhere else. Lucky Mum! As for your artist grandmother my first thought was so that's where they (you and Chris) get your artistic leanings from. You just express your art differently!

KAYLEE said...

You lucky girl Bev, you got ALL of that fabric for ONE DOLLAR !!! WOW bargain, good on you. Your Nana's painting is wonderful. Hugs Kaylee

Robyn G. said...

HI Bev :)
That really is beautiful fabric.. Your Mum will love her doona cover.

Your nan's painting is very special too. So nice to have family artworks around us.

Fiona said...

What a lovely fabric find.... so much to look at.... and I love the picture your Nan painted ... such a lovely expression on the little boys face...

Teresa said...

Wow, Bev what a wonderful find with the fabric... it's just lovely and making a doonah cover with it was a brilliant idea. Love your Nan's painting too. Glad you had a lovely Mothers Day/s xx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

OMG Bev what beautiful fabric and how lucky...I love Toile and it is something I don't see much of...Wow your Nana was a great artist...And yes you have inherited her ability, just in another way...This so often happens through the generations...My good friend is a great sewer...her daughter is hopeless but boy is she a good cook...(just an example of inheriting talents)...Great post! Happy belated Monday to you xo

Melody said...

What a brilliant find. I first saw this fabric at a quilt show and I was told only a limited amount was printed and you just can't get it anymore. I love your nan's painting too. Thanks so much for playing along.

marina said...

what a beautiful painting. It is just gorgeous.
Amazing fabric too what a great find!

Vickie said...

holy schamolly Bev that is 1 excellent fabric score...wow the painting is gorgeous, will be watching to see what you make out of the remainder,cheers Vickie

Lynda said...

So many things to be happy about ... lovely post.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

What truly lovely toile fabrics you found. Love them. Nice to have family treasure in your home. Hugs Judy

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What interesting and pretty fabric! Love the painting. You are fortunate to be able to have her work!

Sally said...

Wow. That toile is breath taking. So so stunning. A doona cover is the perfect project. It was meant to be.

Mitzi said...

Your Nana had such amazing talent! And so do you, just in a different way. I love the fabric too, Bev. Thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

I ♥toile. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryll said...

I had a lovely visit today. Thanks.
Your talent is in gardening and sewing Bev...just another FoRm of art! :)