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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sewing,Gardening,Sculptures and a Balloon.


Last night was Friday Night Sew-In, I only managed to get a start on the cutting out at 8.00pm last night. I did get the blocks sewn together and the hearts ready to stitch to the other blocks. I along with Lucy and Ian got enthralled with Masterchef. Gosh I could smell that bread they were baking and the tribute to the Golden Gaytime Icecream was just so decedent. Lucy and I said at the same time I think we need to buy an ice-cream maker. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to do the stitchery that is to go onto the blocks. This morning I had the ladies and one gent from the Garden Club for a visit. We have been meeting at 10.00am lately. I was a bit worried that the fog wasn't going to lift in time. Luckily everything went OK. Everyone was impressed with the garden and were wowed with the growth in the veggie garden.
We have some wonderful sculptures in our local park near the river.This horse reminds me of patchwork.

All sorts and sizes of metal were used in this. I have been on this horse, but of course this was years ago. I don't know if I would want to get up there now.

The same people made these music sculptures.I think the local high school students got involved with these projects when they were made years ago.

The ballooning season started a while back and runs until November. Sometimes when you look outside early you can see quite a few balloons floating across the valley. If you hear a whoosh sound you know they are not far away. I would love to go for a flight one day but for now I am content in watching them from my front verandah.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Happy Days.
Bev C


Maria said...

What unusual sculptures.

Yes I have been up in the balloon in Northam two years ago. Would go again in a heart beat as it was just so peaceful. Except when going over town and all the dogs barked one after the other.Lucky you to be able to sit and watch them.

Anita said...

Hi Bev, Glad the fog lifted in time for the guests to enjoy their visit to your home. Last Sunday morning Cory and I spotted 5 balloons up across town! Kind regards, Anita.

Vickie said...

hmm sewing looks interesting..wow what unusual sculptures,glad you had a nice day,cheers Vickie

Bobbie Lynn said...

The fabric you chose is beautiful and with hearts too. Good to hear all went well with the Garden club and I knew they would be impressed. You have a wonderful garden. Yes, what interesting art work there. Just love that photo of the ballon. I'm sure they get an amazing view from up their but I, like you, will enjoy from down below. : )
Happy Everything Bev!

Bobbie Lynn

Tarnyia said...

WE watch Masterchef as well and thought the same about the bread.. next day I made buns haha... love those sculptures they are so interesting and I see what you mean about the horse looking like patchwork... xxx

Pauline said...

Now you can talk Chris into allowing a Garden Club to visit her garden! I wouldn't want to be hot air ballooning around here today, goodness know where we would end up. I do like your local art, like art to be a bit quirky and those legs sure fit the bill.

Christine M said...

We watch Masterchef too. I've been requested by the boys (and hubby too) to make some honeycomb! Cheers, Christine

Sue said...

That patchwork horse is so cool.
Ballooning in your area is on my bucket list. Maybe we could go together one crisp still morning.

Cybele's patch said...

Great post Bev. I love the sculptures, they are so .. eh..not common! The park looks quite neat too.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Bev I love that horse!!! I'm enthralled with Masterchef too...and they were in London tonight...I say go Callum!!!

Simone de Klerk said...

A good beginning of you project, with some lovely fabrics!
And the sculptures are amazing! I love looking at sculptures like that and wonder what made the artist make thes.

Terriaw said...

Your blocks are so pretty! I love seeing your progress on these sew-ins. Those sculptures are so artsy and funky. What a cool sight to see those balloons floating around.