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Monday, July 23, 2012

"Spring Garden Cushion, Lemon Coconut Cake,etc Happy Monday."


Happy Monday,

Well I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was definitely a case of taking the good with the bad.

Last night I completed the Spring Garden project. I decided to turn it into a cushion instead of a wall hanging. It is more practical than having to find a hanger drill a hole in the wall etc.

"Spring Garden Cushion."

 I'm pleased that I persevered with this project. In the end I didn't add all the pieces of extra flowers and the garden rake etc. These were a little out of proportion to the watering can and flower pot. Special thanks to Marj for sending this project to me. There are 24 squares and a small amount of floral fabric left over. If anyone wants these and the pattern please let me know in the comments, first in first served.

"Lemon Coconut Cake."
 Now I promised to share this delicious recipe with you. I made another one yesterday and there is only a small piece left.

Lemon Coconut Cake.

1 1/2 cups of self-raising flour
1/2 cup of desiccated coconut
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup milk
125grams butter,melted
grated zest of 3 lemons

11/2 cups icing sugar
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
1/2 cup lemon juice

Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Grease a 20cm square cake tin.

Place sifted flour, coconut and sugar in a bowl and make a well in the centre. In a separate bowl, beat eggs,milk and melted butter and lemon zest. Pour egg mixture into the well in the dry ingredients and mix.
The mixture will be quite sloppy.

Pour mixture into the prepared cake tin and bake for 45-50 minutes.

To make icing, mix sifted icing sugar with coconut and lemon juice. Ice the cake once it is cold.

Now both times I made this I didn't worry about the icing, everyone just wanted to eat it. Plus the first time I made the cake I only put in three quarters a cup of sugar, the second time half a cup. It made no difference to the taste. I never put in the amount of sugar that recipes say, always reduce it a bit. We don't need all that extra in our diet.

Saturday morning saw Ian Lucy and I up at 4.00am to pick up David from the airport. Bonnie had to work so she stayed home. She wanted to come but I felt it was better she stayed home in case something happened and we were delayed getting back. I decided to take a book to read to fill in time on the trip down and had a little battery operated light to read by. We were a couple of km's out of town, by this time Lucy was asleep in the back and I was reading and I had just thought to myself it really is dark on the highway now there are no lights, hope we don't hit anything or anyone. A minute or so later BANG. A Kangaroo decided to jump into our car. Hitting the front of the car on my side and bouncing onto my car door. Thank heavens I was reading and didn't see it. Ian  quickly pulled over to assess the damage. The front fender had all been pushed back to the tyre. Ian pulled it back off the tyre and cut his finger. Well there was blood everywhere. Luckily I had put a First Aid Kit in the car a few weeks back. Thinking we might need it if we came across a car accident or need it ourselves. So there we were at 5.00am in the dark, cars driving by not realising we had a busted car. Of course they couldn't see the damage.I can tell you trying to find the correct bandage etc in the First Aid Kit was a hassle, thankfully Lucy was able to open the packaging. Note to the makers of these products, Please put a Pull Here Sign. We then rang Bonnie waking her up to get her to drive her car to us so she could take our car back home. By this time David had rang to say he had just landed. By the time we got to pick him up we only had to drive into the pick up area which was great.
Then it was time for a quick Breakfast at Macca's in Midland then onto Bunning's to pick up somethings we needed. We were back in town just before 9.00am so then it was time to take Ian to the hospital. He had lost feeling in the finger. Two hours at the hospital and 4 stitches on his finger, there was some metal and paintwork in the cut.  I had to smile when Ian walked out and said the Doctor doesn't sew as neatly as me.
You really don't know what life is going to bring you so I look forward to seeing if the car will be fixable or if it will be written off. If you are wondering about the Kangaroo, gone to God.

David thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Vietnam, saw lots of places,met so many people. They had booked into a hotel but booked out two days later, They weren't meeting people, though the hotel was lovely. So they booked into the Backpackers that his mate had stayed in while waiting for David to arrive. They had the time of their lives meeting people from all over the world. While waiting for a tour one day they played 3 a side soccer with some local children of about 8. They couldn't speak English but David and his mate had the best time. The young boys kept on saying in Vietnamese whatever the words were for  3 a side soccer.

"Jam Melon Pickles and Spoons made from Coconut from Vietnam."

Now on Friday I was given 2lbs of Jam Melon. I found a recipe for Pickles in Mum's Golden Wattle Cookery Book. I cut up the melon and poured the vinegar over it. Planning to make it on Saturday. With everything that happened on Saturday it didn't happen until Sunday. Once again I added lots of extra herbs and spices to the recipe. Earlier on in the year I saw these labels on special a packet of 25 for 20 cents. I think they are supposed to be used for school books. I thought they would make great labels for the cooking. I purchased two packets . I just realised I had written "Jam Melon" on the label after taking this photo. I have since corrected it by adding Pickle to the label. They are rather yummy. I cleaned out the pot with a piece of bread and butter yesterday.

Those lovely spoons are what David brought back as a gift for me from Vietnam. They are made from Coconut. They are just so perfect, made by someone who loves their wood carving.

This morning we woke to a real heavy mist. I took this photo just before nine. Still couldn't see the paddock across the road.

"Misty morning at Kainga."

 Whatever you do today make sure you are a "Happy Person."

Happy days.
Bev C


Jeanette said...

Great post Bev. I haven't had jam melons since i was kid. Hugs,

Sally said...

Oh my! What a dramatic trip to the airport. Awful.
Loving the garden cushion. So beautiful. You really do make the most gorgeous things.

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Glad you were both Okay, you never know which way the kangeroo will go when they sit by the side of the road. We are always on the watch for them going up to our little property. As for the cake, it looks so yummy, you just solved my next cooking class what to bake next thanks. You cushion is beautiful!

Christine M said...

Glad to hear the only damage was a cut finger (beside the car damage). It could have been so much worse. Your Spring Garden looks lovely Bev.

Astrid said...

Glad to hear the damage was 'only' a cut finger, and the car though. Those kangaroos are heavy beasts, aren't they? At home (Norway) we sometimes have the same problem with elks... Very cute cushion, love it! And I love the mist in your beautiful garden.
Wonderful new week full of possibilities to you!

Margaret said...

Loved the bit on the stitching

Karen said...

Your cushion is a lovely project and looks wonderful. And thank you for sharing the cake recipe.
Your trip to the airport sure was eventful. I am pleased that it all worked out in the end. I suppose you now have to deal with car repairs.

Anonymous said...

great post Bev very interesting,so glad hubby is okay,enjoy your day.xx

Melody said...

Goodness me, Bev. Glad to hear all was well in the end.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Ouch for the finger and car Bev...hope the finger heals nicely...ahhh those kangaroos can be a nuisance at ties can't they! Lovely looking cushion...my Hubby would agree with you...he hates drilling holes in walls!

Nat Palaskas said...

Happy Monday Bev. What an action packed weekend you had. Thanks goodness Ian only had 4 stitches (is that 4 stitches per inch haha!). We had same experienced with the roos a few years ago too. Thanks for the lemon coconut cake recipe. Will try next time when we have visitors - Have a good week - Hugs Nat

Cheryll said...

What a time you had... just glad no one was hurt. Cars perhaps aren't as repairing as fingers but I would rather keep my finger and get a new car.
So did you all go eat cake to calm down! :)

Anthea said...

What an eventful time, how awful for your husband, but good to see he will be ok - perhaps put a needle & thread in your 1st aid kit, should YOU need it?!, LOL. The cushion is simply gorgeous, what a lovely addition to the sofa in this winter weather.

Teresa said...

Wow... Happy Monday Bev... So happy you were all pretty much okay from the accident. I hope the finger is better soon. They do so much damage to our cars and it's always such a shock when something like this happens. We have lots of kangaroos out here too and traveling at night is a worry. Lovely to hear of the events in Vietnam... Backpackers hotels are the best for meeting lots of amazing people. The soccer game sounds like a wonderful experience for them. Thank you too for the recipe, sounds delicious. Wow.. so much in this post, I can't remember if I covered it all.. ha ha.. oh Loved the spoons!!! Happy Monday Bev xx

marina said...

talk about excitement at your place! Glad to hear you are all safe and well.
Your garden cushion is just gorgeous. love the added watering can. Beautiful.
have a happy and safe week!

Michelle said...

Wow I'm happy to hear everyone is ok(apart from the finger!) Your cushion is very cute I can just imagine it sitting outside on a cute chair while you enjoy a nice cool drink in the sunshine!
One day soon I want to make that cake thank you for sharing the recipe...:O)

Roseanne said...

Glad you both were fine your cushion look lovely. The cake sound nice.

Maria said...

Pleased Ian's finger is Okay..
Hope you can have your car fixed.
Your Sprig cushion looks lovely

Fiona said...

such a lovely cushion.... i love the texture and 3D effect... great post and sounds like an eventful trip for you....
thanks for the recipe too... yummo...

Pauline said...

I'm glad the score was you guys 1, kanga nil. Hope Ian's finger is better soon. Luckily we didn't give our Lucy surprises like that when she was here! Love your spring hanger/cushion/thingy, I reckon any day will be happier for seeing it.

Deb said...

Hi Bev, I'm catching up on your blog! I have your blog bookmarked although sometimes I forget to check that list! i should put it on google reader! It's been fun to see what you've been working on! Love the garden block esp with the watering can! I LOVE watering cans! Has anyone taken you up on your offer of pattern and fabric scraps? That would be delightful.

I have to admit that hearing about a kangaroo run into a car is new to me! I guess it's to be expected but just not something I'd thought about! Glad everyone is ok!

And the lemon coconut cake sounds just delicious. Coconut is a favorite with me! Enjoyed this post!