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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Broome, Melbourne and Meeting the Neighbours."


Happy 1st July.

Last month has been and gone,only a small amount of sewing was done. I chose six Spirit of the Outback designs for some place mats that had to be sent to Broome for a housewarming gift.

 I originally wanted to stitch them all out in the black thread but when I was half way through stitching the fourth design, it all went haywire. I stitched and un-stitched  part of the design several times. I soon worked out that the Robinson Anton thread that I was using was faulty. The thread had become very thin. With no thread available in town I had to stitch the next three in bright pink thread.

It all worked out in the end as I was using some pink Frangipani fabric on two of the sides and black Homespun on the other two sides. Black Homespun was used for the binding and backing as well.  Our friends new home is in Frangipani street in Broome.

This morning seeing it was such a lovely start to the day I decided to go and see our new neighbours.

I met this one first, the elder of the family. Rather curious to see what I was up to.

As I went further up the hill, it came closer.

Here are the three other members of the family. Isn't the little one so cute. I spent quite a bit of time talking to them.

I only have to walk a few minutes to meet the neighbours, it was lovely up there by myself. I often think of that saying: 80% of the people live in the city 20% get it right.

The sun decided to go behind the clouds for a few minutes

I wish I could take some of the hay down to the garden.

Lucy and David left last week for a holiday in Melbourne, they watched two AFL matches on the weekend. David's friend Sav flew down from Sydney to spend sometime with them as well. Lucy has some written instructions about a certain shop she could possibly visit and purchase something for me. We will see how she goes. Lucy fly's back later on this week but David is staying on in Melbourne as he has decided to live there and attend University over there. Best wishes with your studies David. Apparently he is getting used to the cold wet windy weather.

The love letters I wrote about in the last post were actually a secret little giveaway. One went to Sally and the other to Narelle who left comments on the post. The love letters contained the little penguin design stitched out on red fabric just like the one in the table mat I made.

Happy days.


Lynda said...

Gosh I hope your son likes Melbourne. That's quite a change. The placemats are a lovely housewarming gift.

Karen said...

The embroideries turned out well in both colours. A lovely gift.
What delightful neighbours you have. Loving the sunshine.
Your family has chosen a very cold time to visit here in Melbourne. Hope your shopping gets done.

Josie said...

The placemats look lovely.. despite the thread problems. Love your neighbours... you'd have to drag me away from the fence :o) Hope you get your goodies from Melbourne...xx

Terri said...

Congrats to the winners of your secret giveaway! How fun is that. Love the embroidered placemats you made for a housewarming gift. Such a great idea! Love seeing your neighbors too. They have such great expressions. Happy dayz.

KimM said...

What lovely place mats. Love the pictures of the countryside.

Fiona said...

what a lovely area you live... and the alpaca's have such sweet faces... I always stop and have a gaze when I see them...very sneaky post you sent out... heeehee.... well done with the house embroideries... so frustrating when threads play up...

Michelle Ridgway said...

You do have the sweetest neighbours! Lovely projects Bev. Hope all goes well in Melbourne for your Son.

Nat Palaskas said...

Hi Bev, sorry I haven't been around much lately. New job keeps me really busy! I love those place-mats you made for friend.
Now that David is in Melbourne, you have to come and visit and I will take a day of work and take you to Ziguzagu. Melbourne not cold and wet all the time. Don't listen to my winning! Hugs Nat

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your embroideries look lovely and the different threads are very pretty. Love your neighbours!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
I just love your new neighbors. Very sweet. : )
Beautiful landscape photos.
Hope Lucy and David had a nice time in Melbourne and Lucy found some nice items for you.
Lovely placemats. It's amazing the detail embroidery on the machines these days.

Hot and humid for our 4th of July, so it will be more of an indoor kind of day and maybe we will see some firework off in the distance. Not Opie's favorite holiday, fireworks scare him to death. Glad you like the photos on my blog.
Have a wonderful weekend Bev.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Bev.....loving those placemats...I bet your friend will too! Nice new neighbours you gave too...you'll be able to have a nice chat with them too! Have a great weekend!

Mrs Knitaddict said...

Very pretty placemats! I love your machine embroideries Bev, and your patchworks, and that beautiful countryside around you. Lucky you to be close to those adorable baby alpacas, what a wonderful experience living in such places.
Lots of love,

Narelle said...

Loved receiving my 'love letter' in the mail, thank you :)
You have the cutest neighbours.
Very clever adapting to your thread issue ... both colour ways are striking.

Sally said...

Absolutely adored my love letter too!!! Lucky me.

Love the Australiana designs too.

Melbourne would be great for all the AFL, but not so sure about the weather.