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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Nana'sTreasures.


On Friday I spent the day tidying and re-arranging my sewing room. Amongst my things was a lovely treasure trove of goodies which used to belong to my Nanna. Some of these things dated back to 1917. There were cuttings taken from the newspapers patterns transfers books recipes and home hints and pictures of Australians who got married etc. This pattern caught my eye. Knitted bathers!!! This patterns was from "The Australian Woman's Mirror" dated September 12 1939.The bathers were designed by Florence Ellis for a nine year old boy. I wonder if Nana made them up for one of my Uncles.
This one is from "Everylady's Journal" September 6th 1926. They were offering sewing books which were available. Nana obviously took up the offer.

There was a special notice at the bottom of the article which said. "In view of the high cost of clothing for women and girls,and the urgent necessity for economy in every home,it is advisable for all readers to take advantage of the generous offer made by the Associated School of Dressmaking in the announcement above. This well known institution is doing a great work for the benefit of the women of Australia and New Zealand,and it would be wise to grasp the exceptional opportunity now offering."

I found this packet of "Semco" Reliable Transfers amongst them and it still has plenty of the transfers ready for use. Even if I only photocopy these then trace them they will be put to use.

I liked this advertisement which was on the back of "Madame Weigel's Journal of Fashion" dated February 1st 1934. It is for Bushells Blue Label Tea. I drink this tea. This magazine had every
thing in there. I loved some of the other adds "Scalpadie" for the hair,definitely cures dandruff and baldness. An add for Pudney's Fountain Pens and Repairs. Johnson's Baby Powder. "Formettes "Reduces excess fat. So nothing much has changed since then. We are still trying to lose weight and we still have dandruff and baldness problems!!! There were plenty of newspaper cuttings about Sir Charles Kingford Smith and is plane records. I had a thoroughly interesting time looking through and reading these treasures.
Happy days
Bev C


Anonymous said...

What lovely treasures you have found. It must have been such fun to browse through these items. Thank you for sharing with us.

Lauren Colless said...

What wonderful treasures, I recently came across some patterns of my grandmother's as well, only dating from the 1960s so not as old, but just as interesting! I really enjoyed reading this post!!!

evonne said...

Hi Bev, Thanks for sharing some of your nanna's things with us. I love looking back in time seeing how different things were. It makes us appreciate how lucky we are to have things like the internet and an abundance of fabrics at our fingertips. Hope you have a great day. Evonne xx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow how wonderful to find this...I love historical stuff...Enjoy♥x

Pauline said...

What a lovely post, Bev. I think it's lovely that you appreciate how lucky you are to have such treasures.