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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Planning and Hoping.


Is there a difference between Planning and Hoping? The last couple of days I have been planning,thus I have cut out the backing and wadding to get this quilt top that has been ready for about a year. Hoping to get it done,now that is a different thing. David came home yesterday on the early train. See that is where the planning and hoping just went out the window. Maybe I will try to get it done today.
Today I decided it was time to wash the quilts which have been used in the family room over winter. So I have a colourful washing line filled with quilts drying gently in the breeze.

Don't forget to call back on Friday for "Colourful Friday." This week the colour is Blue. You can see the only blue flower we have in the garden at the moment- a Cornflower. The rose in the background is called Mutabilis.
Of to do some planning,or was that hoping.
Happy days.
Bev C


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Bev...your quilts look lovely hanging there...it's a good feeling to get them out and get ready for the next Season...I love that!!! Dzintra♥x

Farm Girl said...

Hello Bev - I 'hope' you find time to get your lovely quilt top finished soon! Your washing line looks gorgeous today too. Hope you have a wonderful day, Nicky

Roseanne said...

Hi bev you washing line look great with all the quilt hanging.It will not happen here for a while as it is raining. You will get your quilt finish in the end. You need to put it were you can see it that dose work because you get sick of seeing it not finished

Simone de Klerk said...

I can see and smell the breeze going through your quilts!

Maria said...

I have been doing so much planning and now I am hoping the hanging goes well.
Love the quilts flapping in the breeze.
My DD2 arrives tomorrow to help me over the weekend.

Terriaw said...

What a great feeling to have your quilts washed and hanging out to dry. Such a lovely sight! I hope you find the time to get your newest quilt all finished.

Sue said...

There's nothing nicer than a line full of beautiful quilts.

Melissa said...

I wish you lived next door to me. I'd love to look out the window and see your line!! (Plus then it wouldn't be raining!)

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

What a beautiful pic of all your quilts hanging to dry...such a lovely myriad of colours!

chris said...

Hi Bev, lovely photo of the quilt in the lavender. It will smell nice when you sew the backing on. The quilts on the clothes line look wonderfull.
C xx

Anita said...

Hi Bev, I just love quilt washing day, the clothes line is so colourful. Kind regards, Anita.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
Love that scrappy quilt there and have a great time at your Friday Sew In with the girls. Hope you get to finish your quilt. What beautiful quilt there Bev.
Wishing you a wonderful day.

Sally said...

Good luck finishing the quilt top! I'm stuck completing things too at the moment - hope & planning both required.

I love cornflowers so I'll be sure to pop by tomorrow for a look. Take care.

Cybele's patch said...

Must have been a lovely view all those quilts hanging on the line.
Did you finish the little quilt?