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Monday, November 22, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" Number 47.


Happy Monday to you all. Hope you are having a great day a lot cooler here today and we had 2mls of rain over the weekend. It was a real time waster but a good one sitting on the front veranda looking out onto the rain.

Now for some blatant advertising. I know Christmas makes everyone happy but just think how much happier you will be with a real live Christmas tree in your living room. My niece Jill arrives back in New Zealand this week from travelling all over the world. She has arranged to sell you the best Christmas tree you have ever owned.. Please go and say hello to her and buy your tree. Let me know if you do. Now it doesn't show up very clearly in the poster but you can find the trees at  the following location.

218 Lake Road

It is on your left just after the BP  on the way to Devonport.

The good thing is EFTPOS is available.

This is in Auckland New Zealand sorry if you thought she was closer to you!!!

On Saturday I got the chance to meet up with Jennifer Hawkins and her friend Maria at a quilting retreat they were attending in York. Now I have been commenting on these ladies blogs for a while and Sue alias Jen and I decided to do a cushion swap. I left a comment on Sue's blog saying  her wall hanging would make a great cushion and I would love three of  them. Sue suggested we do a swap. The pattern was one that Allie has on her blog. It was great to meet up with these ladies and seeing them in person. I guess sometimes we imagine how a person will be then when they turn up they aren't the person you imagined. None of us looked like Jen!!!!

The Lemon Tree Cushion Sue made for me.

If you are wondering why I am calling Sue Jen Hawkins it is a little email joke between us. I told her to look out for Jen Hawkins and she quick as a flash replied that she looked like Jen Hawkins too,we must be twins. For those of you outside Jennifer  Hawkins has the most beautiful thin body and great looks and won Miss Universe in 2004.

The Apple Tree Cushion I made for Sue.
So when I walked into the retreat I said who I was and they all said Jen Hawkins is here. Oh we all had a laugh. Thank you for the cushion.Sue I just love it. Lucy saw it and said "How Cool" so your cushion has the seal of approval.

So meeting up with some fellow bloggers "Makes Me Happy" this Monday. Hope you all have a great day and do something you love.

Happy Monday.
Bev C


teresa said...

Meeting up with fellow bloggers makes me happy too Bev. Lovely for you guys to meet in person and your cushions are just gorgeous. Glad you were having fun xx

Rosy Inspiration said...

Lovely post. Regarding the Madeleines pan, you can get them from a shop called Kitchen Warehouse at Midland Central.

Pauline said...

Hi Bev, seems like I have missed a lot in the past week. Love the apple tree cushion - and the lemon tree!

And yes, meeting up with friends from blogland is fun when you have a common interest.

Simone de Klerk said...

It doesn't only make you happy, meeting fellow bloggers, but als laugh! Love the happiness this post brings!
PS: the 2 cushions are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great post Bev and love the cushions (all of them) :0)

Have a very happy and laughter filled Monday x

Joy said...

Oh I love your cushions!! It's great fun meeting up with fellow bloggers isn't it!!!
Joy :o)

Mylene said...

Sounds like you had a good time and both cushions are lovely!

Sally said...

What a great swap... the cushions are certainly very Jennifer Hawkins worthy :)

Sue said...

Thanks for coming across to visit me at the quilt retreat in York Bev. I love my new "apple cushion"
It's just perfect for my favourite chair on the verandah, thanks for making it for me.
It was wonderful to meet you and I have to say you nearly look like Jen. I, on the other hand...........don't.
hugs Sue