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Monday, April 4, 2011

Happiness is gardening.


"Happy Monday" everyone.

Gardening makes me happy. Yesterday we went to the Swan Valley and visited a centre which had a 20 % off all stock sale, with some super specials. I can tell you it was just so wonderful to see a nursery with great looking stock. The nurseries up here are looking rather sad and depleted at the moment. That is what happens when rain decides to fall everywhere else in Australia  except here. Apparently though there is supposed to be rain in a few days. I won't be going out of town because I want to see if it is still wet when it rains!!!

We purchased this Frangipani. The perfume is wonderful. I will plant this out the back to bring a bit of shade in a few years to a section of garden. Plus you will walk past this as you come in the back gate. You walk into the back gate here at Kainga.
Now every good gardener knows that planting a fruit tree will bring you years of happiness and fruit. They had a selection of Heritage Apples. I was looking at a Bramley until one of the workers came up and helped us and told us the names of the others available. He went through them until he said "King David". Ian and I both smiled and said yes we would take that one. David is our apple eater in the family and the reason for planting the apples we have. So in his honour we purchased "King David" it is tall and thin like him. Now he will have is very own tree. Of course this could also mean that we get to go back and purchase the Bramley another time.

We also purchased a "Red Globe" grape which is seedless. A Tahitian Lime and a Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum.) plus a few others including tube stock which were only 50 cents each.

The sale at the nursery is on again next weekend if you are interested.

We have also made a start on our Winter vegie patch. Mini Cauliflowers are planted in the bottom of the photo and at the back are Chinese Cabbage. We also have Broccoli Peas etc planted. I have been sewing some seeds which are a few years old. As they are from places like Eden Seeds which are the Old Fashioned variety most of them have come up. This is the advantage of growing things from Heirloom stock.

I would love to hear what you got up to on the weekend.
Thank you for visiting "Kainga"

Happy days.
Bev C


Melody said...

A whole bunch of lovely new plants - how wonderful. There is not much to match the delight of frangipani fragrance.

Chookyblue...... said...

good luck with the rain....we can't get any either..............haven't been to a nursery for ages........maybe if/when we get some rain............

Val said...

The plants look great and your vege garden looks like it is off to a good start. I must try to get something in soon.

Notjustnat said...

I understand what you meant about rain or no rain. Hopefully you will get it soon. Enjoy gardening - Hugs Nat

Sue said...

Boy, I love to garden as well and I can't wait for our Michigan weather to cooperate so that I can do just that.

Your garden photos look so wonderful and happy:)

Terriaw said...

You are right - happiness IS gardening! I love seeing how well your plants are doing. So fun to hear what's growing in your garden these days.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Everything looks wonderful and I hope it all grows and produces well! I am working on making a fruit orchard and still is not time to plant pumpkins or flowers yet. The wind at this time of year is really bad. I plan to plant my flowers after our Easter holiday. Have a fun time in your garden! blessings,Kathleen

Cheryll said...

I'll send you some rain if you want. Our plants are growing way tooo much! All the vege's look great...yum!

My Dolce Vita said...

oh bev i love frangipani...just reminds me of the coast....and i'm so excited to see a link for those seeds...i'm going to put it up on my food blog...dzintra