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Monday, April 16, 2012

"Makes Me Happy Monday" - Take Five.


Happy Monday. Hope you have the best day possible.

The last couple of days have been spent out in the garden. Planting our Winter vegetables, including Broad Beans, Purple Headed Cauliflower which is a old fashioned variety called "Purple of Cicily" an Italian heirloom. These purple headed cauliflowers are supposed to be more resistant to pest attack. Also planted some Bok Choy and Pak Choy and Broccoli. Still have the potatoes and peas to plant in the next couple of days. Hopefully some rain will come soon to settle them all in. Gardening always makes "Me Happy."

I have been doing some craft, a little bit of crochet, stitching on Raggedy Anne and Andy quilt and some sewing.

I was going through fabrics and found these pieces of flannelet left over from previous sewing so made them into baby bibs. Now I have three bibs instead of two pieces of fabric in my cupboard!!!

I received a Liebster Blog Award from Bobbie Lynn. Thanks Bobbie Lynn. This is the same one I mentioned last week. So please everyone take it upon yourself to give yourself this Award.  Of course I am supposed to tell you five things about myself. This time I thought I would do something a little different.

Take Five.

I was the kind of kid who.... Was outdoors, loved watching Elvis movies on Saturday afternoon, playing sport, loved Hockey and Running/Athletics.

My Mother always told me... You can't hate people, you can dislike them immensely but you must never hate someone.

The biggest lesson I learnt at school... Phys Ed was so much more interesting than Maths.

My first big crush was... The Bee Gees.

I really hate it when...  People lie.

I'm very good at... Finding things in Op Shops.

I am frightened of... Reptiles, see I can't even write s_____.

My home is... Kainga,where I can spend all day in the garden.

The latest book I read was... Monet at Giverny by Caroline Holmes.

I am happiest when... The garden is growing, everyone is healthy and the weather is perfect.

I hope I never... Have to do jury duty.

Life is for... Living.

Roses in Vase "Radio Times."

Happy Monday
Bev C.


Bobbie Lynn said...

Good Morning Bev,
Instructing "tidbits" about you. So true about hating someone. Never good to hate. Those bibs are adorable and a great way to use up your left over fabrics. Hope you have a good season of rain there. We had a nice rain here and we really needed too. But I do have a mess in the yard. Your Winter garden sounds yummy already. Good luck with all your veggies.
Have a wonderful day.

Terriaw said...

How wonderful to spend a couple days in the garden! Your roses are so beautiful. They are so full, they remind me of peonies.

Fun to learn some new tidbits about you! I used to love watching Elvis movies with my sister when we were kids too. Agree with you about Math class too! The more I read your list, the more I realize we have in common. I loved loved loved the Bee Gees! Weren't you sad when Andy died so young? I don't like s@#$&! either. Happy day to you.

Maria said...

It made me "Happy" to read your lovely post Bev..
Love the fabric made into bibs...
Must get off this thing and sew..

Fiona said...

Fun post and I just love your rose pictures.... and great bibs too...

Val said...

The roses in front of that book look fabulous. I enjoyed all the interesting things about you. You put your piece of flannel to good use.

Simone de Klerk said...

Beuatiful roses and lovely to get to know some more about you again!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Bev. Lovely to see more glorious roses from your garden. Neat to read a few tidbits about you. VBG Have a lovely week. Hugs judy

Deb said...

Bev ~ love the beautiful flowers! And on your list...my dream has been to be called for jury duty!! Maybe I wouldn't like it once I got there, but I'd think it'd be super exciting! Enjoyed your post!

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Gorgeous flowers...lovely post - I am with you and reptiles...most especially spiders for me....they make my skin crawl! I didn't mind jury duty...always wanted to do it...then I was called for a murder trial and was chosen foreperson - it was sooo hard!
Enjoyed this. have a great week!

Cybele's patch said...

You must have 'green fingers' like we call it. Your roses always look the best.
We have a few things in common: I also am dead scared of reptiles and I have always been a fan of the BeeGees.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely post Bev. Gorgeous roses as usual a treat for the eyes.

O'faigh said...

Hello Bev, enjoyed catching up with your posts....Warm Regards, O'faigh

Roseanne said...

Love the roses and the bib look great as well.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Love the flowers and your handmades! I love your list and I wish I never have to do jury duty either!

Vicki from Mammy's Choice said...

Hello Bev,
Feels like ages since I have been on blogger. I so enjoy it when I do get on here. Need to be more disciplined with spare time!!
Extremely jealous about your vegie patch. We dare not start ours yet....can you believe...Donnybrook and we are worried about water. The small amount of rain we have had was just enough to wash to dust off the roofs into the tank. We had to bring in water three weeks ago and living off a prayer it lasts till more rain comes.
Anyway, love all your new goodies and hope all is well your end and thank you for such an enjoyable read. xxx

Carole said...

I thought you might like this little quote about happiness. Happiness