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Monday, April 30, 2012

"Makes Me Happy Monday."

Hello and a Happy Monday to you.

Hope you had a great week. Mine just seem to fly by. Tuesday morning last week saw a parcel arrive from my Sister Chris. I quickly unwrapped it and was so happy to see a copy of the New Zealand Gardener Rose special. Unfortunately I was on the way out to Midland. Lucy had plans to purchase herself some new bedroom furniture and linen. So it wasn't until the evening that I was able to sit down and have a good look through the magazine.

"Dapple Dawn Rose."

Thanks Chris you have made me very happy.

While we were in Midland I checked out the fabric shops for the backing fabric for the Raggedy quilt.

I was lucky enough to find some fabric in red and blue in Textile Traders for $2.00 per metre. I purchased the smallest roll which had about ten metres on it. I did have the measurements for how much backing fabric I needed but when I saw this  fabric I just purchased the whole lot.

I am happy to say that I spent Thursday evening pinning the quilt together so I could get some hand quilting  done at sewing on Friday.

Not so happy with the sore inner thigh muscles from bending down pinning though. Who knew that patchwork was not good for inner thigh muscles!!!

Happy to step out the back door at night and hear frogs talking.

Happy to have made a great chocolate cake recipe which makes two cakes. I added a piece of Rose Geranium Pelargonium in the bottom of the tin. This adds a lovely taste to the cake.

Happy to have picked a Queensland Blue Pumpkin. This weighed just over 6 kilos. Lots of pumpkin soup in the coming weeks.

Happy to know that it can rain. Though it seems to love to rain elsewhere rather than here. Only measured 2mls in the gauge on Sunday and  again today.  Just enough rain to wash the dust of everything.

I wonder what is making you happy today?

Happy days.
Bev C


Anonymous said...

you are one happy person Bev and no wonder with all these marvelous things happening.xx

Cheryll said...

Reading your post made me HaPPy ! Thanks Bev! :)

Melody said...

No wonder you feel happy - such a gorgeous parcel

Fiona said...

lots of happy things.... excellent... hope the rest of the week stays that way..

marina said...

lovely to hear about your 'happy things'.
what a novel thing to put some pelargonium in the cake tin, had never heard of it!
Happy quilting.

Karen said...

You have had a busy time, but also very productive! Great find with the fabric!
Mmmm.... chocolate cake, pumpkin soup! Yum!

Terriaw said...

Sounds like you have lots of wonderful things to be happy about! Looks like a fun magazine to browse through. Weekends always go by too fast, don't they. I am happy today to be turning in my final painting project for my color theory class.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Sounds like a Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Monday Bev...excellent...the best sort!!

Cottage Tails said...

ahh the rose mag is fab! Lots of good reading in there.
Love Leanne

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Love this post! Happiness for me is a big rain storm coming our way!! Also the chickens are roaming the grounds and the pumpkin vines are growing.

Sue said...

So much happiness Bev, I love your bargain fabric and the idea of scented leaves in the cake!

lesli said...

What a great post! Always nice to hear when people are having a wonderful time! :)

Love your raggedy ann quilt too!

Michelle said...

Your home sounds such a happy place!
Lovely pics...

Bobbie Lynn said...

A whole lot of wonderful things happening around Kainga. What fun fabric and that is a beautiful pumpkin. That would make me happy. I love to quilt but I do not enjoy the pinning of the quilt. Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy the rain too. For the first day of May (do not know where April went), we are having some heavy drizzle.
Bobbie Lynn

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lovely to read of the things that make you happy, I haven't heard of putting pelargonium in a cake. Chocolate cake and pumpkin soup sounds wonderful.

cottonreel said...

Hi , I just found your blog .
I made the Annie and Andy quilt ,wonderful idea the raggy hair and hat . I sew a lot but original ideas don't invade my brain.
I have 127 followers . I have been stuck on that number for a long time .I'd love a boost up ,that would make me happy .
I'll be back to read you again