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Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Hand Quilting at Friday Night with Friends, Strawberry Ice cream and 2 Cross Stitch finishes."


Joining in with all the ladies who decided to spend Friday night or day sewing was the perfect time to get out a quilt that had been waiting to be hand quilted.

 The reason I had taken a while to get the quilting done was finding a suitable way to mark the top without using a marker pen that could possibly leave  marks on the quilt. After reading about Hera Markers I thought this would be the way to go.  I went to a couple of shops looking for them but to no avail. I then thought as this marker leaves a line after pushing it along the fabric a hard spatula would do the same thing. The Vitamix spatula was perfect.

Speaking of our Vitamix it  makes some lovely meals, this Strawberry Ice cream was made in less than a minute. Lucy made this one with frozen Banana's, frozen Strawberries and some Almond Milk.

This week I finished two cross stitch designs.

The rose design is a freebie which I changed around a bit. The "A" was originally charted amongst the rose. As I had changed some of the thread colours it didn't really show up

 The Quaker Medallion  was a pattern that I won from Clare earlier on in the year.

Both these designs are stitched on 28 count Cashel Linen.

Thanks to Cheryll who kindly hosts Friday Night with Friends.

Happy days.
Bev C


Christine said...

Your finished cross stitches are lovely and thanks for the tip with the spatula!

Fiona said...

I always struggle with markers especially on dark fabrics... great idea with the pressing line... do you press as you go?
... and such lovely cross stitching also...x

Maria said...

Good luck with the hand quilting and your cross stitches are lovely.

debbie said...

That was clever to use the spatula. I have the hera marker here. It is a small plastic tool with a sharp edge, simple really, so maybe anything with a sharp plastic edge would do. xx debbie

Astrid said...

Lovely cross stitches. Thanks for the tip to use a hard spatula. I have yet to hand quilt and will definitely keep this in mind. The ice cream looks yummy!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen said...

The spatula appears to be a perfect substitute. Great idea.
The ice cream looks delicious.
Some more love cross stitch finishes. Looking good.

Heather S said...

Love the way we crafters improvise, good thinking to use the spatula.
Love the X-stitches

marina said...

gorgeous cross stitch designs.
can't wait to see the completed quilting. It looks like a beautiful design.

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Hi Bev, thank you for your visit. Must be fun to see the finish product of your hardwork. I'm hoping to learn to knit or crochet one day.
Enjoy your weekend


KimM said...

Beautiful finishes - and the ice cream looks YUMMY!!!

Terri said...

Lovely finishes. Love how you improvised with the fabric marker that doubles as a tool for making ice cream! Always wanted to try making homemade ice cream.

Cath said...

I wish I had some frozen bananas right now so I could make some of that ice-cream. I have never done it with almond milk though. lots of lovely bits and pieces you are working on.

Mrs Knitaddict said...

That ice cream God, if I only could taste it!
Your Patchworks and embroideries Bev are as beautiful as ever!
That blue Medallion is so EXQUISITE!.
Lots of love,

Lin said...

Lovely cross stitch, as always Bev and the quilt looks intriguing. I love my Fons and Porter white propelling pencil for marking on dark fabrics - it easily rubs away after quilting. xx

Cheryll said...

As usual Bev ... You have gorgeous projects on the go! Thanks for your company.,

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
That ice cream looks tasty and cool too. So so humid here.
Beautiful colors you are using on your new quilt. Great idea on the markings too. Lovely little cross stitch blocks. Happy sewing.
Bobbie Lynn

Christine M said...

Your little cross stitches are lovely, Bev. Hugs, Christine xx

Janet said...

The strawberry ice cream looks yummy. And made with almond milk so I could eat it. If only it were here... Love you cross stitches too. :)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a lovely post Bev! I've not heard of those markers, will have to look into that!

Julie said...

Hi Bev, I thought I had commented on this post but returned & found I had not :-) Your cross stitches are just beautiful, you do such lovely work Bev. And that strawberry icecream looks soooo yummy ...