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Monday, September 12, 2016

'Makes Me Happy Monday."


Happy Monday.

Today I wanted to share some photo"s of our Vegiepod. In case you haven't heard of a Vegiepod they are the easiest way to grow vegies. I will let the progress pictures tell the story.

Planted 19th May 2016

 I planted out a punnet of Cauliflower, English Spinach and Bok Choy. As well as Kale which I grown from seed, Carrot and Beetroot seeds were planted all by the square foot method. The square foot method is when you divide the bed into square foot sections and plant "x" amount of plants in that section according to how big they will grow.
16th June 2016
 There is a  protective cover to protect from the frost or heat and bugs. At the top of the cover there is a  spray system set up and you only need to water when the soil gets dry. The plants are growing in a wonderful soil that is especially made up for growing in this type of bed. You can see the depth of the bed in the above photo.
6th September 2016
The Vegiepod has a self-watering bed underneath which uses the wicking system to water the vegies. During Summer this will be a great asset.

It is wonderful to see how quickly these vegies have grown. The bonus is no bugs and they are organic. Picking what we need for each meal has been a real treat. We do have lots of other raised vegie beds but this one wins hands down.

I would love to hear if you grow vegies.

Happy days.
Bev C


Christine M said...

What a great idea, Bev. Before you know it you'll be eating all those fresh vegies. xx

Terri said...

That vegiepod looks awesome! I love how protected it is, and how full and lush your veggies look. We just have strawberries and raspberries in our garden, which ripen June to July. Every fall I wish I planted some veggies but never have enough time to get to it.

Michelle Ridgway said...

How fantastic! Bugs and a naughty neighborhood cat are the bane of my veggie growing experience!

I am said...

Hi Bev ,well done with your seedlings,you cat beat home grown veggies xx

Maria said...

How wonderful Bev! I'd never heard of these before but they are definitely an answer to my bugs, bush turkeys, possums and heat problems!! Hopefully my local Bunnings might stock them.

Lin said...

Looks like a great idea Bev - we could have done with one this year as it has been so dry. Enjoy your lovely veg. xx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow Bev how fantastic does your veggie patch look! I've never heard of that Vegie Pod! Happy Growing!

Fiona said...

how clever is that. I always think the shade is what I need as things just burn in the summer. I used to grow some veges, had the chooks and all but now I have got addicted to sewing!

Karen S said...

The vegies look like they love being in here. They are growing so well!

sharon said...

I have seedling envy! My autumn crops are taking their chances out in our raised beds where the deer love to stop and nibble.
Autumn is moving in and each evening we put the chicks to bed a bit earlier. Right now it's county fair time and we've been enjoying all the delights of our community sharing their livestock, their produce and flowers, handicrafts, all the rest. The county fairgrounds are in the town that I live very near so we can easily attend a part of each day and this year for the first time I entered a few things. Members of my quilt guild received many ribbons and being at the judging of the textiles was very informative and actually a lot of fun, despite my nervous feelings as my own pieces were judged. It's pumpkin time, sweater weather and soon all the crops out here will be harvested. Last night we had a marvelous full moon rising out of the last remnants of the day's misty rain. Autumn is my favorite time of year just as you are moving well into your spring. What a gift it is for me to follow your blog and get a window into the flip side of the earth's seasons.