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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog meet up and a holiday.


Last Thursday I finally had the privilege to meet up with Janelle from www.threadsoffriendship.blogspot.com We had a wonderful few hours chatting about our families our craft rooms and current and past projects. Janelle is the wonderful lady who first sent me an email enquiring when I was going to start my own blog. That was enough for me to get motivated and borrow the Dummies Blogging book from the library and here I am today.Janelle was kind enough to give me this beautiful bundle of fabric. It is in lovely greens and browns and looks even better in real life. I will have to make something special from this. Thank you very much Janelle. We intend meeting up in the not to distant future. In return I gave Janelle the Mug Carrier that I had made in my tutorial. I also machine embroidered a tea towel with a Debbie Mumm design of a teacup pincushion. I added a little tag/bookmark that I had great fun making up. A little while ago I won 2 pages of digital designs from the lovely Amy from www.abundantcuriosties.blogspot.com There was a page that had ladies from the 50's and 60's era which reminded me of the old dress patterns and a page of roses. This all came in a recycled bag that I got at a Earth Solutions Expo which I went to recently. Upon entry you were given this bag made out of newspaper and hay twine to carry the pamphlets we picked up.
On Friday Lucy and I went on a little holiday to visit Ainsley and Julian. We decided to go on the train. It took 5 hours which went very quickly. The train was lovely to ride in with TV screens and music to provide entertainment on the way. Although our headphones didn't work we managed to each do some reading to entertain ourselves. We had a relaxing time with Ainsley and Julian I did some hand sewing and reading visiting a garden centre and going for walks while Lucy had the best time doing band practice with Julian on the WII. Lucy can play the drums so well. Of course they played other games. I had to laugh when they played the game with the cows racing along and jumping over the fences. If Lucy could get points for knocking over trees she would have won hands down. We came back on the train last night and got in just after 8.00pm. It was interesting to "people watch" on the train. We were not far from the Buffet and two French men came up to order the food. The hostess couldn't understand them and asked one of the others for help. One of the workers could speak Italian but not French. It was fun watching them working out what the gentlemen wanted. The French man made motions with his arm like a chicken. He finally walked away with a Chicken Pie and some sort of drink.

I picked some more fresh roses to put on the table. Last week this table was full of my sewing things and I decided to give it a good clean up. Of course everything is just put into the sewing room. Will have to give that a good clean up shortly. The last day of the school holidays here so Lucy is enjoying her last day of freedom. Bonnie has gone to Bali with three of her girlfriends for 12 days. Have fun Bonnie and be safe.
Happy days.
Bev C


Janellybelly said...

Hi Bev
It was such a Joy to finaly meet you in person. I did a blog post about our catch up too :)
Janelle xx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sounds like a fun blog meet! Janelle is such a sweety! Love the idea of making a carrier bag out of newspaper - repurposing at its best.

Bobbie Lynn said...

How fun and love the flowers. They are pretty colors. A bag out of newspapers, how intresting and kind of neat to make. Glad you had a nice holiday and they are never long enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, I too love the idea of the carrier out of recyclables....sounds like you had a wonderful day...Warm Regards Lyn