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Friday, April 3, 2009

In the Garden at Kainga.


Today I thought I would share some of the garden here at Kainga. Please enjoy. This is how we tell the time at Kainga.
"Earth laughs in flowers" Ralph Valdo Emerson

"The garden is a mirror of the heart"

"Flowers are the poetry of earth, as stars are the poetry of heaven"

"When heaven falls to Earth it becomes a Garden" Stouffer
The roses are as follows;In photo No. 2 "Pink Rosette." In photo No.3 "Maurice Ultrillo" and photo No. 4 is "Seduction".
Happy gardening.
Bev C

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Anonymous said...

Bev what a beautiful garden you have your roses inspire me. We live in quite a humid area so we get some black spot and a few aphids, we have tried the regular rose sprays plus planted chives near them, also sprayed with diluted milk but it just comes back. Any other remedies I would be interested in. Keep up the beautiful photo's of your garden
Cheers Lyn!!!