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Friday, May 20, 2011

Joy,Floral Friday and all that quilty news.


Happy Friday everyone. Lots to tell you today about what is happening here at Kainga. We will start of with "Little Gits Campaign"

You may be wondering what has brought JOY to us here at Kainga. A win in the lottery??? No something more exciting than that. It has rained!!!!!!!!!!
The garden loves the rain. The water tanks are not empty,nothing liking hearing rain going into the tanks. Everything looks so clean. The vegies are growing at a great rate and some roses have decided to bloom. The chooks are having there first real scratch into damp ground. There is not a piece of dirt in there yard that they haven't scratched. The farmer across the road dry seeded his paddock last Friday,there was dust going everywhere. I know he has a big smile on his face this week. Fingers crossed we get lots more this Winter.
What is bringing you Joy today? Check out Becky's blog to see which other bloggers are finding some  Joy.

 I am doing this block of the month that Shell has on her blog. 12 stitchery hearts. Quick and simple stitchery designs. Instead of turning mine into blocks and making a wall hanging it will probably be the centre of a tablecloth. Now please don't ask me why I made up 16 blocks instead of the 12. A "Seniors Moment" is the only reason I can think of. It wasn't until I had finished all the chain stitch and given it a wash and it was drying that I realised I had done to many. Oh well, I will add something into these blocks when I have finished the others. I plan to do some embroidery between the blocks. This will have to wait until it is all completed because it will just get squashed when I put it into the hoop to embroider each block.

I used some Cosmo threads which Maree send me earlier on in the year in The Colour Swap. These threads are so beautiful to stitch with. The thread never ever knots up. These little blocks would look so lovely stitched onto pretty fabric and made up into lavender bags.

Earlier on in the week I received some mail from Lisa. I won these cute buttons and patterns in a recent giveaway. Thank you so much Lisa.

Today I decided to link up with Bronwyn for Floral Friday. The rose above is called "Radio Times" It is a David Austin rose from 1994,1998 Aust. It is a double,full rosette shaped blooms of rose-pink with a wonderful rich old fragrance. It has strong arching growth and it has continuous blooms. Its height reaches 1.7m by a width of 1.5m.

This is "Sophy's Rose" another David Austin. It has dark cerise pink rosette shaped blooms. It is free flowering with a light tea fragrance. The bush grows upright and is of a medium height of 1.5m. It blooms continuously.

Thank you Bronwyn for hosting Floral Friday.

Now tonight is Friday Night Sew In and I will be working on the "Catnip" quilt. Do you take over the table with all your sewing stuff?

Now it has started raining so it is going to be a great day. Staying inside stitching will be on my list of things to do today.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy days.
Bev C


Michelle said...

Lovely post Bev! So pleased you have rain! Enjoy your sewing:O)

Pauline said...

Nothing more welcome than much needed rain. This morning we had such a beautiful, clear blue sky I had happy thoughts of a rain free weekend. But then, very quickly, everything changed and now its raining. Needless to say rain is not much needed here!
Have a great weekend, Bev.

marina said...

Enjoy the rain glad it is falling for you.
Your catnip quilt looks great. I spread out all over the table too and hate it when it all has to be cleared for dinner!
have fun with your FNSI

Melody said...

Lots of beautiful photos. I'll be Friday Night Sewing too - so I'll think of you.

rosie said...

So glad that it has rained for you Bev, it's very uplifting. Can't wait to see what your embroidery turns out like. Love your roses...Happy sewing tonight. I will be too if I don't fall asleep, we are sowing our crops...

Karen said...

The rain just makes a world of difference. Love hearing that the tanks are filling!
Your embroidered hearts are lovely. What a great way to use them.
I look forward to seeing how your cats turn out - they look great so far!

BronwynB said...

Thanks for joining in Bev. Your roses are just gorgeous, I can smell them!
Have fun tonight. I hope someone else is doing the washing up so you can spend all evening sewing, uninterrupted.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great post Bev...so glad you got a gift of liquid gold.I agree there is nothing like the sound of rain going into the water tank when you've been in drought. Love all your gorgeous Roses.

Cheryll said...

It's nice to hear that you got the rain you needed! Hope you enjoy your sewing time. See you after FNSI. :)

Terriaw said...

Happy to hear you got the rain you needed! We've had way to much rain this season so I'm happy to have a clear and sunny Friday for a change.

Your new stitchery project looks fun - very therapeutic to work on those kinds of projects.

Love your roses, as always! Such a treasure to have these in your gardens.

Simone de Klerk said...

This is definitely a happy Friday for you! And, it makes me happy too (o:
I was with my parents today and my father showed me around his roses proudly. I told him all the names you know to your roses. I can 'only' show me the beauty of them.
Happy weekend!

Jenny said...

Wasn't the rain wonderful Bev!!! Hope we get more this week, aside from the damage that was done by that little tornado in Canningvale it was just what we needed! Love the stitched hearts, they are so pretty!
jen xo

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

I never tire of admiring your roses Bev...they're just beautiful!! What a great idea....a lovely white embroidered tablecloth....I must try some Cosmo threads....I often have trouble with knots!! I'm also admiring your table....handy to have drawers in it....my sewing table has a nice large drawer.
Have a great weekend Bev!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Bev...what a post...full of lots of lovely things...I remember when we lived on small acres and it rained...we would go out and watch it...the tanks were filling...it was fun looking back...Dzintra