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Monday, May 23, 2011

"Makes Me Happy Monday" and "Tuesday's Treasures"

Hello and Happy Monday to you.

I received some lovely mail this morning. This type of mail always makes me happy.

Thank you to Marina who sent me this parcel of "Betty Boop" material I won recently from her blog. I plan to make something for Bonnie out of this material. The best ever display of "Betty Boop" I have ever seen is at Reliquaire. This is definately a great place to shop.

"Camp David"

I am so happy that this rose is flowering. It is called "Camp David" Ian and Lucy purchased this for me last year. I couldn't believe that they bought a dead stick home for me. I had to give it extra love and care and planted it into a pot for sometime to make sure it would survive. It is flowering beautifully now.

Here in Australia there must be a cooking show on each television channel at the moment. Last year while watching Masterchef I was enticed to buy some "White Quinoa" This morning I decided to make some up for breakie. I added some apple and cinnamon. I followed the instructions on the side of the packet. It tasted delicious. I think though that I have found the cure for world hunger. It made such a huge amount,the chooks had a treat to.  I will certainly reduce the quantities next time. I have noticed that some of the bread I have bought lately has Quinoa in it as well. Has anyone else tried this grain? I would love to hear about your cooking process with this.


I am happy that Bonnie has shown me a few more functions that are on my camera. Happy to be out in the garden taking close ups of the roses.

Tuesday's Treasures.

I decided to double up and include Tuesday's Treasures in this post.

I love my two latest purchases. The teapot on the left has a metal strainer that can be removed. I only use tea leaves so this is why I bought this one. The teapot on the right is made of enamel and is made in Romania. The lid is attached to the pot which is great.

To see what other Treasure's are being showcased this week check out Melody's blog.

Hope you all have a great week.

Happy days.
Bev C


Anonymous said...

lovely post Bev and i love that betty Boop fabric.lucky you.And as usual love your beautiful roses

Maria said...

Looking forward to seeing what you make out of the "Betty Boop" fabric.
Wish I could grow roses. Do they smell lovley??
What cute teapots. Must visit one day and have a cup of real tea with you.

Melody said...

A fabulous post and what a co-incidence for Tuesday Treasures. You chose teapots, I chose tea cosies.
I eat quinoa quite often. It makes a great pie crust. Just google it and you'll get heaps of great recipes.

Mylene said...

Such beautiful roses! I like roses too but give up planting them here on our backyard, i think too windy for roses.
Great fabric received and lovely treasures!

Happy week!!

BubzRugz said...

Looking forward to seeing what Betty Boop becomes..... I love teapots too... especially with metal strainers...

marina said...

Your rose is lovely. Roses have to grow themselves at my place, I don't have a very green thumb.
Have heard about Quinoa but not tasted any. I love your teapots.

rosie said...

Hi Bev,quinoa is one grain I can eat as it has no gluten. Have only cooked with it in biccies which I wasn't real impressed with, but looking forward to using it like you did.. Lovely tea pots and beautiful roses..

Tarnyia said...

I am loving the roses that you are show casing they are just beautiful... and the teapots are so cute... I too collect tea pots... I should dust the shelf they are all on and take a photo hahahaha xxx

Lynda said...

We visit Reliquare 3 or so years ago - definitely an amazing shop.

Sheila said...

The Betty Boop fabric looks like fun and should make something intersting . Love your roses ,I think I can smell them ,yumm. The tea pots are just sweet and I also like to use tea leaves so use a strainer in my tea pot , makes for a wonderful pot of tea.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Haven't tried Quinoa is it like oats? Love your teapots....the sight of teapots is so comforting some how. Beautiful roses too.

Pauline said...

Love your teapots. Georgia would love visiting you!
Never heard of quinoa before but I googled it and will look out for it next time I go to the supermarket.

Val said...

Lucky you winning the Betty Boop fabric. The Camp David rose is such a lovely colour and shape. Roses never cease to amaze me. I am so jealous of you having those lovely tea pots and they look great on that mat.

Lindi said...

I love teapots. Such a lovely shape, aren't they? Nice treasures. :)

Karen said...

I do enjoy seeing your beautiful flowers. Just wish I could smell them,too.

Lurline said...

Oh, Bev - a beautiful Post and thanks for your comforting thoughts - fondly - Lurline♥