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Friday, June 17, 2011

It must be Friday.


As promised I will give you some more information about growing plants hydroponically.

We have been interested in growing this way for a while. While we were in Toodyay back in May we found a little shop that was selling seedlings and items for hydroponics. We asked lots of questions which you must do. When we first walked into the shop there was a display of plants growing in some poly pipe that is used for drainage. There was also a capsicum growing in one of those disposable coffee cups. He told us that last year he even grew a melon that grew 14 metres in length. The best news is that it is very easy.

I borrowed the book called "Hydroponics for Everyone" A practical guide to gardening in the 21st century. by Dr Straun Sutherland. I thoroughly recommend this book as it is written so you can understand the process and has before and after pictures. This book is published by Hyland House.

There are different sorts of growing mediums. This is what you plant the seeds/plants into. We purchased a bag of coco peet and perlite mix. Some of the mediums available are sand, scoria, perlite, vermiculite,growool, expanded clay balls.

Pots, you can buy special pots but we used pots we already had. Just make sure there are holes in the base so the nutrient mixture can reach it.

Nutrient Mixture. There are many different brands available. Bunnings and your local garden centre stock these. These come in two parts, the first part is used when the plant is young. The second mixture is used when the plant is in bloom. Make sure you follow the directions. We were told to use only a small amount to start of you don't want to kill your plant with kindness. We change the water and nutrient mix once a week. This mixture can be used on other plants in your garden.

When planting seedlings please make sure all the soil is washed of but make sure you don't damage the roots.

We have a small pump going for most of the day. You can leave it on all the time it doesn't use up much power. These small pumps retail from around twenty dollars. We have used one the children had for the goldfish.

Your system can be as simple or technical as you want. You can start with just a plastic bucket for your container. Look around your yard I am sure you will find something that can be used.

Lots of vegies and plants like carnations can be grown hydroponically. I would urge you to give it a go. You will be amazed at how quickly things grow. Good luck with it. Please let me know if you try it.

As today is Friday I am linking up with Bronwyn for Floral Friday. I took this photo of my favourite rose called "Heritage" earlier on in the week. It is a David Austen rose and blooms almost continuously.

Robyn is hosting Colourful Friday today and she has chosen Blue and Orange together. I thought this was going to be a bit tricky but it was just out the back door. The Mandarin tree and the blue sky. I know it is a pity the oranges are no where near ripe as I would have loved to shown that.

I also have some orange and blue material that I will be using in my project for Friday-Night-Sew-In.

So that just about captures what is going on today. Hope you have a great night if you are sewing tonight.

Happy days.
Bev C


Karen said...

I'd love to have your mandarin tree. It looks so healthy and productive! Great for the colours this week. Wonderful photos.

Lynda said...

Good luck with your hydroponic gardening - looks very interesting. Love the photo of your pink rose - so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

lovely post Bev

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

What a lovely rose 'Heritage' is Bev....the most beautiful shade of pink. How yummy those mandarins look!
Enjoy your weekend Bev!

rosie said...

Thankyou for all the information Bev on hydroponics, I think this is something we will eventually investigate further. As always, beautiful rose. Enjoy tonight, and have a lovely weekend..

BronwynB said...

Thanks for the Hydroponics info. I would like to try it when my hothouse is built. Your Mandarin tree looks fab and I am so jealous that you have an orange tree too! There is nothing like oranges ripe off the tree. Great post!

Maria said...

"Who's a clever girl then" what a great idea to use the beautiful madarin tree and our lovely clear blue sky for your challenge.
Good luck with your water garden.
Lovley rose. Wish I could smell it.

Sweet Pea said...

Bev, your rose is perfect! Love it.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Love a mandarin tree, nowhere near warm enough here, too many frosts. Ni e visiting you!! hydroponics look good, and great flower shot, Tracey

Rebecka said...

Your so lucky to have a mandarin tree. I love the blue and orange print also. Have a great weekend!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Interesting Bev and good luck with the hydroponics. Have a fun time at Friday night sew in.

Dolores said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your blue and orange creation.

Robyn G. said...

Oh Bev, what an inspiring post!
I think I'd like to try hydroponics sometime... perhaps after studies this year... I have a hothouse, but it always grows grass!! ha ha
Hydroponics sounds like the go.
LOVE that delicate pink DA rose... sniiiffffff!!!
..and Blue and Orange... I thought it might be tricky too until I realised we have a blue palette above us and many orange things around us.
Love your pic!

Melody said...

Thank you so much Bev. I am definitely going to try this. I'll let you know how I go.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, thank you for the info on hydroponic's...we have a no dig garden.....which I love...Warm Regards, Lyn

Terriaw said...

How fun to learn how to garden hydroponically. I was always curious but never took the time to learn more.

Your pink rose is stunning! What a treat that it blooms constantly. I'm always envious of your fruit trees. That would be a treat to have that in my yard.

Looks like great plans for Friday night sew-in. I always forget about that!

Narelle said...

Those mandarins look very inviting...the birds got the few on my tree.