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Monday, June 13, 2011

"Makes Me Happy Monday"


Happy Monday.

On the weekend I finished the borders for the "Catnip" quilt. I changed them because I didn't have enough fabric for the squares that were on the original pattern.

 I machine embroidered "Meow" on the bottom border with some whiskers thrown in for good measure.

 The top border has "Catnip" machine embroidered on it.

Along the side borders I added some flowers. There are also cat paw prints on the bottom and top borders.

Toni the designer of this quilt loves wearing odd socks. Looks like her creatures do to.
On the lookout now for some bright green backing and wadding. Looking forward to finishing this fun quilt.

I am happy to report that we have been doing a little garden experiment. As you know water is in short supply or should I say rain is in short supply in our State. We had lots of tomatoes coming up where I planted the winter vegies. So we decided to try growing them hydroponically. The photo above shows them the day we had set them up. The tomatoes had only just been planted into a mix of perlite and coco peet.

I am very happy to say it works. It was so easy. Look at the growth after only one month. We will put these into bigger pots in a while and a bigger container. Our little fish pump circulates the water and fertiliser is added to fresh water once a week. Certainly looking forward to seeing what they taste like.

During the past week our local Annual Art Prize has been on. I called in and had a look at the wonderful paintings and photos. Gosh there is some talented people out there. The old Mayoral Chambers were open at the same time in the Town Hall. The display was amazing,old photo's of people and buildings that were in town. I found out we even had a Brewery and a Skating Rink. It is a shame that a lot of these beautiful buildings have been pulled down. There were photo's of the tearooms with about 5  male workers standing out the front and I had to smile at the signs advertising 3 course meals. I wonder who has time for a 3 course meal today. There were rooms available for families and ladies to eat in !!! It was interesting to read the Rate Books from 1931. Everything was beautifully written in ink. Bookkeepers really earned there keep in those days. I spent a happy couple of hours browsing through things.

I hope you have a "Happy Monday" and do something you love.
Bev C


Anonymous said...

very interesting post Bev

Jeanette said...

Gorgeous Bev. Love it. Happy Stitching,

BubzRugz said...

I love the paw prints.....

Tarnyia said...

The quilt is coming along very well Bev and I just adore the colours... what a great experiment with the tomatoes and fish tank... do you think you would go into the hydroponics in a bigger way in the future? xxx

Maria said...

Looking so good the Catnips.It makes me what to start my.but I must WAIT.

Your tomatoes look fabulous. they will taste delicious I am sure.

Karen said...

Great progress on the quilt. Good luck in the hunt for backing.
Love the idea of growing the tomatoes that way. I will watch with interest to see how they do.
I find local history fascinating. It is amazing to see the effort some people in the past have put into the development of a town. And of course I like the way you can often recognise particular locations.

marina said...

your quilt is really great, it just gets better with all your additions.
Those tomatoes have definitely taken off.

Simone de Klerk said...

Happy Monday to you. Your quilt sure brings a big big smile on my face!
Great, how your experiment worked!
Have a happy week!

Melody said...

Beautiful quilt. I'm really interested in your hydroponic tomatoes as I've been thinking of trying this myself. Did you work out how to do this yourself or is there a book or blog you followed

Sue said...

Bev, your pussy cat quilt is looking great. I'm going to make that one soon, can never have too many kitty's.
Hope your 'matoes keep growing well. They are looking very vigorous.

rosie said...

I think you are going to have to do a tutorial Bev on the hydroponic tomatoes!! I too, are very interested in how they turn out.. You are going great guns on your quilt..

Michelle said...

Great progress on the Catnip quilt.
I too would like too know more about your hydroponics setup, maybe a quick tutorial/ hints or tips? :O)

Farm Girl said...

I love all the little extras you're adding to this quilt, it's looking lovely! Will be interested to follow the tomato progress too. Happy Monday to you!

Sue said...

That does look like a fun quilt! Is it for someone special?