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Monday, October 3, 2016

"Makes Me Happy Monday."


Happy Monday,

Today I am very happy to reveal the mystery cross stitch project. I joined in the mystery stitch that was being run by http://jurapointdecroix.canalblog.com/ We were given 4 different designs and we could choose one or all 4 of the designs to stitch into whatever we wanted to. We had 3 months to complete it but of course I only started half way through September.

I had recently picked up a piece of 14 count Aida cloth at Good Sammy's so decided to use that and added three inches around the stitching design. These measurements paid a big part in the end as when I started stitching I had no idea what I would make it into. Luckily the piece fitted the front panel of a Messenger style bag that I found the free pattern for on the Internet.

I did leave a bit of the stitching out on the bottom and added the little Bee charms.

 I used two fat quarters that my Sister Chris was never going to use so she sent them to me. They were purchased at the Stone Store in Kerikeri in New Zealand.There were several hundred ladies from across the world involved in the mystery stitch along so make sure you keep checking the blog to see what everyone made. The free pattern for the bag is available from Lisa's blog which is called Two Pretty Poppets.

On Sunday we attended the Inaugural West Australian Act-Belong-Commit Permaculture Festival held in Middle Swan. What a wonderful time we had, lots of interesting stalls and so well set out. Beautiful food vans, I went back to the lady we purchased our lunch from and told her how delicious her food was. Just wish this type of healthy food was available at all shows. A big hint to those who organise the craft shows! I was so busy talking about the food with Ian when he stopped me and said "Isn't that the guy." Of course I had no idea who he was talking about because Ian had forgotten his name. He pointed him out and it was the curly headed West Australian gardener Josh from my must watch show each week Gardening Australia. . The most interesting part of the day was I took the opportunity to sit down and do some basket weaving. I have never been so relaxed while doing a craft. I would have stayed much longer and do more weaving but we had family and Grandies to visit. I used several different types of plants but the main one was from a Peppermint tree so the basket has a beautiful perfume to it. The lady does run classes so I am tempted to go to one the only thing is it is a few hours away.

What has been making you happy lately, I would love to hear.

Happy days.
Bev C


Terri said...

What a beautiful design, and perfect on a messenger bag! I am happy this Monday because the sun in finally out after 3-4 days of clouds, fog and rain.

Helen said...

Love your bag, looks wonderful :)

Jeanette said...

Love your bag. It's gorgeous. Hugs,xx

Tracy said...

Beautiful bag.
The permaculture festival sounds like a great day out to me. I agree with you about the food, isn't it nice to have healthy options when eating out.

Fiona said...

Lovely day Bev, whilst I am not in general a totally healthy eater I do find that at shows there is so much stodge.... Love the weaving - perhaps baskets is on the list for Christmas this year?

I am said...

Hi Bev love the bag you made the cross stitch is so cute,sounds like you had a wonderful time,thumbs up for the healthy eating .

Pamela said...

Nice finish! Thanks for the links.

Lin said...

Great bag Bev. I have never tried basket weaving but I love the sound of your peppermint basket! xx

marina said...

Your bag looks so beautiful, very clever to use the cross stitch this way..
Sounds like you made the most of what the festival had to offer.
Holidays and a new puppy keeping my happy stores up to scratch

Karen S said...

Lovely work with the cross stitch and the way you have used it in the bag. Great idea!
So will we see some basket weaving in your future?

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Your bag is just gorgeous. I love joining mystery projects :) xx

Kim said...

Your cross stitch is very pretty; it teams perfectly with the bag. The weaving sounds fun. I too love watching the ABC gardening show each Saturday. I always find Josh's segment very informative.