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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lucy's Sewing Machine and Love is progress.


Well the last couple of days have been fairly hot here. We are expecting 41 degrees Celsius today so I expect it to be a few degrees above that. I have spent a fair bit of time indoors watching DVDs. I have watched Beautiful Kate,Balibo Fve,Funny People and the Taking of Pelham 123. I have also read a book by Michael Jacobson called "Windmill Hill" which was a great read. It is about a man called Blink Johns and what happens when he is kidnapped from his nursing home by his grandson. The story is based in Tasmania. It was the type of book that you couldn't put down and wanted to keep on reading. This little Singer Sewing Machine belongs to Lucy. It originally belonged to my Aunty Lucy who Lucy is named after. Mum passed it on to Lucy a few years back. I want to know what sort of machine needles you use in it. If anyone knows if the basic Singer needles are OK could they let me know. I think it does a little chain stitch. I don't want to try it without really knowing for sure.

I would also be interested to know if the base was originally like this or was the padding put on after purchase to protect the table. I think as a child it had a clamp to hold it to the table but not sure on this.
On the sewing front I have appliqued the hearts and cats and have ironed on the girls on the Love is quilt and have started appliqueing them. Hopefully over the weekend I will get this done.
Last year I joined in the OPAM Challenge and managed to finish 65 projects. I sent an email of yesterday to join in again,hopefully I got in. This year they have cut the numbers of people able to join in to 150. If I didn't get in I think I will still post my finishes in my sidebar. Any motivation is helpful. Anita and I have decided to do a "Row Block of the Month". Once again we can choose how big we want it to be and what sewing style. Our first row has the theme of "Chooks." There is talk about donating our quilts to charity when we finish them. On Monday please call back to my blog to see the start of some "Happy" postings. I hope you all enjoy the weekend and manage to do something you love.
Happy days.

Bev C
p.s. I was lucky enough to get in the OPAM Challenge.Yay!!!


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Very interesting crafty blog, I enjoyed my visit.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Bev...we have been very busy with family visits here...Hope you had a great start to 2010!!! Wow, 65 projects!!! I have joined OPAM this year too and I'm a bit excited about it all...hopefully will spur me onto to doing heaps of projects...in between the cooking LOL!!! Have a great day...and keep watching those movies in the heat...Dzintra♥x

Mylene said...

Lot's of finishes you've made last year, congrats and looking forward to see your new challenges.

Have a nice weekend.

Cybele's patch said...

Can you believe we are having a snow storm here. It is only -5C but feels like much colder because of the wind. So I'll get some sewing done today!
That old Singer is a real treasure. Hope it will work once you have found the right needles.

(the word verification is 'valium' would you believe. I certainly don't need that today!)

Maria said...

Reading and watching DVD's when it is hot is great.
I was lucky enough to join in the OPAM as well.AS we are having our triannual hanging in Oct I thought it was a great way to get things done.I don't think it will be 65. Well done.

chris said...

Hi Bev, I remember using Aunty Lucy's little sewing machine to make dolls clothes etc. when I was small; and yes, it makes a little chain stitch. Can't help you with the needles though.

clare's craftroom said...

Hi Bev , love that little machine . Hot for a few days yet sorry to say .

Cath Ü said...

Hi Bev... sorry I can't help you re the little sewing machine.... I love the idea of the quilt you and Anita are doing.... And I got into OPAM 2010 as well it will be fun seeing what everyone is making....
Cath Ü

Lauren Colless said...

Wow it is very hot there isn't it!! I love that sewing machine, don't know about the needles though, sorry. I will be doing my own OPAM challenge... I need to finish so many UFOs and so many I want to start!!