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Monday, February 1, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" Number 5.


Today for "Makes Me Happy Monday" I have chosen Sunflowers for my subject.They are such a happy plant.

My sister Chris has grown this Sunflower called "Moulen Rouge" it looks good enough to eat. I just love the dark chocolate colour.
This one grew in my front garden here at Kainga it is a "Giant Russian" it didn't grow tall but bloomed beautifully.

This one is called "Sweet Empress" and these are still flowering in my front garden.

This one is extra special. Chris has grown this one from a seed that was given out at my brother's funeral. You may remember this posting. Today it is one year since my big brother Peter passed away so this is why I chose sunflowers as my topic.
Remembering some Happy Times like the time we were at Peter's station and he asked me to cook the lambs fry. Now Peter didn't just have a little bit to cook and a small fry pan. No he had the biggest fry pan in the world and the biggest amount of lambs fry to cook. After a while the smell got to me and I had to ask Ian to take over. I went outside gagging from the smell. Peter walks in later on and asks "How is the lamb's fry going?" I have never eaten lambs fry again!!
I can remember the time Peter weighed his head. Yes his head. Only Peter would think of doing that. Remembering the Happy Times is what makes the world a better place.
Happy memories Peter.
Bev C


Anita said...

Bev, The year went very quickly, as Peter's anniversary is already here. Sunflowers are so sweet and a lovely reminder of your brother. I will think of Peter whenever I see sunflowers. Kind regards, Anita.

Heather x said...

Hi Bev :0)
I love your sunflowers! They are supposed to be the easiest things in the world to grow...but alas I never have any success in growing them lol.
Have you seen the new challenge over at Jenny's for february? This may be one that I can tackle successfully!
*hugs* Heather x

Mylene said...

Hi Bev, beautiful sunflower pictures! I do enjoy reading your MMHM, thanks for sharing.

Simone de Klerk said...

Such lovely memories, Bev! It is good to remember the special things of a dear one!
I love the sunflowers and how special to have Peter's in you garden.

Maria said...

Your sunflowers are beautiful. What a wonderful way to remember your brother with such a happy flower.

Asiyah said...

What a lovely way to remember your brother. The sunflowers are beautiful.

Tarnyia said...

Bev that is such a special thing to do and the sunflower looks wonderful... big bright and cheery just like Peter...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Happy Sunflowers - they never fail to make you smile with their large sunny faces - and a lovely way to remember your brother - hugs Shelly x

teresa said...

I've always loved sunflowers Bev, and now they are even more special. What a beautiful post! I've never seen a Moulin Rouge one before and I love it. xx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What lovely sunflowers Bev...especially the Moulin Rogue...I love it!!! A very special story you have told us about your Brother...it's lovely to remember the good times with him...Dzintra♥x

Pauline said...

Somehow I missed this post, Bev. Didn't realize until Chris mentioned it. Her sun flowers are magnificent, a wonderful monument to Peter!