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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Books,Chooks and Roses.


Well the title of this posting says it all. Three of my favourite things. I have had these books on order for a while. Ian picked them up for me earlier on in the week. I am in book heaven at the moment. Velvet Pears is such a beautiful book presentation wise and the book Made in France has the most wonderful cross stitch and embroidery patterns with beautiful pictures to go with them. The cross stitches are in red white and blue. When I buy a book I usually road test it from the local library first,this way I can see if it really is as good as they say. Sometimes when you read a book review the reviewer has a different take on the book than yourself.
Sue,one of the ladies who comes to sewing and is actually our tutor road tests embroidery patterns for a lady in South Africa. Last month Sue brought along some samples to give away. I said I would take some and sew them into something for a charity.

Yesterday I made this wall hanging with the four samples.The final measurements are about 19 inches square. Next time Lucy has an appointment I will take it to the hospital she attends in the city. They can sell it in the shop. Sue also made a quilt for me to take as well. I will show this another day.

With the lovely weather we have been having it is time to get out into the garden and see what needs to be done. I still haven't pruned a lot of the roses. They are all in bloom. This one in the photo above smells just beautiful. I couldn't cut the flowers of just yet.

Out the back they are blooming as well. The rose in the foreground is called "Sophy's Rose'. It has dark cerise pink rosette shaped blooms. It is always in bloom and has a light tea fragrance.The rose climbing up the gazebo is called "Crepescule" It is a Noisette with loosely double,apricot-gold blooms. It is fragrant and very free flowering. After school today I plan to take Lucy for afternoon tea at the Book Cafe. I have heard that they have some more craft magazines in. At only a small price I can pick up some recent issues and have some lovely coffee and cake as well. I hope you all have an extra special day. Remember to check back tomorrow evening to see who is the new owner of "Sweethearts."
Happy days.
Bev C


Bobbie Lynn said...

Love going to the bookstore also and that is just what I did today. It’s one of my favorite places to just browse and relax. The new books that you got look very nice so hope you find some time to enjoy them. What a great idea for the hospital gift shop using leftover quilt squares to make a simple wall hanging. You’re very thoughtful Bev.

Love your roses too. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hello and thank you for such a cheerful post today. Your roses are so very pretty. I would love to thumb through the pages of your new books - they look marvelous. That is the cutest wall hanging and for such a good cause. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon.

Lurline said...

Those chookies are just gorgeous - is there any way of purchasing a pattern, please?
Hugs - Lurline♥

Cybele's patch said...

Amazing that in Australia roses still bloom during the winter. Can't imagine that in our part of the world.
The little chook quilt turned out lovely.

Vickie said...

Oh wow Bev, your roses look lovely amazing what can bloom at different times of the year..oh wow them chooks are gorgeous lovely work..well done...and yep I try and road test from the library too..cheers Vickie

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I would be in Book Heaven too Bev with those books especiall that Made in France...never heard of that one!!! Fabulous roses you have over there...Happy reading to you♥x

Pauline said...

That's a delightful happy post, Bev. Love your chook wall hanging and what a lovely idea to donate it to the hospital. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon with Lucy.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

i have read a few reviews on the Made in France in book - it looks very inspiring! Your roses look gorgeous.

Lauren Colless said...

I love those chickens Bev, I did a swap recently with a chook collector and I wish I'd come up with something half as lovely xx

Robyn said...

Oh Bev, they're all lovely!!
I'd agree with your title but I'd hafta add some too...lol

Beautiful books, such cute chookys and Oh how I'd love to smell your roses... we've have 40 deg c + again here and it's tough on everything!

Enjoy your lovely weather and thanks for sharing!