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Monday, August 3, 2009

Lucy's Raggy Quilt is Finished...Yay!!!


Lucy has finished her Raggy Quilt. I woke up this morning and she was asleep on the lounge chair with several quilts on her as well as her very own. She had finished cutting the edges late last night while watching the cricket. We didn't have any spring loaded scissors so Lucy has some very sore fingers.So this morning I had the job of washing the quilt and putting it in the dryer. It has come up a treat. Lucy has made her quilt in green and red toning. Included in it are spots paisleys floral's and stripes. Congratulations Lucy on finishing the quilt. Lucy has had times when she really wanted to quilt it and other times when she would rather watch the cricket or football. Although one night last week it was 10.30pm and she wanted to do some work on it. Sorry Lucy a bit late for me.
The back of the quilt even has a pattern. Lucy was very clever in working this out. She had to be on her toes when it came to putting the blocks together. So it is reversible. I just love it Lucy.

Saturday morning saw us down at the Avon River for the start of the 37th Avon Descent. The powerboats had already gone when we got there and we had to wait for the canoes to start. This event goes for 133km's and is held over two days. This year there were about 875 competitors who braved the cold morning. The photo above shows the "Prospector" train pausing to let the passengers have a great view of the canoeist's going over the weir.

These brave people had only just started I wonder how tired and sore they are today?

Several balloons were hovering over the starting area. What a great view they would have had. We have two ballooning companies in town. We quite often get up to a balloon going overhead or landing in the paddock across the road. Friday I had plans to go to the Stitches and Craft Show. I had dropped Lucy of at school then came back home to do a few jobs then I had an errand or two to do down town before I left. While doing this I realised I didn't have my phone but thought I could live without it for the day. So after travelling for three quarters of an hour I then realised I didn't have my purse in my bag. No Money No Phone!!! I still had another three quarters of an hour to drive to the show as well. So I had to turn around and come back home. 130mks of driving for nothing. I was so disappointed with myself for not checking. I usually double check to see that I have everything. Oh Well! Luckily a good friend was going to the show. So yesterday we travelled down together with her two crafty orientated daughters and had a great day out. I was very impressed with the Exhibition put on by the Embroiderers Guild. They are celebrating 40 years this year. It is amazing what can be done with just a needle and thread. We had a fun time choosing the Most Popular in the Quilt's as well. Next year I will go again but make sure I have some money with me when I set of.
Happy days.
Bev C


Anonymous said...

Lucy's quilt turned out so pretty. Congratulations to her. Those pictures of the canoes and the balloons are so vivid and clear. I bet there were a lot of sore muscles! Glad you did make it to the show finally. I hope you have a very nice week.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Congratulations Lucy...your quilt is wonderful...I would be very proud of it if I was you!!! I'm going to the Quilt Show here on Thursday...2 hours away...so I better check my bag before I go LOL...Have a lovely week...Dzintra♥x

Robyn said...

Lovely quilt Lucy. Hope you enjoy snuggling in it in the cooler weather.
Hi Bev :D

Pauline said...

Oh, well done, Lucy! I love her quilt! She puts the Kiwi contingent to shame with her front and back! Oh, and I had no idea your river was so grand. That looks like a great day of fun!