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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Working to a list.


Well I have been working to a list this week. Mind you there were only 5 things on the to do list. I have managed to do 4.5 of them. I don't usually have a list but because I thought this might motivate me a bit I decided to do it.The first thing on my list was the machine embroidery's that I promised all those who entered the "Sweethearts" giveaway. Those who replied back with there choice have been sent. Those from New Zealand will be posted on Monday with Chris's Birthday present. I made a label for the giveaway "Sweetheart" and this has been posted also. I made a label for the Camel Letter Holder and this has been posted to its new owner. These two Milk Jug Covers I completed earlier on in the week. I made the pattern up to suit as I went along. I used a DMC crochet thread called Cebelia and a size 1.25 crochet hook. The material was cut out of the sleeves from Ainsley's shirt and backed with some tulle. I then over locked them together to crochet around the edge.
Another item on the list was to make another "Sweethearts." This time I used a red/blue floral material. I finished putting on the binding today and will put the label on it while watching television tonight.

I made up these curtains for my sewing room as well. Before I just had the lace curtain but after picking up metres and metres of this rubber backed curtain material for $10.00 I decided to sew them up. Mind you getting the curtain tape was a bit involved. When I first got the tape the lady allowed extra to turn under. That was OK,but she didn't give me the correct amount. She only allowed for one curtain. So I made up the first curtain. Ian was going to the city so I gave him the store card and a sample. He went to a different store and the lady gave him something completely different even though he showed her the sample. So another trip and it was finally bought. As we don't have a store in town now that sells curtain supplies like the tape it is pretty inconvenient when shop assistants don't do the right thing in the first place. Never mind I now have surplus tape that I don't need but the good thing is I have curtains for less then $15.00. Gotta love that. The bonus is they have roses on them. The other item on my to do list was to work on my raggy quilt. I only did half of that as I found some wadding that was left over from quilts and cut out the squares. I want to use up all my scraps before cutting into the newer piece.So all in all a very productive week sewing. I wonder when I will get to the bottom of my unfinished items because yesterday I was looking through things in my sewing room for a certain piece of material when I found a bag with a patchwork magazine and quite a bit of material dating back awhile. I had to look through the magazine to see what I was planning to make. I soon worked it out but was shocked to see some of the material had the year 2000 on it. I can remember buying it back in 1999. Do you remember that material because a lot of quilts were made around that time with the millennium on it. I suppose it will get done!!! No I didn't find the material I was looking for.
Happy sewing.
Bev C


Lauren Colless said...

Well done on getting so much done, you've inspired me to make a list of my own this week, which I will do my best to complete even with my hubby underfoot for the week :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Bev, thank you for visiting...I remember years ago my parents telling me that a lot of the doyleys went to the tip....I appreciate the work in them as I love stitchery.....my you have been busy.....love the milk jug covers....hugs lyn

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy. Everything is just lovely.

Miriam said...

I love the redwork!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good on you Bev for your list...I do one sometimes and it does seem to work!!!Love the doyleys and cool curtains too!!!

Pauline said...

Bev, the 10 year old twins have a term long homework project - to plan and implement a family outing. They have to present their plan to the the teacher. I protested that the teacher is trying to turn them into list makers and how will I bear another generation of list makers. Daughter Justine loves making lists. At the time of her wedding she even had a list for the different lists!!
But, my, you did achieve a lot, didn't you?

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely projects you are working on! And how good to have those finishes.