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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Journal Cover


I made this Journal Cover back in January of this year. It is another of Janelle Wind's patterns and was in the Australian Country Threads A Special Stitchery edition. Volume 7 Number 8. I actually try to mark the date I complete things in the magazine , this one was finished on the 25th January 2008. Even if you put the starting date this gives you incentive to complete a project. This way you tend to have less unfinished things. I wonder who has the most unfinished projects? Please let me know how may you have.

Happy stitching.
Bev C

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy time here at Kainga

We have had a busy time here at Kainga. Last Thursday I went to the Gardening Australia Expo. I listened to Peter Cundall and Sophie Thomson giving talks and advice. I even got Peter's autograph. Peter is such a fit and active man and he is just like he was on TV.I walked through Josh Byrne's waterwise garden complete with a water tank . I was in love with the new raised gardening beds. They certainly are the right height. I was amazed at the growth of the tomatoes in the hydroponic tanks. Some had fruit on them already and they were only planted a short while ago.
Friday saw me at Sewing. I was lucky enough a few weeks back to win a pattern and the original journal cover from Janelle Wind. Thanks Janelle. I made the bag, and was very pleased with the way it turned out. It is called Thelma's Day Out and it is from the Janelle Wind Collection.
On Saturday David had his School Ball. They boys looked very handsome in there suits and the girls looked lovely in there dresses and best shoes and some fantastic hair styles. Lots of photo sessions beginning with the first one here at home then onto his cousin's home then down to the local park where everyone had gathered. Then onto the Ball. Lots of dancing and a very nice meal was enjoyed then lots of dancing d-jaying photo taking and memories were made.
Yesterday we had his Graduation Ceremony and the best black pants and white shirt ironed we were ready to go again. They all had gowns to wear and a sash to keep which had everyone's name on it and the school logo. After the ceremony we all had a lovely afternoon tea provided by fellow students. A Graduation Cake that was absolutly stunning which had a main cake then every student had a cupcake with there name piped in icing. A lot of work was put into this and was really appreciated especially when the students saw it. The camera's came out as each student found there cake.
Will be back later this week with something else that I have made which Janelle was the designer.
Happy stitching.
Bev C

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Christmas Banner

I machine embroidered this Christmas Banner last month. I used Card No.41 from the Brother Embroidery Cards. I just used the letters and deleted the flowers from the design. It is currently hanging up on my curtain in the sewing room. It seems such a shame to have it around just at Christmas time.
I have joined in my first swap which Darlene at www.beesewwhimsical.com is running. We have to make a Christmas ornament and a hand made card. I wonder what I will make for my swap partner?
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Happy stitching.
Bev C.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My $5.00 bargain.

These are the curtains I made with a $5.00 purchase of a roll of rubber backed curtain material from Good Sammy's. I had know idea of how much was on the roll. Luckily I had enough on the roll to even make a valance. There is enough left over to make some tie-backs if I want to. I will hem them up after they have hung for a few days. Today I cut out the material for a bag I am making. Will show a picture at the end of the week.
Happy stitching.
Bev C

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cupcakes for Bonnie

Well we had a busy weekend here at Kainga. A birthday was celebrated so of course we had to make some cupcakes. Best wishes for the coming year Bonnie. I did some sewing yesterday will finish it of today and post tomorrow. I only spent $5.00 on the material. It is amazing what you find at the local Good Sammys store.
Happy stitching.
Bev C

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hexagon Happiness

Well, what do you do when your scrap basket is overflowing? Make a hexagon quilt of course. I only finished this last week. Lots of scraps from previous quilts were used in this. Even the calico came from my stash. The only material purchased was the spearmint homespun for the binding. I hand quilted around the hexagons and inside the blocks. It is now on the lounge and our cat Clyde loves sitting on it.
Happy stitching
Bev. C

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Beginnings

Hello and welcome to my blog. Kainga is the name of our home. It is a Maori name meaning home and food. With this blog I hope to show you all some of the craft I am making and things going on here at home. At the beginning of the year I made this wall hanging for my sister Chris in New Zealand. Chris kindly sent me the kit to do for her. It was purchased from The Apple Basket Patchwork Shop at Kaiwaka in New Zealand. It is called Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. Ngaire Williams designed this quilt which measures 106cm x 77cm or 41 1/2 inches by 30 inches. There were lots of little pieces in the main butterfly. I did them with buttonhole stitch by hand although the pattern called to do it on the machine. It is now on display at her home.
Happy stitching.
Bev C