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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buzz and Bon-bons for the OPAM Challenge.


Today Lucy and I watched Toy Story 3 in 3D. What a great movie it was,full of laughs and lots of memories of Lucy's childhood. You know there was only one person under 5 watching the movie the rest were late teens and adults. It really is more suitable for this age group I think. If you get a chance to go and see it make sure you stay for the credits. Some people had walked out by then but I think we had just as many laughs watching this section. We paid $1.00 for our 3D glasses and have kept these. The last time we watched a 3D movie the glasses were made out of cardboard!!!! I have made up two of the Bon-bons. I did sew the little stars around the pattern of the first one I made but they looked dreadful. I found some beads to sew on instead. The second one I appliqued a holly shape and added some red buttons. I have another cut out and hopefully will get that done tonight. I think these would make great little gifts to give out at a children's party. I can just imagine them made up in frog fabric with some Freddo Frog Chocolates in them. Or if you celebrate Halloween they would look great with Halloween fabric with some lollies and spiders etc in them.

Happy Days.

Bev C

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Roped In.


Back in May I received a phone call. Would I be able to make a tote bag I was asked. If it is simple I replied. I will send of the kit to you I was told. Look what I first saw when I opened the parcel. A huge bundle of rope 45 metres of it. Amongst the rope was the pattern and a batik jelly roll and some handles.
First off I had to join the 40 strips together on the bias. That was fairly easy. I only had one on the wrong way,the second last one I did luckily.

The next part was I had to turn those 40 strips that were joined together into metres and metres and metres of bias binding. There was a trick to doing it. At least a hour and a half ironing. Though I reckon I could have done with an extra pair of hands. Lucy was at school when I was doing this. When she got home she saw what I was doing and she said "It all is an experience" They know how to cheer you up immensely don't they!!! Plus I have to mention I do not iron. Ian is quite capable of ironing his work clothes.

The next part was to put the cord into the bias binding and make the piping. I had a little trouble with this as the adjustable piping/zipper foot on my Brother Sewing machine was making it a very slow job. Sue from my Friday sewing group had two attachments for my Janome to try out. A piping foot or a beading foot. The piping foot held it down so much better. When I got home from sewing on Friday I motored on for several more hours to get it done. The motto is never trade in your old machine not only do you not get enough for it having the second machine or third machine in my case always comes in handy for days like this.

I then had to cut several pieces in different sizes to make the base. Then I had to fold the piping material around the cord and attach to the base. This made it stronger. Then it was a case of zig-zagging the material to the previous row. After the first couple of rows the pattern asked you to lessen of on the tension. Well my bag was turning out like a flattened sombrero or even worse a fried egg. The pattern suggested you just rip it apart instead of using a quick un pick. What a mess of threads that left. Next time I would use my quick un pick. Well after hours of sewing a shape that was looking more like a basket formed. It was supposed to be a tote bag. I think this would be more useful. You can see what you have in it rather than rumbling around for things at the bottom of the bag. I tried several times to sew the handles on but the thread kept on coming through. I have told the new owner to take it to an upholsterers to get them to sew it on. I pinned the handles on for the purpose of the photo. Will I be making one of these again???? I don't know. I have kept a copy of the pattern but after 4 solid days of working on this I need a break and will do something completely different.
So there I have made my very first zig-zag bag.
Happy Sewing
Bev C

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" Number 26.


Happy Monday to you all. Do you realise we are half way through the year!!!! This week I am happy because two things I ordered on the net came in my post last week. The first to come was the Bon-Bon pattern which I ordered from Lyn. I have seen several of these on blogs. They would look just as good done up for a Birthday present. The second item to come was Natalie Ross's new book called "Get Red Red Ready for Christmas". I ordered this through Sarah.
So I will have lots of sewing and best of all browsing to do with these new items. After drooling over these two items I finally succumbed to purchasing these items,what have you succumbed to lately?
Back tomorrow with a item I was "roped" into making.
Happy Monday to everyone.
Bev C

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunflowers, Trees and a Christmas in July Ornament Swap.


The last couple of days I have been madly stitching and catching up with the Row-Block of the Month that Anita and I are doing. The plan is to use up what we have in our Sewing Rooms. Unfortunately I have no yellows in my stash. So a quick trip to the local patchwork shop and I was supplied with the three colours I used in the Sunflower blocks. I purchased 20cm of each fabric. I chose some backing fabrics,I think these were just right for the flowers.
Don't sunflowers just brighten your day. I used the template that came with Paula's pattern. Thanks Paula.

The other row we had to do had the theme of green/trees etc. The palm like tree
on the third block is a family tree. I machine embroidered our names onto each leaf.

I enjoyed this little Christmas Tree block. Thanks to a blog win on Gail's blog sometime ago when I won a bag of buttons I was able to decorate the tree with heaps of bright red buttons. I still have one row to catch up with the theme is baskets. Next months theme is angels. So I had better get a move on.

I have joined in Terri's Christmas in July Ornament Swap. If you wish to join in hop to Terri's blog and sign up. I have received a wonderful pattern and book this week in the mail so will have plenty to choose from. Terri will be putting ideas of what to make on her blog.
History was made this morning. I woke up to hear the news that Australia has there first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. Interesting times ahead.
Happy sewing.
Bev C

Monday, June 21, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" number 25


Welcome to the 25th posting of "Makes Me Happy Monday". Today taking the time to have a cup of tea is making very happy. We use real tea, not teabags here at Kainga. I am very partial to Bushells Blue Label leaf tea. The reason for this besides the tea tasting so much better is that it comes down to the compost bin!!! The teabags don't compost down,you are left with the bag still intact in the compost bin months later. It is so much easier to let the tea cool down and give it to the garden. I made these cinnamon scrolls late yesterday. They are so yummy.The bread maker is getting used quite a lot lately. The little rose in the vase is called "Hero" it is a David Austin rose. The bush is rather scraggly and prickly. Not like his other rose bushes. The flower more than makes up for it.
What does one do when partaking in a cuppa? Read one of my favourite books about roses of course. The name of the cups etc is "Rose Bud" by Maxwell & Williams Designer Homewares. Did you all remember today is the "Winter Solstice" the day with the shortest hours of daylight.
I hope you all enjoy your Monday and take time to have a cuppa or two.
Happy Monday.
Bev C

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sewing,Gardening,Sculptures and a Balloon.


Last night was Friday Night Sew-In, I only managed to get a start on the cutting out at 8.00pm last night. I did get the blocks sewn together and the hearts ready to stitch to the other blocks. I along with Lucy and Ian got enthralled with Masterchef. Gosh I could smell that bread they were baking and the tribute to the Golden Gaytime Icecream was just so decedent. Lucy and I said at the same time I think we need to buy an ice-cream maker. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to do the stitchery that is to go onto the blocks. This morning I had the ladies and one gent from the Garden Club for a visit. We have been meeting at 10.00am lately. I was a bit worried that the fog wasn't going to lift in time. Luckily everything went OK. Everyone was impressed with the garden and were wowed with the growth in the veggie garden.
We have some wonderful sculptures in our local park near the river.This horse reminds me of patchwork.

All sorts and sizes of metal were used in this. I have been on this horse, but of course this was years ago. I don't know if I would want to get up there now.

The same people made these music sculptures.I think the local high school students got involved with these projects when they were made years ago.

The ballooning season started a while back and runs until November. Sometimes when you look outside early you can see quite a few balloons floating across the valley. If you hear a whoosh sound you know they are not far away. I would love to go for a flight one day but for now I am content in watching them from my front verandah.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Happy Days.
Bev C

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bags,Bread and Rainbows.


Last Thursday I went to the newsagent and picked up the latest issue of Homespun. I fell in love with the cute little handbags. First off I made this one which is fulled up with lavender. The lavender is from a bush in our garden called "oiling grosso". This is the lavender that is used to make the perfume, so you just have to be in the room to smell it.
Making one was not enough. Last night I made this little one up. It has cloves at the top of it. Then there is a fair amount of stuffing. This one can be near my sewing machine and I can use it as a pincushion. The only change I made to the pattern was to the handle I folded the material in half and used my loop turner to turn it through. I think these would be lovely done up in Christmas colours and used on the tree. Or what about a bundle of them in a bowl made up in matching colour to the quilt on the bed. The possibilities are endless.

I usually make rolls in our bread maker but the other day decided it was time to get back into making a loaf of bread.This one was supposed to have cracked wheat and sunflower seeds. I didn't have any cracked what so I used some wheat germ instead. It tasted beautiful. There is nothing like fresh baked home made bread.

We have been blessed with some wonderful weather lately. The weekend was just perfect for getting out and about. Then we have had some rain. The other morning I looked out the front and saw this double rainbow.

It reached quite a way. Of course five minutes later it had gone and was raining. After all that saying is "Rainbow in the morning, Shepherd's warning"
This Friday is the Friday-Night-Sew-In. I am planning to make a start of a quilt on a quilt called "Hearts-a-bloom" by Sally Giblin.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Happy Days.
Bev C

Monday, June 14, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" number 24.


Welcome to Monday Number 24. Wow the year is just flying by.This week I am very happy that I have finished my "Peace" table runner. Designed and stitched with love by me. The final measurements for the table runner are 19.5inches wide and it is 41 inches in length.
I fell in love with the material that has the little peace doves on it. I decided to embroider the word peace in different languages. The block above has Pax which is Latin and Paz which is Spanish.

This block has peace in English and pace which is Italian.

The final block has vrede which is peace in Dutch. Damai is peace in Indonesian. Our children learnt Indonesian at school as there second language. They can still remember quite a bit of Indonesian. I am pleased that I have used up a fair amount of the half metre of fabric I purchased on impulse last week. Now if only I can get the rest of the stash down as fast. So I hope everyone who visits my blog leaves with some peace in there heart and spreads the peace around the world.
Bev C

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some designing and some parcels in and out.


Well our Internet is now running at full speed again. During my forced stay away from blogging I have been doing a bit of designing. This all came about because last week I walked into my local patchwork store planning to get some freezer paper. Did I remember to get the freezer paper. No. I was saying to myself I must remember it but I came across this lovely blue bird material and bought just half a metre of it. Plus a few other things!!! Can you guess what the two words mean???? I have made it into a table runner and started the hand quilting on it this evening. I love hand quilting and with Winter upon us it is a great time to take up quilting in the evening in front of the fire.
Now you may be wondering why I needed the freezer paper. Last week I received a lovely parcel from Vicki. I was lucky enough to win a prize in her recent giveaway. I won a purse made by Vicki. She put in a few extras including some of her famous hexagons. Now in use on our table. I will have to get that freezer paper so I can make Vicki's Tulips in Bloom pattern. Thank you so much Vicki.
Early on in the month I posted a surprise parcel to Bobbie Lynn and it has arrived.
Thank you so much for our friendship Bobbie Lynn. I can't believe it is nearly Friday,the week has gone just too fast.
Happy Days to everyone.
Bev C

Monday, June 7, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" Number 23.


Happy Monday to you all. It is a long weekend here we are celebrating Foundation Day. There is lots to "Make Me Happy" this Monday. Today we had lunch for David. He turned 19 yesterday. You gotta love the candle we found for him to blow out. No longer do we have those fiddly little birthday candles,we go for the big candle. The one we have on hand in case the power goes out. David still couldn't blow this one out!!!! A tiny flame was left,he thought he had blown it out. His Gran made the cake for him.
It is also the weekend we celebrate shifting into our home here at Kainga. Nine years ago we came. The idea was to plant a garden so I could just go out and pick flowers for the table all through out the year. So far the plan has worked. Look what I picked today. There is always some patchwork on the table as well.

Kainga is lovely and warm today. The fire has been on though we sat outside for lunch.
I think having a fire is the best warmth. Our fire has a 2 speed fan attached to it. So in the morning when Ian gets up he warms up the room super quick.

There are lots of veggies out in the garden. I planted these Pak Choy from seeds that my Mum gave me. She collected them from some she grew in 2007. I found the seeds recently and was glad that they decided to grow for me.

What good would it be if Kainga didn't have a chook to lay a egg a day for us. We are down to this one chook. She did have three friends but they have gone to chook heaven. Next time I buy some chooks I will be buying a old fashioned breed.
So lots has happened in the last nine years since we built our home. I don't know how many holes we have dug for plants and fence posts. I know we have built a gazebo and put up a pool. The good thing is here at Kainga we always have a go at doing it ourselves. This may give you a bad back but we are the ones who sit down at the end of the day and look around us and can proudly say "We did this"
Happy Monday to you all.
Bev C

Sunday, June 6, 2010

200th Post winner!!!! Plus a Birthday Boy!!!!


I know you are all waiting to see who has won my 200th post giveaway. I have just drawn the winner and I must thank all 28 people who entered into the draw for the pattern and threads. Please excuse the not very clear photo.
Congratulations to Colleen who left the following comment
Congratulations on 200! I would love a chance to win :o) What a pretty rose.. I love that light pink.
We have spent today in the garden tidying up and Ian is putting up some lattice for a creeper. I have some water crystals soaking ready to put under the plants so they will survive the coming summer a lot better. I haven't done any looking at blogs because David was home from Uni and our computer has been diagnosed with the following-"DavidhasusedupallourusageforthemonthpluswithsomehelpfromLucywehaveaveryslowcomputer-itis" Our computer will be running at proper speed in a few days time. Hopefully David may bring his own computer with him tomorrow!!!
Today is David's 19th Birthday and he will be home for a big family lunch tomorrow. Today he is going out with his big sister's and partners and a few close friends for a Sunday Session. We have a long weekend here so a few more jobs will be marked off that never ending list.
Happy Days.
Bev C

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Won't you come into my garden? I would like my roses to see you.


I have a few roses wanting to meet you. "Radio Times" "Dapple Dawn" complete with a bee getting some pollen for afternoon tea.



"St Cecilia"
They were so glad to see you.
Happy days.
Bev C