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Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Owls.... Hoot Toot and Cute."


I tried something new recently. Machine piecing in the hoop. These owls were so easy to make. It only took two hooping's. The first hooping was for the wings. Then in the next hooping the rest of the owl was machine embroidered the wings put on and then backing.  Then it was time for the feet, which meant a little un-picking at the bottom so I could put in the hair ties for the feet .The next step was stuffing them then sewing up the side.
"Hoot Toot and Cute."
Yes they are addictive, I have plans to make some more.

Here they are all ready for work...

"Hoot Toot and Cute ready for work."

They are pincushions, or they could be used to hold your crochet hooks. The feet each hold one of those large reels of cotton. You could leave the stuffing out and turn it into a needle case.  If you are not a sewer they would be great for holding your manicure set.

"Screen Printed Fabric."

The best part of this project was  I got to use a length of fabric that was screen printed. I bought this length of fabric from Good Sammy's many years ago with this design repeated across it. I couldn't understand why someone would go to all that trouble and not use the fabric. Even though it looks like a fish it was the perfect owl material.

Happy days.
Bev C

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Cross Stitch Samplers"


I hope you are enjoying the weekend. the fire is going here.You know it is Winter, especially when it gets to minus 2 overnight and there is lots of ice on the windscreen of the car.

 On Thursday I picked up the two cross stitch samplers from the framers. Very very happy with the framing.

David's 21st Birthday Sampler.

I am so pleased with how this turned out.

I asked for a old fashioned black frame. I was first shown two others, loved them both but they were more suitable for a female. The lady then showed me this one. Instant love. It reminded me of a old blackboard from a school. It really sets the cross stitch of perfectly.

The other one I had framed was the sampler I did earlier on in the year.

"Fir Tree Sampler."

This was the cross stitch that I had to re-do several parts. Plus I did do alterations to the pattern and put on my own border to make it more me.

I was very lucky because when I dropped these of on the 13th June I was told some rather sad news. The framers were retiring on the 29th of this month. So I am so lucky I got organised and dropped them of when I did. I have been going to the same framers for about 15 years at least. They were so good and the lady was excellent at choosing frames etc. Whilst the husband did the best framing I have seen. The lady was  kind enough to recommend some other framers, so fingers crossed all will be good for the next cross stitch.

Happy days.
Bev C

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"There are two types of "Bed of Roses."


Did you know there are two types of "Bed of Roses." First there is this pink variety...
"Radio Times."
Some blooms of the rose Radio Times.

Then there is the other variety...

The crocheted variety. Last week I finished the doily I was working on. It was called "Bed of Roses."

There was lots of counting  of stitches in this one. Good to have a finish for OPAM. (One Project a Month.)
Speaking of OPAM I received my envelope of goodies from my win the previous month. A beautiful pink piece of fabric, DMC thread and a pattern for a Heart Scissor Keep.

Blogging Issues.
Over the weekend I had issues with blogging into my Blogger account. I was able to sign in, though the sign in part where you write your email address etc was out of alignment. I wasn't able to see the dashboard etc. The pages I went to were blank. I then tried typing in my blog name in a new tab and the web page opened up. I was unable to go to a "New Post" or "Design" these pages also were blank. After doing all the things that the google/blogger page suggested I did take a deep breath and write to them as they suggested. I got a reply and tried the suggestion but it didn't work. I then left it overnight tried again, no success. Then I bit the bullet and changed from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. Wacko I was able to sign in. I have been using the new blogger interface for quite a while, this apparently doesn't work to well with Internet Explorer. So in the end I solved my own problem!!!! Using the Google Chrome while loading this post I have noticed that the photo's load up so much quicker. So if you are having trouble which no doubt some people will I hope you remember this post. It was only after reading on other blogs that people had trouble and they changed to Chrome and the problems went away. Apparently from what I can gather Google/Blogger knew this would happen.

On Monday morning in Italy a  fairy princess was born to my Nephew Ryan and his wife Edy.
Congratulations on the arrival of Faye Sara. Faye decided she wanted Edy to have a bit of a extended pregnancy and was a fortnight overdue. The day Edy was supposed to be induced Faye decided to make her presence in this world on her own accord. Best wishes from your family here at Kainga and happy parenting
Happy days.
Bev C

Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Saint Mary's Panoramic Table Runner."


Another Friday-Night-Sew-In has been and gone. Last month I sewed during the day and this time I did as well. Not so many interruptions sewing during the day. I decided it was time to make the table runner using the the last piece of the "Mary MacKillop" fabric.

Final measurements for the runner are approx 54 inches by just over 14 inches.

I used the same backing for the runner as I did for the Doona cover I recently made. There is so much to look at on this runner and I am sure it will be a conversation piece on the table. Great to have a finish for the end of the week.

This past week in West Australia has been a weather watcher's paradise. Several severe storms and a Tornado thrown in to the mix. Thankfully we have a calm weekend forecast. We were told to batten down the hatches and prepare our properties. We all did that and the next day I went out to the front garden to see how things had gone. Only one tree blown out by the wind. I was quite surprised to see something down close to the ground though....

"Picotee Cosmos"
The teeniest little "Picotee Cosmos" that had decided to bloom. This little plant is about 2 inches in height if that. They are supposed to grow between 1 to 2 metres. I guess the strange windy weather mixed with some long awaited rain it decided to bloom.

The big Brother/Sister decided to get into the act too.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Back on Monday with "Happy Monday."

Happy days.
Bev C

Monday, June 11, 2012

" A cross stitch "Friendship" pincushion makes for a Happy Monday."


Happy Monday to everyone, hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday night I cross stitched this little pincushion. A freebie from Christine.

From what I can gather "A notre amitie" means Friendship.  I stitched this on some white 14 count Aida. Using DMC threads in the following numbers 754, 898, 3345, 3688, 3829 and 3839. I am very happy to have a finish. The fabric that it is sitting on is what I used for the back of the pincushion.

We had another Birthday lunch for David on Saturday with family members who couldn't make it during the week. David has read all the messages regarding his Birthday and says a big thank you. Here is getting ready to cut the cake on Wednesday evening.

I am happy to be joining in Friday-Night-Sew-In this week. Sign ups are at Heidi's blog.

Happy Monday
Bev C

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"David's 21st Birthday Cross Stitch Sampler."


I made it just in time. I have finished my "math's homework."

The homework was a cross stitch sampler for David's Birthday today. I usually make a special quilt for our children's 21st Birthday. This time around with David I asked him if he wanted a quilt or a cross stitch. He chose a cross stitch. I had to get on my thinking cap when he answered that one. I had a look on-line for suitable patterns and found the "Multiplication Table" David is one of those people with a "maths brain." I also ordered a few books about cross stitch samplers from the library. We can order books from other libraries and get them within a matter of days in some cases. One of the books I ordered was a lovely book by Brenda Keyes called Traditional Samplers. It has about 20 patterns and lots of history about the samplers. I couldn't believe my luck when the pattern I was after was in the book.

So I stitched and stitched and now it is finished. The pattern was one that is called "The Sarah Jennings Multiplication Table." It is a copy of what Sarah did back many years ago. Sarah was a young Scottish girl. Ian was born in Scotland so this added a bit of history to it for David.

I used DMC 310 and DMC 666 on Evenweave Ecru 27 count. Started 19th May finished 6th June 2012.

Next week I will drop it of at the framers and I  will probably choose a black wooden frame similar to what was in the book.

Bonnie made David's Birthday cake yesterday and Lucy made some Whoopie pies so tonight after going out for tea we will have a piece or two.

Happy Birthday David all the best for today and the future. Hope you enjoy your day and good luck with your exam today at Uni.

Happy days.
Bev C