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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Welcome to Tuesday's Treasures.

This week I have something that belonged to me when I was little. My tea set.

My Tea Set.

I can remember having lots of tea parties with my Teddy and Dolls. The teapot was filled with either lemon cordial or water. The lid to the pot is missing and I am sure there must have been little saucers for the cups too. I can remember that there was a little floral decal on the side of the teapot. All our children have played with this little tea set along with nieces and nephews. So it has been a well used item. Presently it resides in a cupboard until the next generation of tea set users comes along. Have you still got your tea set?

I wonder what other Tuesday Treasure's have been taken out of cupboards today.

Happy days.
Bev C

Monday, November 29, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" number 48


Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend and are refreshed and ready to go for the week.

I have one major thing that is making us all happy this week. My sister Chris arrived for a short break from New Zealand late on Thursday night. We have been doing the tourist thing and lunching with family etc.

Eating Whittaker's Chocolate is making us all happy today.

Happy Monday.
Bev C

Friday, November 26, 2010

Colourful Friday-Silver.


Welcome to Colourful Friday. This weeks colour is SILVER. I hope you found lots of items. I managed to find quite a few. I even found some motorbikes in the front window of the local butchers.


In this collage is a stained glass fairy,candle holder,tablet packet,bikie,magnetic bag fasteners,wheeel trim thingy,bikie and the kitchen tongs.

In this collage you will find a  magnetic bag clasps, old billy, fairy,silver on a shirt,teddy bear badge that is as big as my thumb nail,safety pins,trophy that I won when I was 6 years of age,sewing machine and tin that is on a planter and a magnifying glass.

Christmas 2010.
 The Christmas Tree in the mall is all set up for Christmas with silver baubles.

"Silver Lining."

 And for the final photo. Remember that saying "Every cloud has a silver lining."

Thank you to everyone who has visited Kainga Happenings  left comments and especially those who have joined in Colourful Fridays with there own postings. A special thanks to Robyn who had the confidence in me to take this on. I will get around to everyone's blog later on in the day as I have my final day of sewing today and we are going out for lunch at a fairly new restaurant in town.  For information about next weeks Colourful Friday please check in with Robyn.

Happy Colourful Friday.
Bev C

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures.


I have decided to join in Tuesday's Treasures this week. It is being hosted by Melody .
Who has the lovely blog The House on the Side of the Hill.
Last week Mum dropped of a box of items. I was told I could keep them or pass them onto somebody or give them to a op-shop. No they were staying put right here at my home. The box has what we think might be a silk lining.

The silk lined box.

These old crochet books belonged to my Nana. I have quite a collection of her things now.

All styles of crochet are in the books.

"The Australian Woman's Mirror" Wednesday, August 25,1948.

I especially love this magazine on the front cover is a pattern for a "Filet Phone Mat" a bit different to the phone's and covers we make today. I wonder in 60 years time will people be fussing over our phone covers  we make today .

"Adelyn Fashions"

I loved reading the advertisements in the magazine, including this one which says the following

"Designed in Paris by Nina Ricci and Adelyn Adaption Selected by Mary Hordern Original Paris fashions used to be  for the privilege of the very rich. Adelyn has made them available to everyone with the taste to appreciate them. From this lovely model from the Paris mannequin parades has been adapted by Adelyn for many leading fashion stores in all cities and towns throughout Australia.
Yours from 5 pounds.

I wonder how many people were able to afford the dress.

I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday's Treasure. Make sure you check out every one's Treasure over at Melody's blog.

Happy days.
Bev C

Monday, November 22, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" Number 47.


Happy Monday to you all. Hope you are having a great day a lot cooler here today and we had 2mls of rain over the weekend. It was a real time waster but a good one sitting on the front veranda looking out onto the rain.

Now for some blatant advertising. I know Christmas makes everyone happy but just think how much happier you will be with a real live Christmas tree in your living room. My niece Jill arrives back in New Zealand this week from travelling all over the world. She has arranged to sell you the best Christmas tree you have ever owned.. Please go and say hello to her and buy your tree. Let me know if you do. Now it doesn't show up very clearly in the poster but you can find the trees at  the following location.

218 Lake Road

It is on your left just after the BP  on the way to Devonport.

The good thing is EFTPOS is available.

This is in Auckland New Zealand sorry if you thought she was closer to you!!!

On Saturday I got the chance to meet up with Jennifer Hawkins and her friend Maria at a quilting retreat they were attending in York. Now I have been commenting on these ladies blogs for a while and Sue alias Jen and I decided to do a cushion swap. I left a comment on Sue's blog saying  her wall hanging would make a great cushion and I would love three of  them. Sue suggested we do a swap. The pattern was one that Allie has on her blog. It was great to meet up with these ladies and seeing them in person. I guess sometimes we imagine how a person will be then when they turn up they aren't the person you imagined. None of us looked like Jen!!!!

The Lemon Tree Cushion Sue made for me.

If you are wondering why I am calling Sue Jen Hawkins it is a little email joke between us. I told her to look out for Jen Hawkins and she quick as a flash replied that she looked like Jen Hawkins too,we must be twins. For those of you outside Jennifer  Hawkins has the most beautiful thin body and great looks and won Miss Universe in 2004.

The Apple Tree Cushion I made for Sue.
So when I walked into the retreat I said who I was and they all said Jen Hawkins is here. Oh we all had a laugh. Thank you for the cushion.Sue I just love it. Lucy saw it and said "How Cool" so your cushion has the seal of approval.

So meeting up with some fellow bloggers "Makes Me Happy" this Monday. Hope you all have a great day and do something you love.

Happy Monday.
Bev C

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday-Night-Sew-In Results.


Just a quick post today. I survived the heat yesterday it got up to 39 degrees Celsius. Thankfully I had a dip in the pool late in the afternoon.

"Friday Night Sew In Results"
  Now for the results from Friday-Night-Sew-In.I managed to get the binding  and buttons sewn on the two little Mug Bag Holders I had made during the week. If you want the pattern there is a link to it in my sidebar. Another two items for the "One Project A Month". I also made a start on a Christmas Table Runner.
I am hoping to get the applique done during the coming week. I used up some of the fat quarter I received earlier on in the week. If you are participating in the Sew-In Tonight have fun.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. We may be getting some rain tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Happy days.
Bev C

Friday, November 19, 2010

Colourful Friday-Brown


Welcome to Colourful Friday. I hope you had a great time looking for things around your home that are Brown.
 We have some Teddy Bears including "Bobby" who is in the centre, Thomas is in the top left photo. My Aunt gave me the Singer sewing machine drawers. I made the ceramic cherubs a few years ago now. The box in the bottom middle photo and the photo next to it are a carved box that belongs to Lucy. This is a very old box which my Aunt Lucy purchased in India many years ago. 

This photo collage shows a mirror I purchased in New Zealand a few years back. Another ceramic creation,folk art boxes.laundry sign,cottons,cup and a elephant. My favourite would be the wooden tape measure Ian bought for me a few years ago.

This collage contains a Kiwi,doll,painted wooden dolls chair,mini quilt,the first ever Teddy I made many years ago. A dilly bag and a very old school book,one of the authors has the surname Brown.

"Wave Rock"

I love going to Hyden and looking at Wave Rock. This is one huge Brown rock. 

I hope you found lots of Brown items to share. Please check out the link below to see what everyone else found. Oh and next weeks colour is SILVER. If you think you may have trouble finding SILVER just do a Internet "image" search and this will give you some ideas.

Happy Colourful Friday
Bev C

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not drowning,just waving.


Well isn't time flying by. This month is  halfway gone. I received  a lovely parcel from Jen yesterday I was lucky enough to win some Christmas fabric and goodies from her. My parcel was making a noise as I was walking back from the letterbox. I think Jen is very closely related to Santa. Thank you so much Jen.

"Moda Fruitcake Material and goodies from Jen."
I may even use some of these fabrics in Friday-Night-Sew-In this Friday. I will have to look through my patterns. I'm sure I will come up with something. Have you put your name down for this great occasion?

Now Michelle asked for some photo's of the garden. Our garden is looking a little dry at the moment. So I have some rose pictures to share. Over the weekend we managed to source some straw without weeds and have spread that around some of the beds. The weekend previous to that we found a spot out of town where a Tree Lopper had left a lovely load  of shredded prunings (wood chips) so we got some of that too. We need lots of mulch and are always on the lookout for it. I would love to be able to afford to spread some manure about the roses but the last 25 litre bag we bought was over $7.00 so this makes it very expensive seeing we have an acre of garden.

"Happy Child"
"Happy Child" is a David Austin rose that has clusters of true yellow,cupped very double blooms. It has a wonderfully rich tea rose fragrance and is certainly free flowering. It has attractive glossy light green foliage with a fine bushy habit.

"Charles Rennie Macintosh" has deeply cupped blooms of lilac-pink which open up to attractive double blooms with ruffled petals. This rose is well scented and free flowering and I certainly agree with that,
"Charles Rennie Macintosh"
Michelle has some lovely photo's of a home and garden she has visited recently. Please go and check them out. I just love the wallpaper and the doll's quilt, just heavenly.

Remember this Friday is Colourful Friday and the chosen colour is Brown. Maybe you have lots of Brown items around your place you are most welcome to join in.

This weeks colour is Brown.
Happy days.
Bev C

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" number 46.


Happy Monday to you all. This week I have lots to be Happy and more importantly Grateful for.

I am Happy that we had lunch yesterday here. The restaurant is situated right on the river with stunning river views across to the City. Heathcote was actually the Mental Asylum years ago. Before we went to have lunch we wandered around the buildings which are used for things like a Toy Library,Artist Studios and a 24 hours religious service. We were even lucky enough to see a friend of Bonnie's who had an exhibition on in one of the buildings. In the Museum on one of the walls there was a section scraped back about three to four inches wide which showed the paint colours over the years. It even had some of the brands of paints that were used. I found this very interesting. Of course I had been merrily snapping away and on the way out Bonnie saw a little sign which said "No Photographs" Why don't they put this in big letters. I will share this photo with you though.

"Heathcote Museum"
Engraved on top of the box were the words " Heathcote Admissions."

While we were waiting for Ainsley and Julian to arrive we had a little photo session.

Lucy,Bev and Ian 14.11.2010

Bonnie, Bev and Ian 14.11.2010.

Now for the Grateful part of this posting. On the drive down about half an hour away from our destination we received a phone call from David. He was coming to our place to pick up some of his things as he is shifting into a Unit this week. The van he and his girlfriend Sherry and her Mum were travelling up to our place had just caught on fire. They pulled of the road and the tree they were near caught on fire then the paddock caught on fire. One disaster after another. They quickly rang 000. A farmer came to help and a man who lived 2km away smelt the smoke. He was a Volunteer Fire Brigade Member and rounded up his team and came and helped out. Luckily he did the because the Emergency Services sent a Fire Unit from a different area not the closest one. The one that was sent from the 000 call was 40 minutes in coming. Luckily plenty of people rang 000 because a bushfire could have easily taken hold. Anyway David needed a lift to our place,we were so far away and couldn't help so he had to ring his Gran to come and collect them. To make matters worse they were travelling to our place via somewhere else and Mum had to go to Noble Falls near Gidgegannup to pick them up. We are certainly grateful that they all got out so quickly and are safe and well. Though the contents of the van are gone which included presents and David's phone.

So I am Happy that all are safe and well. I hope you have a "Happy Monday".

Happy days.
Bev C

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Favourite Tree.


Do you have a favourite tree? I do, it is the Jacaranda. It blooms at this time of the year just for me.

Jacaranda in full bloom November 2010.
I would love to hear what your favourite tree is.

Happy days.
Bev C

Friday, November 12, 2010

Colourful Friday-Lavender


Welcome to Colourful Friday. This weeks colour is Lavender. I hope it wasn't to hard to find.
Lavender Collection.
I found we had some bath towels in Lavender along with a few items from the sewing room. There is even a page about the plant Lavender in a book.

Lavender Cross Stitch
 I did this cross stitch a few years back. It hangs in our bedroom. Lots of Lavender coloured threads were used here.

Perennial Statice
Out in the garden I managed to find several plants with Lavender coloured blooms. Perennial Statice is a tough plant which produces lots of Lavender coloured flowers. These are great for drying.

Salvia "Christine Yeo"

Salvia's come in many colours and are real survivors in the garden. This one is one of my favourites.
 This Statice re-seeds itself everywhere and has lovely Lavender blooms.
 I must apologise I can't remember the name of this plant. It just pops up too. A great plant to have amongst the roses.

Lucy's Quilt-made in 2003.
This is Lucy's quilt I made her back in 2003. It  is a sampler quilt I made when I went to Patchwork Classes. Lots of Lavender toned material was used in this.
Lavender and Joanne Baillie

(The Election, 1798)

Oh, they are such savages! I'm sure if I had not put lavender on my pocket handkerchief, like Mama, I should have fainted away.

Lavender and Alice Hoffman

(Practical Magic )

There's a few things I've learned in life: always throw salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for good luck, and fall in love whenever you can.

Lavender and O'Keeffe

(A Beggar on Horseback, 1798)

My dear, have some lavender, or you'd best have a thimble full of wine, your spirits are quite down, my sweeting.

 "lavender, sweet lavender;

come and buy my lavender,

hide it in your trousseau, lady fair.

Let its flovely fragrance flow

Over your from head to toe,

lightening on your eyes, your cheek, your hair."

Cumberkand Clark Flower Song Book 1929


Lavender Thongs

Of course every Australian Lady has a pair of Lavender coloured Thongs.

Next weeks colour may appeal to you. If you are a prim lover or chocolate lover you will be pleased. Next Friday's chosen colour is BROWN. So be on the lookout for all things Brown.

Happy Colourful Friday
Bev C


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The scraps turned into a Sewing Compendium.


I hope you are having a great week. Now some of you know I had trouble sourcing some zips locally. On Friday I drove to Midland to find some. I seem to have bought the last two. Who is using all the zips in the size I needed? I needed them to finish of a project.

Some of you thought I may have been making a table runner. It could have been a table runner,it looks like it is in this photo.

No I had other ideas. I wanted to make a Sewing Compendium. I had less than a fat quarter of the  inside blue material and cut the shapes for the holders etc as I went along. The best part I love about the inside is that it has a magnet to hold the needles. I used a magnet that our Shire sends out with the rates notice, I just turned it over so the writing can't be seen and the needles will hold to the magnet. There are holders for a pattern a pen/pencil needles pins etc. I think this will make a very useful present.
Sewing Compendium

Here it is closed up. I did think about putting some carry handles on it but decided that it would probably only be used at home. I enjoyed making the Sewing Compendium. I didn't keep any measurements but I am sure you could make one of your own if you wanted. If I make another one I may put a gusset in the middle and have a bit more room at the ends as you have to curve the sides to allow for the zip.

Now I hope you are all at this very moment looking for things that are Lavender in colour for Colourful Friday. I will be your  guest host this week. Check back here on Friday to see what everyone has found. I promise the following weeks colour may be easier for some.

Happy sewing.

Bev C

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" number 45.


Happy Monday to you. I can't believe how fast the last week has gone let alone the year. I am so happy today because yesterday Ian and I went for a drive yesterday to get some chickens. We had seen an advertisement in the paper that said they had every variety of poultry. Well they certainly weren't wrong. When we turned up to buy the chickens we discovered a whole yard full of geese ducks roosters and hens of every variety under the sun. There was even a dog that rounded them up. Mind you I was ready to put one of the geese in the Christmas pot. I walked past it and talked nicely to it and it quickly bit my leg. Luckily I had jeans on though I am sporting a lovely purple bruise. Thanks goosey. We asked the lady for chickens that would survive the heat. She suggested we go for one with white feathers. So we came home with three "White Leghorns"

They have survived there first night. We went up to the yard this morning and noticed that something had been scratching near the fence trying to get it. I don't know if it was a fox or dog. Lets hope they stay safe.

I was also very happy on Friday when I purchased the 10th Birthday Celebration Special Collector's Edition of Australian Homespun.

It was a real surprise to see a photo of  the scented bags I made earlier on in the year. I can still remember buying the first edition of Australian Homespun.

Now this week I must get onto some sewing. I have spent a fair bit of time in the garden lately, which is always good fun.

Hope you all have a Happy Monday.
Bev C

Friday, November 5, 2010

Colourful Friday- Pink.


Welcome to Colourful Friday. This weeks colour is Pink. There certainly was no trouble finding pink  here at Kainga. After all we have a garden full of Pink roses. Though the winds of the past couple of days have left them looking a little worn out. Enjoy.

Roses at Kainga

 I had a great time looking around the home for a bit of Pink.
 Remember this "funky" rose that bloomed here last year. It is a freak of nature that occurs every now and again.
 Lots of pink embroidery cotton  giant ric-rac which I must use one day, a Mother's Day card I can't get rid of and my favourite Pink cup.
 I just love this photo, wouldn't it make a lovely  photo card.
 David gave me these two Pink boxes last year for Christmas.
 I made this Pink  cushion a few years back. Gotta love anything with roses.

Now I am hosting the next couple of Fridays so that means I get to choose next weeks colour. It will be Lavender. I am sure you will find lots of pictures of Lavender maybe you have some Lavender growing in your garden. So be on the lookout for all things pale purple.

Happy Colourful Friday.
Bev C