Kainga, where Roses bloom, life is lived at a gentler pace.Living Simply, doing all those good things like stitching, gardening, cooking and reading.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"What happens when you build too many house blocks."


Now sometimes I can get carried away with things. Melody  had a link to a table runner that had some little house blocks which remind me of those little huts on the beaches in some countries. I can't remember how many house blocks you needed for the runner but I went overboard.

 I raided the blue fabric box with a few other colours thrown in for good luck and contrast.

 As you can see I didn't make the table runner, it may have been a quilt for a while but then I decided I have enough of them.

 So now I have 9 place mats. Why nine not the usual amount for a set of place mats but you see I had thought if I did make the quilt 3 big blocks by 3 would make a good lap size quilt. Besides I will always have a clean place mat now. They measure 12.5 wide by 13.5 high.
This block was a good way to use up some of the fabric stash. For the backing I used a lovely pale blue gingham that I had purchased for the lovely sum of one dollar at Good Sammy's. There was nearly two metres of fabric in the length. So thank you to whoever donated that. Sometimes I can't believe how I find fabric for "later on" that is brand new and it fits in perfectly for the project I am working on. The binding fabric was some that a neighbour from our previous home gave to me. She used to own a patchwork shop so was the perfect neighbour to have.

"Gertrude Jekyll Rose"

 I picked this rose "Gertrude Jekyll' the other week,  a David Austin rose. Her long stem dictated she be in the vase by herself. It was a cloudy day so I took the photo out the front.

Today I had a play around on Picasa and used the Posterise setting to come up with this. Gosh you can have some fun with these types of Photo settings.

Would you believe that my next project will be a cover for a licorice. More will be revealed when I work out the pattern and get the supplies.

Happy days.
Bev C

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Crow Cross Stitch/Patchwork Cushion."


I have had one finish for this week. I found the crow cross stitch on the net and have added some fabric to make another cushion for the lounge.

 This cushion matches the Sunflower cushion I made previously.

 This week I have spent a lot of time in the garden. Here are some of the roses I picked yesterday.

On Monday I was thinking how smoothly things were going here. I had no idea that later that day we would need the Emergency Services. We had a Firetruck and 4 Volunteer Firefighters helping us out. Thanks guys.

I am hoping to get lots of sewing done tomorrow. I have made some house blocks and want to turn them into some place mats.

Happy days.
Bev C

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Home Sweet Home" Cross Stitch and "Home is where my heart blooms" is back from the framers.


At the moment I am enjoying doing cross stitch at night while watching absolutely nothing much on the television. The next day I have a wonderful time sorting out what will go with the cross stitch like buttons ric rac and fabric. Of course each project has some Lavender put in with the stuffing.

This is the "Home Sweet Home" cross stitch  I finished making up last Thursday. I used DMC 2726 to do the stitching.

The fabric is some that Lucy brought back for me from one of her trips to New Zealand and the buttons came from my Sister Chris. The pink ribbon has writing on the other side. It is a lovely cotton ribbon and originally came from a beauty package. My girls know to save the ribbon from packaging for me.

The cross stitch pattern was a freebie from a Cathy's blog which has lots of beautiful patterns available.Cathy's  blog is perelles.canalblog.com 

I have something else to share today.

"Home is where my heart blooms" is back from the framers. It has been ready for a while but as my framer is about  80 km's away I have to wait until a family member is heading in that direction.

Happy days.
Bev C

Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Thankful" Cross Stitch."


I created this with some leftover linen 27 count. I found the freebie pattern on the net but unfortunately when I printed it out I found it doesn't have the designers name on it. So thank you to whoever you are for the delightful pattern.

I used DMC 815. I tucked some dried Lavender in while I was stuffing this so when you pick it up you get a lovely perfume of sweet Lavender.

This Sunday we get to celebrate Mother's Day. A time to be thanking our Mum for all their love and work on us over the years. I will be celebrating with three of my children. David is still backpacking. I got a email to say he had been swimming with reef sharks in Fiji and even touched one. I am sure we all gave him a list of things he wasn't allowed to do. We forget to mention swimming with sharks.

David did tell me the Fijian word for Goodbye. Moce which is pronounced Mo-they.

Enjoy the weekend.

Bev C

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"A Chaque Jour Suffit Sa Peine."


I have been kept occupied lately, lots of washing to do.

 Some quilting has been done. Even the birds have been fed and the flowers are growing.

Plus yesterday I finished the Blue Sampler.

"A Chaque Jour Suffit Sa Piene" is a French proverb meaning "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof"

 à chaque jour suffit sa peine
sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof (lit.: for each day there suffices suffering; i.e.: deal with today’s difficulties without worrying about what might come tomorrow; n.b.: from the New Testament, Matthew 6:34)

So I guess that means have a Happy day.

Happy days.
Bev C