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Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Gentle Stitches."


Gentle stitches, don't those words sound relaxing. This month has just flown by but I did manage a little bit of gentle stitching.

 I have had this design printed out for ages, apologies to the designer your name didn't appear on the paper pattern otherwise I would let everyone know who designed it. It was stitched on 14 count Aida. I chose my own DMC colours.

 I then recycled the cross stitch pattern into some papers for some hexagons and decided to add the little bluebird design I stitched a few years back.

 I am continuing to pick up the Paris cross stitch and stitch a little every now and again, I have done a bit more since this photo was taken. I am working on the top right had corner at the moment.

 I did have one finish for OPAM  (one project a month). I decided to make up a bag with the cross stitch design on one side.

The other side had the hexies.I even managed to find a little silver bluebird to attach to the zipper.It was posted to its new owner yesterday and the post office assures me it will only take 6 days to get there!

Did you get many projects finished this month?

Happy days.
Bev C

Monday, April 4, 2016

"Friday Night with Friends and a family weekend."


Thank you Cheryll for hosting Friday Night with Friends. I stitched on my Paris cross stitch I even did some more on Saturday night.

The plan is to get this one finished, I seem to have put it aside for far too long.

Sunday saw us visit  The Natural History Museum in Guildford. The array of animals was amazing. Everywhere you looked there was another creature. This Scottish Highland Cow was massive. Certainly not the sort of animal you would want running into your car on a dark night.

I wouldn't want to meet this Brown Bear either. Jacob wasn't too sure of some of the creatures but amazingly he loved the Wedge Tailed Eagle and several Owls. As well as the animals that had been given Taxidermy treatment there were massive  resin/plastic Dinosaurs some nearly reaching the roof. The Museum was certainly worth visiting, there is also a lounge area where little children can sit and play with toy animals, this was Jacob's favourite spot.

Across the road from the Museum there was a Heritage Fair at the park. We went to this last year as well. There seemed to be twice as many stalls this year. Certainly a lot to look at.  It was interesting to see how cars and buses have changed over the decades. The collection of old buses amused us, seeing how small the seats were, I can't imagine half the population being able to sit on the seats now. Lovely leather seats though.

My favourite vehicle of the day had to be this camper/car.

It was just so cute, the front seats turned around so you could sit and the little table.I couldn't imagine going too far in this vehicle today but it certainly would turn heads at a caravan park/camping ground.

Did you have a great weekend ? I hope so.

Enjoy your week.

Happy days.
Bev C

Friday, April 1, 2016

OPAM for March and a new machine."


I haven't done much sewing at all the past couple of weeks due to a new machine but I did have a few finishes for OPAM One project a month kindly hosted by Kris and Peg.

 I made a few more pot mitts using up scraps.

 Then I made a pot mitt and two pot holders for a horse loving family member. I  plan to get some horse manure for the garden in exchange for these.

 Another face washer was made with some left over cotton.

This is the new machine, sorry not a sewing machine but a jackhammer, we have been digging up some of the back garden. Lots of clay here at Kainga. Hopefully April  will see a few more projects done.

How did you go with your projects in March? I would love to hear how you got on.

Happy days.
Bev C