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Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Be a Friend."


Well, it is a much cooler day so I feel like blogging. Days of 44 Celsius are not my cup of tea. I do feel awful with this kind of weather but then you only have to look at blogs of people who are snowed in for ten days at a time. No wonder they call it cabin fever. The up side to the hot weather is a lovely dip in the pool.

The monthly sewing group I attend started up for the year yesterday. It was great to meet up with the ladies again and catch up on what has been going on and see new sewing projects.  I did hand sewing all day which I just love. I finished of another little table topper. A twin to the one called "Life's Pleasures." This one I called "Be a friend"

As you can see from the pattern packet I changed the pattern around quite a lot to suit the fabric pieces I had. I also changed the border colour to a darker blue check. This was quite accidental, I noticed the difference once I put this one and the other one next to each other and got a bit of a shock as I first thought I had turned the fabric over to the other side. Of course I hadn't, I had only pulled the fabric from a different pile of material. I think this darker blue suits it just as well if not better. The final size of this table topper is 12.25 inches square.

It was quite appropriate that when I got home from sewing yesterday I had received the beautiful Valentine's Day card from Bobbie Lynn. Thanks Bobbie Lynn. I immediately put it on my sewing machine and will be using it as a bookmark. Would you believe the book I am reading at the moment is called "Tales from the country matchmaker" by Patricia Warren. It is about a lady in England who ran a matchmaking service for farmers. Do yourself a favour and check out Bobbie Lynn's beautiful card making and gardening, two skills she combines so beautifully.

The crochet cowl is finished. I used the two balls of wool and it finishes where the top
button of your shirt is when it is wrapped around my neck. I found a lovely pink flower button in the button tin, which you can just see on the right hand side, this and the crochet loop holds the cowl just right. Rather pleased with this one.

Enjoy the weekend.
Bev C

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often and a new Crochet Project."


I have finished the little table topper "Life's Pleasures." Happy to have finished this one, used up the smallest pieces of each of the fabrics I had. It certainly is a good feeling using up bits and pieces and looking through the fabrics thinking about what they were originally purchased for or who gave them to me. I used the same Ladybug fabric for the backing and binding .I even managed to include some of the fabric I had dyed with purple carrots in the top right hand "flying geese" background section.

The measurements for this topper are 22.5 inches square. A great size for the table. The saying's on the squares say. Live Well ,Love Much , Laugh Often. Some great works to live by.

The Crochet group I attend has already started back up for the year and  I was able to attend this week. I found a pattern for a scarf on-line. I am using a lovely soft 100% wool from Patons which is called Fireside in a 5 ply, using a size 4 crochet hook. The balls are only 50 grams each,of  which I have two. I have crocheted up one ball so far and have changed plans a bit. It will be a just long enough to go around the neck once so will turn it into a Cowl. Which will be handy to have on my early morning walks in Winter.

Happy days.
Bev C

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Life's Pleasures."


A while back  (OK a long while back if you check the link.) I picked up a patchwork pattern with some hand stencilled patches included in the packet for a dollar at a garage sale. So last week I got to and made a start on it. It is supposed to be a wall hanging. I have changed it slightly on the border and will be using it as a table topper.

I have decided to hand quilt it and hopefully it will be finished this week. The pattern is called "Life's Pleasures." It is a Kitty Korner Design. I have just searched this company on the net and couldn't find anything about it so I guess it has gone out of business. I am not sure how old the pattern is.

I finished three more hand towels each with some machine embroidery to match the material on the handles.

I hope everyone has a super week.

Happy Monday
Bev C

Monday, February 4, 2013

"Embroidered Lavender Bags and 5 Little Wallets"


I have been having spurts of sewing time lately, 5 minutes here and there. It seems to be the way to get things done sometimes.

I made two Lavender bags which use a machine embroidery design I found on the net. I picked some Lavender from the garden a few weeks back and left it on a plate to dry for this project.

Late last year O'faigh gave me this "Little Wallet" pattern by Valorie Wells which I have put to good use making five of them. I will be keeping one for myself the rest can be ready for gift giving.

I hope you get to spend some time sewing this week.

Happy Monday
Bev C