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Saturday, June 7, 2014

"FNSI, Love Letters, Soap Making, Visitors, etc."


I joined in Friday Night Sew In hosted by Cheryll yesterday. I sewed in the daytime as we were busy with family things last night.
I did manage to get some Love Letters made up.

 More about these letters another day.

 I used this rather cute Penguin design from the Adorable Applique site to make up this table centre.

 We have been in need of some dishcloths. I read just last week that fleecy fabric makes great dishcloths. I have had a piece of  pink fleecy in the cupboard for sometime. So a quick over lock around the edges and we now have 8 dishcloths.
Thanks Cheryll for hosting Friday Night Sew In.

 Monday saw time to make up a batch of Lavender soap. I had infused the lavender in Olive oil for a long long time so it has a beautiful perfume. We have 6 weeks to wait for it to cure.

 With all the vegie scraps being buried in the garden, we have had some free food come up. Picked this Pumpkin this week.

 Gardening brings lots of visitors to the garden. I recently set up a pond with some water plants and walking across to see how it was going I nearly trod on this frog. He jumped into the nearby garden and stayed there long enough for me to get the camera. I hope he/she has a partner. Nothing like the sound of frogs at night time.

Last weekend a young boy got bitten by a snake and they warned us that reptiles love coming out for a visit on sunny days. I walked out the front to check on some plants and was thinking about this when just beside where I was looking was this Bobtail Goanna hiding under the Alyssum. Lucky it was him and not one of his cousins.

Have a lovely weekend.

Happy days.
Bev C

Sunday, June 1, 2014

"The Sewing Party"


Hope you are enjoying the weekend. It is a long one here in West Australia. We are celebrating WA Day on Monday. New Zealand is also having a holiday tomorrow. They are celebrating the Queen's Birthday.

I joined in the sewing party that Donna is celebrating. Mine actually started on Friday, I had purchased these brand new Ikea serviette's from Good Sammy's a few weeks back for 50 cents for 4, which was a great deal.

 Of course they had to be chooks, seeing Donna is celebrating her second year in her chookshed. Her chookshed it the nick name for her sewing room. Each design took about 23 minutes to stitch out.

 I had one of those velvet circles left over so stitched three separate designs from  Brother Card  number 55 to make up this picture. This one took 103 minutes of stitching time. There were a few stitching breaks with this one. You see I also decided to clean up my sewing room over the past few days. The magazines are sorted, I have a huge big pile to give away. I even washed curtains, vacuumed and steam cleaned the floor.

 Today I added some fabric around the circle and added some elastic to make it into a chair cover. It fits perfectly.

 Saturday I worked on my hexie quilt. Which seems to have grown far bigger than originally planned.

Making lots of new hexies to fill in the spaces. I had to add a fox to the chook yard as he/she visited last year and ate through the fence then the contents of the yard.

Thanks Donna for hosting the Sewing Party.

Happy days.
Bev C