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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Weather vane Cross Stitch and some new cushions."


I set myself a personal challenge to finish this cross stitch this month. Put the last stitch in yesterday.

I had to change the colours in the sheep. The original sheep colour was far too light. I stitched it at night under the Daylight lamp and the next day it was a "ghost" sheep. You couldn't see it at all. I am happy with it now, after all the sheep around here aren't snowy white. I will give it a wash when we have some sunny weather then do the lazy daisies and french knots just before I take it to the framers.I  don't want to get the stitches squashed down too much.

Sewing was last Friday. I made up two cushions with the last of the American themed fabric.Very quick and easy, no quilting with zips in the back.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Happy days.
Bev C

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"It is official. I love being a Nana."


It is official.  I love being a Nana.

After all Nana's love their cup of tea.I have been know to partake in too many cups a day.

Nana's love Lily's and receiving flowers.

It is now official I am turning into a Nana. I made  my very own crocheted rose tea cosy. Isn't she pretty.

Happy days.
Bev C

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Princess Liberty Bag."


I had a productive day for Friday Sew In. I chose the pattern " Princess" which came from the Homespun Pink Issue Number 64 Volume 9.9. This bag was designed by Monica Pool of Moon Shine Designs.

I changed the handles, I originally had them made of the tapestry fabric but they were too thick and uncomfortable. 

So I made them up with the lining fabric and made them a inch or two longer to suit my size. There is a secret pocket  in the bottom which holds the template plastic for the base. A magnetic clasp holds the bag together, plus there is a small pocket inside to hold keys etc.This pattern was easy to follow and stitch up.

Special thanks to Wendy for hosting Friday Night Sew In.

Happy days.
Bev C 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

" 5 times 5 does equal 25."


There is nothing better to stitch with a friend,
To soothe away tensions and help you unbend,
To stitch and to natter is such a treat,
So come with a friend, or there is new one's to meet,
Bring your needles and thread and whatever is needed,
And time will fly by, your troubles unheeded.

Yes you guessed right, I am joining in Friday Night Sew In this Friday.

I have this bag  pattern that I want to make up from a Homespun magazine,using some American themed tapestry fabric.

 The rose pruning has begun here at Kainga, would you believe that this is the pruning's from just one rose, the Mutubilis rose is a stunning rose with multi -coloured blooms.

5 times 5 does equal 25. 5 stitches across by 5 rows down does make for lots of stitching time. Yes, I decided to do the checkerboard edging including the sunflower this last week. Then it is time to stitch the Sheep that will be in the West block. Then the fun part! back stitching.

Happy days.
Bev C

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

" Machine Embroidered Owls,Gingerbread Man and Needle Holder all done in the hoop."


Last week I had a wonderful time in the sewing room playing with some patterns that I downloaded from a site called Cute Embroidery.

 First up are some Owl Mug Mats that were done in the hoop. By this I mean the stabiliser was loaded up in the hoop and the owl was sewn on top of the stabiliser. The one on the far left was the one I did first. This will be used as a mat for a teapot or hot item as I used heat proof wadding in this one. I did forget to change the bobbin thread when I was sewing the outside satin stitch but this really didn't make that much difference. For all the fabrics I chose I ironed some lightweight interfacing onto the back to help stabilise them and some of the mats had some thick interfacing put in them as well.

 This Gingerbread Man was also done in the hoop. I only needed to turn him out the right way and stuff him and sew up one side by hand. He is currently hanging on the pantry door and looks like he is loving his new found place in the home.

I made up three of this design. Needle holders always come in handy. This design only had to be trimmed at the corners then turned out the right way after sewing was completed in the hoop. The gap was hand sewn and then a row of stitching around the edge and some felt in the middle completed the holders.

The "South" block is nearly completed on the cross stitch, as with the other blocks there are some decorative stitches that need doing at the end.

We no longer have a teenager. Lucy celebrated her 20th Birthday over the weekend. Actually it went for three days as the family couldn't be all together at once. I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate our son-in law Julian. Julian was awarded the top employee in  Western Australia in the company he works for. He was in the running for the Australia wide award and was recently wined and dined in Melbourne with the CEO and the other state winners. Julian won the top prize and has received a very generous travel voucher.

Happy days.
Bev C