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Monday, September 28, 2009

"Crow Quilt" finished,and a Garden to see.

I had sewing on Friday and managed to get the binding on my "Crow Quilt". Last week I got this ready for quilting. I had posted about this quilt back in March so I felt it was well and truly time to get it finished. It was in The Australian Homespun Magazine. Volume 9.10. I made it bigger as I used 5 inch squares instead of 4 inch squares.
I got some leaves from the gum trees and used these as templates. Leaves were sewn around the tree and on the ground.

As there were stars in the material in the top part of the quilt I decided to look on the net for star patterns. Then I thought why not make this quilt truly Australian so I searched for a template for the Australian Flag and found this wonderful site from
the Australian Government. It even has some designs for the State Floral Emblems which would make some great redwork stitchery's. I enlarged the template to fit the quilt. I used the bigger edge of my Wavy Edge Ruler to quilt a pattern in the border. I used calico with a strip of the check material which is in the quilt for the backing. With it being fairly plain the quilting pattern shows up well on the back.

On Saturday I went to an Open Garden in York at Wansborough House. This was part of The Australian Open Garden Scheme.There were an acre of gardens and we got a very imformative talk about the House and Cottage and were allowed through some of the House and the Cottage which is running as a Bed and Breakfast.The Cottage was built in about 1859 then the house was built a little later.
The Wisteria was in full flower outside the Cottage.

This photo shows some of the old items around the Studio which is a building at the back of the House and Cottage.Today is a Public Holiday here for the Queens Birthday and the Royal Show. So lots more gardening can be done today. Yesterday was spent weeding and chopping down some trees.
Happy days.
Bev C

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap

Hello, I am a participant in the Friendship Bag Swap that is taking place at The Quilting Gallery I recently sent my bag to Karen who lives on the other side of Australia. Karen has received my bag and I have got a lovely newsy letter and rose card as a thank you from Karen. Karen doesn't have a blog. I am sure she will one day,she has a major project on the go at the moment which is taking up her time.
The little bag was easy to make. I used some Asian Fabrics that I had on hand. I also included some cottons pins ric-rac and a fat quarter of fabric.

Each time I took a photo the colours showed up differently but this photo above is fairly accurate of the colours. I am glad you liked the bag Karen.

Recently I managed to stitch up the Christmas Stocking from Saffron Craig.
I used some of the little Fairy's that were on the panel and appliqued these to the back of the stocking. This will be put to good use at Christmas. The potholder I made from a pattern that is from Lisa's blog. I adjusted this a little to suit the size of the project.I also made up Cath's pattern of her teapot and cupcake. I changed this also. I added some beads for on the cupcake to add some sparkle. Cath has a range of stitchery that you can download. I will use this block in my stitchery quilt. Today I want to finish the quilting on a quilt that has been looking at me in my sewing room saying "finish me".
Happy sewing
Bev C

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Nana'sTreasures.


On Friday I spent the day tidying and re-arranging my sewing room. Amongst my things was a lovely treasure trove of goodies which used to belong to my Nanna. Some of these things dated back to 1917. There were cuttings taken from the newspapers patterns transfers books recipes and home hints and pictures of Australians who got married etc. This pattern caught my eye. Knitted bathers!!! This patterns was from "The Australian Woman's Mirror" dated September 12 1939.The bathers were designed by Florence Ellis for a nine year old boy. I wonder if Nana made them up for one of my Uncles.
This one is from "Everylady's Journal" September 6th 1926. They were offering sewing books which were available. Nana obviously took up the offer.

There was a special notice at the bottom of the article which said. "In view of the high cost of clothing for women and girls,and the urgent necessity for economy in every home,it is advisable for all readers to take advantage of the generous offer made by the Associated School of Dressmaking in the announcement above. This well known institution is doing a great work for the benefit of the women of Australia and New Zealand,and it would be wise to grasp the exceptional opportunity now offering."

I found this packet of "Semco" Reliable Transfers amongst them and it still has plenty of the transfers ready for use. Even if I only photocopy these then trace them they will be put to use.

I liked this advertisement which was on the back of "Madame Weigel's Journal of Fashion" dated February 1st 1934. It is for Bushells Blue Label Tea. I drink this tea. This magazine had every
thing in there. I loved some of the other adds "Scalpadie" for the hair,definitely cures dandruff and baldness. An add for Pudney's Fountain Pens and Repairs. Johnson's Baby Powder. "Formettes "Reduces excess fat. So nothing much has changed since then. We are still trying to lose weight and we still have dandruff and baldness problems!!! There were plenty of newspaper cuttings about Sir Charles Kingford Smith and is plane records. I had a thoroughly interesting time looking through and reading these treasures.
Happy days
Bev C

Friday, September 18, 2009

A slight alteration!!!!

Hello, I hope everyone has had a great week and looking forward to the weekend. I know Ian and Lucy can't wait until tonight for the footy. Last year I joined in with just about every second blogger and did this stitchery block of the month. I had it all together,I even had quilted it and was ready to put on the binding. Then I decided I would change it. I put it away for several months then started unpicking it back in May. Then it went back into the cupboard. Recently I finally decided I needed a Sewing Machine Cover.
I used the plastic cover that came with the machine as a template. I lined the cover with calico that I had on hand. This was also recycled from something as well.
I put a pocket on each end to hold things. I used up some of the borders from the original design and put these in the pockets and along the front and back.
This is the back of the cover. I also lined up the split in the top of the cover to allow me to carry the machine around with the cover on it. I used bias binding for this sewing on the top layer then folding it underneath to the calico lining,thus holding it all together. I used up all the blocks except for one. This will be made into a pot holder I think because it was the one saying something about "quick and easy cooking".

After all this procrastination I think I deserve a cup of tea.
Happy sewing
Bev C

Monday, September 14, 2009

Surviving the winds.


Well we managed to survive the wind that came and stayed for several days. I woke up Sunday and couldn't hear anything what a relief. The lattice panel outside our kitchen window blew over in the winds. The posts ripped apart at ground level. Yesterday we managed to retrieve part of it and plans are in place to put it up again next weekend. While it was windy I stayed indoors and finished making the cushion to match the raggy quilt. It has an envelope style closing on the back. Quick and easy to do and its edges formed part of the raggy bit. This was a lot quicker to cut and was soon put into the washing machine and of course it dried a lot faster as well.
Yesterday I took Ian out for the day as it was his Birthday on Saturday. On Saturday he went to the footy with Lucy and David so I stayed at home watching Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility DVD and did some stitching. On Sunday we went to the markets and I came across a group of young people with a stall selling some lovely soaps etc. The soaps were done up like cakes under glass cake domes,very enticing. I purchased a piece of Lemon and Poppy seed soap. The car smelt divine on the way home. I also got some giant sunflower seeds and two different variety of pumpkin seeds. With the seeds I already have coming up in trays we will have about four different kinds. I will have to make sure to plant them in different sections of the gardens. Last year I planted some Butternut pumpkins under the roses and they thrived. We had pumpkins for a long time.

I have done several of the blocks for the "Beach" quilt. I found that with these two blocks I omitted the pegs and clothesline applique. I had some little wooden pegs and some cord which I will use for the clothesline. I will have to add some borders to these blocks to make them the same size as the others. Last month I gave away "Sweethearts" wall hanging. It now is in its new home and even has a hanger to match. Please go and visit Lauren's new blog she has just started for her stitching and sewing projects. I just love the name she has given her blog,very clever Lauren. I posted my "Friendship Bag" to my swap partner last week. Hopefully it will arrive safely. I have plenty of stitchery patterns that I have downloaded from the net. I have decided instead of waiting to make many different projects I have started stitching them and will make a stitchery quilt. It will have all of my favourite things on it. Of course I don't know what it will turn out like so it will be a work in progress.
Happy stitching
Bev C

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Waves.

Hello, Yesterday I used my wavy edge ruler. It is so easy to use and very effective. I bought this ruler at the recent Stitches and Craft Show. I also downloaded some easier to follow instructions as the instructions that came with the ruler didn't show some of the major points.
I will be using this ruler quite a bit on this quilt as it has a Beach theme. I have stitched up the Scarecrow block in Sam's block of the month. Instead of stitching the scarecrow I added a button and did a little more stitching on the block. Sam is also having a 100 post giveaway of the some material and a journal cover.

Although we are having rain and strong winds here today I noticed that my Dutch Iris have come out. I just love these. I think this is one of the flowers that suits purple. They are so easy to grow. I do nothing to them although this year they have got some lupin mulch keeping them supplied with nutrients. I think today will be spent inside keeping away from the weather.
Happy days.
Bev C

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Have you seen this STOLEN Quilt?


I was distressed to here that someone out there doesn't understand the Ten Commandments mainly the one about STEALING. Over the weekend at an exhibition to raise money for the restoration of an old mill a dastly deed was done. My blogging friend Jossie had lent two quilts for the display. Unfortunately someone took it upon themselves to take this quilt. Jossie is in Heerleen which is in the Netherlands. Yes it is a long way from my home but with the Internet we may be able to help get this quilt back for Jossie. If you see it in some one's home on the washing line or wherever please let Jossie know. You may even see it put up for sale on the Internet. Let's hope the thief/thieves have a very guilty conscience and return this quilt to Jossie.

Happy days.
Bev C

Monday, September 7, 2009

Anita's Tea Cosy,Quilts and Stitching.


Well Spring has certainly kept us busy here at Kainga. Lots to do out in the garden including plenty of weeding. I prefer to weed rather than spray then the chooks get lots of green plus a few snails thrown in. They then give us lovely fresh eggs. You certainly notice the difference when it comes to cooking and even making curried egg for sandwiches. Yummy yellow yolks. Last month's challenge was to make a tea cosy or pot holder. Anita has done a fantastic job knitting her tea cosy. I just knew she would knit this challenge. Doesn't it look just perfect there amongst her rose crockery.
Anita has also been busy sewing some library bags for children at her school who are less fortunate. great work Anita. Unfortunately my tea cosy is still in pieces. I crocheted mine and have made a mistake. The pattern said to put two double crochets together,well I did sort off. Instead of joining them together I did two in the same hole. I thought it wasn't right but I didn't have that light bulb moment until I nearly finished it. So will be doing some pulling out and restarting the front and back sections. For the next challenge we will be making an apron.
I put the pink borders on the "Spring Giggles" quilt and purchased some very bright pink backing fabric for it on Friday. Now I will have to decide how to quilt it.

Yesterday I stitched another block in the block of the month I have been doing this year. I still have the scarecrow one to do. This is ready to stitch. I found a scarecrow button in my cupboard so this will go onto it instead of stitching a scarecrow. Last Friday Lucy had an appointment at PMH so we dropped of the quilt Sue had done and the wall hanging I had made for the shop. The ladies were very pleased and said they were willing to take more items. They were most appreciative but it was out pleasure to make something for a worthy cause. Ian had a great Father's Day yesterday and was showered with gifts. Bonnie came to cook us Satay Chicken and Rice for lunch which was very yummy and eaten by everybody. Thanks Bonnie. Our prayers and thoughts go out to my sister in law Jane and Sophie and Joshua on the recent tragic passing of there loved Brother and Uncle. Hugs and best wishes to you all from us here at Kainga.
Happy days.
Bev C