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Monday, June 21, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" number 25


Welcome to the 25th posting of "Makes Me Happy Monday". Today taking the time to have a cup of tea is making very happy. We use real tea, not teabags here at Kainga. I am very partial to Bushells Blue Label leaf tea. The reason for this besides the tea tasting so much better is that it comes down to the compost bin!!! The teabags don't compost down,you are left with the bag still intact in the compost bin months later. It is so much easier to let the tea cool down and give it to the garden. I made these cinnamon scrolls late yesterday. They are so yummy.The bread maker is getting used quite a lot lately. The little rose in the vase is called "Hero" it is a David Austin rose. The bush is rather scraggly and prickly. Not like his other rose bushes. The flower more than makes up for it.
What does one do when partaking in a cuppa? Read one of my favourite books about roses of course. The name of the cups etc is "Rose Bud" by Maxwell & Williams Designer Homewares. Did you all remember today is the "Winter Solstice" the day with the shortest hours of daylight.
I hope you all enjoy your Monday and take time to have a cuppa or two.
Happy Monday.
Bev C


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev
Wow your morning tea sure looked nice - wish I had been there.


Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely Monday for you, Bev! Those cinnanom rolls really look yummy!!!
And the rose is beautiful with the lanvendal!
Have a lovely week.

retdairyqueen said...

I love my tea made in a pot to
I have coffee if I get offered a tea bag

Asiyah said...

Yummy! Have a wonderful Monday!

Roseanne said...

Your morning tea reminds me of going to my grandmothers. She always made a pot of tea, got out the lace table cloth and we always had something nice to eat.

Maria said...

How lovely to have a cup of real tea. I'm coming over.

Yes I knew it was Winter Solstice. My DD2 is in a re-enactment group called Grey Company which is having a big Winter Solstice banquet this weekend.

Terriaw said...

What a happy day! I love the loose tea also, but haven't had a cup in awhile. Now I want to, especially with a craving for cinnamon rolls!

Sue said...

What a lovely genteel pastime afternoon tea is. We all need more of that!

Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

Hii Bev, lovely tea "party" you have there. :D I love a cup of tea in the mornings as well.

Pauline said...

Bev, when I come to visit I will expect a tea party!My latest favourite (I'm not a big tea drinker) is horse hair tea which I tell the grandkids is horse tail tea and, of course, they insist they love it. I had to explain to them what a teapot is and I think that is half the appeal.
I always look forward to your Mondays!

Bobbie Lynn said...

What a lovely setting you have there and those rolls look delicious. You welcome winter we just welcomed Summer. Enjoy the season. : )

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Lovely setting Bev...I love a cup of tea in the morning soon as I get up...bit partial to Lady Grey Tea at the moment!!!