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Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Sweethearts" Redwork Wallhanging Giveaway.


I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. I have just finished sewing on the binding on my Red work Wall Hanging. The final measurements ended up being 34.5 inches long and 21.5 inches wide. I selected 6 stitchery designs from Brother embroidery Card No. 65. I loved using these cute designs,they turned out really well and didn't take much time to stitch out on my machine. I have decided to call it "Sweethearts."
The first two are of a little girl playing with her cat and teddy bear.

Then there is a little boy sailing his boat and riding his scooter.

Then the "Sweethearts" meet up for a picnic and the rest is history. If you want to win "Sweethearts" please leave a comment on this post only. I will pick the winner on Friday 14th August at 5.00pm. Overseas entries are more than welcome. When the winner is decided I will make a label with there name on it to put on the back. Good luck everyone. Last week I sorted through my patchwork scraps,some went to charity and rest have been put in a big calico bag. At the bottom of the scraps I found two UFO's. I had cut the sleeves of a shirt for Ainsley some years ago. I had cut two circles and had started making a Milk Jug Cover. I had crocheted around the edge. I finished one last night. Just like when you are sewing and run out of thread three inches before the end the same happened with the crochet thread. I was lucky I had a doily that I hadn't finished and have since lost the pattern so I was able to undo that and use it to finish of the Milk Jug Cover. Hopefully I will get the other one done this week.
Happy sewing
Bev C


Lurline said...

Gorgeous Giveaway! Where is everybody? - it seems a quiet Sunday!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Kate/Massachusetts said...

What a gorgeous giveaway! Thank you for the chance to enter your contest!

dfuller55 at verizon dot net

Dolores said...

Gorgeous quilt. You did a wonderful job on it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, and a little story to go with it Bev. A quite Sunday for me was a 'big breakfast'with the girls and a nanna nap in the afternoon! Where was Lucy & Ian?

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Bev...great giveaway...please count me in!!! Lucky you had that doily there to finish off the milk cover!!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hello Bev:

I finally go a chance to read your Blog and you have been busy in your sewing room. Love the “Coming Home” wall hanging and the prairie points add just the right touch to the quilt. The red work quilt is really cute and I have been thinking that I may have to upgrade to an embroidery Machine. The designs that are out are just wonderful and there is so many ways to use the designs (not just for quilt). What a gorgeous paddock view you have. Also you asked how many acres the LA arboretum is. I found out it is 127 acres of beauty. Happy sewing and can’t wait to see more of your work.

Rosy Inspiration said...

Oh! How cute. Redwork always draws my attention. Thanks for the humourous comment you made in my blog, I think you might be right, lol.

Pauline said...

Hi Bev, That anonymous comment wasn't from me. I think it was from Chris. The big breakfast sounds right and we did have a nanna nap Sunday afternoon. Love your new quilt. Oh, and adore the owls - I don't think I left a comment. I'm better at remembering what I intended to do than at what I actually do. (Chris is the same - ask her about the spark plugs!)

Jossie said...

Lovely sweethearts quilt. So kind of you to give it away.

Lauren Colless said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful wall hanging, it would have a very loving home here, but will be well loved wherever it is rehomed :) Beautiful work! Lauren

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,
I am probably late for the comment, but I wanted to leave it anyway.
Beautiful giveaway!
I also love your Blog (and all the work you do!).