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Monday, January 11, 2010

"Makes Me Happy" Number 1 and 2.


This is the first of my "Makes Me Happy" postings for the year. Last week Paula started this on her blog and invited everyone to participate. We do a posting each Monday about something that makes us Happy. By the end of the year we will have 52 things that we can look back on and see what "Makes Me Happy". As my roses are suffering from the recent heat I decided to show you my Rose Books. These really make me happy. I buy a book if I think it will have some relevant information and sometimes "just because I have to have it."
I have mainly books that are from Australian authors but I do have some English New Zealand and American Authors as well. A couple of the books I have bought from the sales that the State Library holds in town here every two years.

These are two books I read over and over again. I love old fashioned roses. They are so much tougher than some of the modern roses. Plus they have such interesting names and history. I particularly like the Australian Roses book as it shows roses that have been developed in Australia.

I love Susan Irvine books. When you read these books you feel as if you are in the garden with her.

A couple of years back we went for a holiday in Tasmania. As Susan lives in Tasmania I decided to see her home and garden. I looked her address up in the white pages and there it was. We drove to where her home was and it was exactly as she described in her books. I was only able to take pictures from the roadside but I was extremely happy to just do that.
My number two item for "Makes Me Happy" is something that we had to endure here in this state for the past three summers. Yes you guessed it we don't have daylight savings this summer. We had a three year trial then a referendum and it was voted out. This makes me extremely happy.
I know I will have some fun with these postings,thinking of 52 different things that "Makes Me Happy." Maybe you want to join in as well,I hope you do.
Happy days.
Bev C


Anonymous said...

Oh I love your "Makes me Happy"! What a great collection of beautiful books, no wonder you love them so much! Thanks for sharing!!

Teresa said...

I think this is a wonderful idea!!! It will be so good at the end of the year to look back at all your "What makes me happy" posts.

Anita said...

Bev, I love the photo of Susan's house. Boy if I lived in that house, that would 'make me happy'. love your collection of books, bet you've got books all over the house!! kind regards, Anita.

Mylene said...

It sure a nice idea, thanks for sharing.
Have a nice week!

Maria said...

What a lovely idea.It made me happy to read your post.
Oh made the jam drops on the weekend and DH loved them. thank you for the recipe Bev.

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

I love roses too but it is difficult to grow them here as well.

Jossie said...

What a fun posting. You must know a lot about roses Bev. You would make me very happy if you showed some in your garden ;-)

Bobbie Lynn said...

Love to look at books on roses. There are so many out there. While I was ordering my roses I could not beleive all the different types and colors. Very hard to choose. "Makes me Happy" is a great way to start off a week. For today what "Makes me Happy" waking up to a beautiful sunrise and having breakfest with my Daughter. Have a beautiful day Bev. : ) Blessings

Anonymous said...

Hello Bev, love your collection of books...I am fond of the Lorraine Lee climbing rose.....Warm Regards Lyn