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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My how things have changed.


I hope you are having a great day. It is a bit cloudy here,there is supposed to be a bit of rain later on today. Fingers crossed. Back in 1998 I used to go to a once a month patchwork group on a Wednesday night.
I made this cushion in one of our lessons. We enlarged the pattern that is used on the wall hanging on the front cover of the "Applique No. 2" by Patchwork and Quilting. Times have changed since then. For the cushion I made my own bias binding for the applique and hand sewed it on. I found the packet of bias bars the other day and guess what there is a heap of binding ready to be used. It was probably meant for the project below. Now you can buy bias binding already made up with glue on it so you just have to iron it on.

I found this project "ready to go", that is my new word for a UFO. All I had to do was sew on the new type of bias binding. I got to try out my double needle. That was really easy and it certainly saved sewing each side of the bias strip. I really didn't want to make another cushion so a search through my stash and I came up with a piece of material that had sunflowers etc ready to cut out and applique on.

So now I have a table centre that measures 19 inches by 19 inches. Plus I have one less bag of "ready to go" in my sewing room. I wonder which will last the longest the handmade bias binding or the new stuff. I know in years to come I will look back and love the handmade one more. It will be interesting to see what history thinks of all our new patchwork ideas in years to come.
Happy days.
Bev C


retdairyqueen said...


Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

I luv your new table centre Bev. The centre has a 3d effect. I would be machine sewing the bias also, or it might be lost in my 'ready to sew' pile forever..LOL!!

Unknown said...

They really are both lovely Bev .

Anita said...

Hi Bev, Isn't it amazing how different the same design looks just by using different colours!? Kind regards, Anita.

Terriaw said...

What a pretty table topper! How fun that you found your old supplies and pattern. Looks like a fun project, especially to have on-the-go.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
I will keep my fingers crossed for you too, more rain. That is a cute pattern. Hurray for another UFO being completed. That is always a good feeling.
Happy sewing and gardening.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I had no idea that there was such a thing...I haven't used any bias in ages!!! Ready to go is great for UFO I think...Dzintra♥x

Tiffany said...

Nice work! Bias binding with glue? That's one I've got to check out, I can't believe I don't know about it?! Love the sunflowers, it's totally you.

Tarnyia said...

Well done Bev... I have never made my own bias but have recently purchased the tool to do so... I use the lovely invented iron stuff hahahaha xxxx

Jossie said...

Great find Bev. We should go through our bins more often. Who knows what we come up with. The cushion and table topper are really very nice. Lovely pattern.