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Monday, September 20, 2010

"Makes Me Happy Monday" Number 38.


Happy Monday to you. This week I am happy to have just finished my Cross Stitch Sampler. I changed a few things around on the border because of the size of the Aida Cloth. I bought the Aida from Good Sammy's (op-shop). It was still in the packet,though it had been opened up because I found a small cross on the centre in pencil. Obviously it wasn't needed by that person so I am glad to have found a use for it. Next week is school holidays so we will probably be going to the "big smoke" so will drop it of to the framers.
I was so happy the other day when I went to the local library and found they have added a few more magazines that we can borrow. I just love "Country Style" magazine and I can spend a great amount of time reading this. I like this magazine because it has some beautiful photography in it plus the homes and gardens look like ones you can actually live in.

I am happy that these two envelopes were in the newspaper which we bought on Saturday while shopping. This great organisation that is helping the Youth of Australia fight cancer is asking for you to donate your old mobile phones. We managed to find two phones we no longer use and will be posting them of. Please go to the website and see if you can help. Thank you.

I was so happy to receive The Sunshine Award from Melissa. Now I am supposed to pass this onto 12 blogger's. I want to adjust the rules a bit, I want to pass it onto all those who read my blog,after all,you all make the world a better place. So feel free to copy and save the "Sunshine Award" and put it on your blog with pride. Let me know and I will come and share some "Sunshine" with you.
I nearly forgot,everyone is extra extra happy in this home after yesterday's win by
Swan District's in the WAFL grand final. Ian Bonnie Lucy David and Sherri had the time of there life at the game. I stayed home but turned on the TV just as the last goal was kicked. Lucy tells me it was the best footy match she has been to. Swan's won by one point!!!!
Happy Monday.
Bev C


Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely happy Monday for you, Bev! Your stitchery looks great and how lucky, that you can take magazines home from the library.
Glad you could find two mobiles for this great project!
Have a happy week!

Anita said...

Hi Bev, I just love the cross stitch sampler. Great find at the Op-shop girl. Kind regards, Anita.

Nat Palaskas said...

Happy Monday to you. I like the sound of your Sammy opshop! That cross stitch sampler is gorgeous. Congrats on the award. Enjoy Nat

Dolores said...

I do like samplers. That's a great idea - to offload your unwanted cell phones to a worthy cause.

Terriaw said...

So many wonderful things to be happy about! You always have such a cheerful outlook! Your cross stitch sampler is gorgeous - great job with that project!

Mylene said...

A happy monday to you too, Bev...although probably tuesday by the time you see this.
What a gorgeous sampler! Congrats on finishing it.


Hello Bev, Love your beautiful garden flowers. I also like that Mag. I brought a few of them home with me from Australia a long time ago and I still have them. LOL Your table cloth is very lovely. Happy Spring to you. Hugs Judy

Francien said...

Thanks Bev for your lovely comment on my blog....and your little sampler looks so good...
And yes you are lucky to have a library where you have magazines...because to buy them isn`t fun anymore...they are way to expensive here in Holland and sealed so you don`t know what is in it apart from a few hints on the cover...but when i pay 10 euro i would like to know if there is something in it i can use...the storeholder would not hear about a "look-in exemple"...she says the sole the last one she put out there...o well...lots of free-beis on the web....yours looks awesome!
greetings Francien.