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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures.

Hello and Welcome to Tuesday's Treasures.

Late last year we had a day out in Goomalling and we decided to visit "Slater Homestead" Now I have driven past this building over the last couple of years. It was a typical old building in disrepair. The Shire of Goomalling decided to do this place up.  Slater Homestead was built in 1856. A lovely lady by the name of Wendy met us as we pulled up. There is the main Homestead and a couple of out buildings. We were given a very informative tour of the buildings and believe it or not we spent three hours looking through everything. We all said when we left that was the most informative tour we have ever been on. There was even some afternoon tea at the end in the Tearoom, guess what there was no mention at all of any money. Of course we all put some in the jar.

Overnight Accommodation is available in either a Queen Room or a Double Room. We all agreed that spending a night here would be very interesting. It is open from March to November on the weekends from 10am to 4pm. Devonshire teas and light lunches are available.  There is also a gallery which has displays which change on a regular basis. I didn't get a picture of the main Homestead but you can go to this link and find out more and see some different pictures. I would thoroughly recommending take a Sunday drive for a visit. You won't come home disappointed.

My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone in Christchurch. The effects of this earthquake are devastating.

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Happy days.


Pauline said...

Looks lovely, Bev. Thanks for the link, too.

I can't imagine the horror going on in Christchurch right now.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

What a lovely old homestead, renovated beautifully!

Melody said...

The Slater Homestead looks fantastic, just the sort of place I adore. I'm watching the TV as I write and I agree the Christchurch earthquake is horrendous

Michelle Ridgway said...

We do have some wonderful heritage places here and your collage of photos is great. I love the china on the table. Yes my heart goes out to all those in Christchurch and the relatives here in Australia.

Tarnyia said...

Thanks for the tour via pictures... hope your sister is no where near the earthquake and is Lucy home? xxx

Sue said...

What a lovely historic building. I know a fellow called Slater from Goomalling. Maybe a rellie

Valspierssews said...

I like history. It is important to keep in touch with it. Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

Bev what a lovely place one could imagine the history that the home would have,if only buildings could talk,lol.
cheers shez

Sheila said...

How intersting , I love going on these type of tours , history is so fascinating . I too feel so much sympathy for those in NZ affected by this terrible devastation ,so sad .

chris said...

Hi Bev, tha Slater Homestead was a wonderful afternoon of history - don't just pass it by.
Horrific stories coming out of CHCH. My friend Kei was working in a country town south of CHCH yesterday so not sure how her home has fared.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
I love to visit old buildings. My favorite place to visit here in California are the beautiful Missions. Happy that you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

My heart goes out the the people of Christ Church also. I hope they find more survivors.
Wishing you a wonderful day.


Neat old Homestead.. Great that there are people who love to restore them so others can admire them again. Hugs Judy