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Friday, March 30, 2012

"Cross stitch and bag finished for OPAM and Malus x purpurea."


I have had a productive week. Adding two more finishes for OPAM (One Project a Month.)

The first one is...

"The Stag."

My Christmas  cross stitch ornament/pillow that I made this week. I added some little deers that Lyn gave me. Lyn was my first ever swap partner when I started blogging. The backing fabric is the same as what is on the front so it is reversible.  The design is another one of Helga Mandl's.

I have had a pair of jeans in my sewing cupboard for about two years. When Lucy was doing Textile's and Designs she needed to cup up some jeans to show how a zipper is inserted. Wasn't to impressed with the teacher I can tell you. It would have been OK if the school supplied the clothing!!!! Anyway I kept the jeans thinking "one day" I will do something with that denim.

"Earth Friendly Bag"

So yesterday I got to and cut them up and made this bag out of them. I roughly used one of those "green bags" as a template. Mine is slightly higher so will fit the bigger items in. I machine embroidered the design on the front which says. "Earth is forever take care of life." I used up most of the jeans.  I cut about 1 inch  up from the hem and unpicked and re-sewed this to make the handles. I used a "Goliath" thread in the bobbin and sewed the seams twice then over locked the edges. The scraps of denim went in the recycling bag.

Sometimes nature doesn't play along with what is on the plant label. Last year we planted a  "Malus x purpurea" otherwise known as a Purple Crab Apple just outside the kitchen and dining room. I looked at it last week and it was just a stick. With the hot weather we had been having  through Summer it looked like it needed a good drink. So over the next couple of days it got some love and water. It started shooting and imagine my surprise when I looked out and saw this.

"Bud of Malus x purpurea."
Some buds.

"Bloom of Malus x purpurea."
Then there was this. Isn't she so dainty and pretty.

The label says she is supposed to flower in Spring and produce crab apples in Autumn. Someone forgot to tell her it is Autumn!!!

We have a busy weekend planned, hope yours is a good one.

Happy days.
Bev C


Dolores said...

Good for you with your OPAM. That jean bag looks really sturdy. I do like your flowering tree. It's pretty and I hope it grows and produces as it gets bigger.

Anonymous said...

what lovely finishes Bev,well done,love the reindeer stitchery.xx

Michelle said...

Two lovely finishes, well done.
The flowers are so sweet and dainty sounds like you've planted in just the right spot to watch it grow... even though it is unsure of the seasons!

marina said...

lovely cross stitch and your new enviro bag is great.
Pretty flower, the plant must be playing catch up.

Maria said...

Two great finishes Bev.
Love the little buttons you used.

Fiona said...

Lovely stag pillow.... the fabric and extra deer are perfect .... and I do love recycling so the bag is just great... will use that idea.... crab apple so pretty.... even if a bit confused!!!

Margaret said...

She is a confused pink lady, I admire cross stitch as I don't do it nice finish

Karen said...

The cross stitch and bag are great finishes. Good way to use the jeans.
Your confused plant is very pretty!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good on you Bev for finishing for OPAM...I'm still working on mine...neat bag too and good idea to make it bigger...now you can fit more in ha ha...Have a great weekend...who knows what will spring up in the garden this weekend...I think our Autumn is better than our Summer this year!

Melody said...

Two fabulous finishes and I always love to see some blooms

Astrid said...

Such a cute stag! I love such small ornaments. Love your bag too, great way to recycle. Lovely flowers on your tree.

Valspierssews said...

The Christmas cross stitch is very cute and your denim bag looks great. I don't usually think of reusing the fabric in old clothes. Denim never wears out. I usually save as many notions as possible like buttons or a zip from a purse I get tired of.

Holly said...

Would like to pass on the Liebster Award to you for up and coming stitchers blogs. If you would like to accept the award, you can view the requirements to pass to other stitchers, on my blog. Have fun! Holly

Binsa said...

Hello Bev, I enjoyed your post...loved seeing your confused plant...a great project the enviro bag...Hugs, O'faigh

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Bev,
A really neat jean bag. Perfect for the market. I just love the crab-apple blossoms. The branches are a nice red color. Good luck with it. Good for you on your OPAM. It is really adorable. Have a lovely day.

Wendy said...

Hello Bev, the cross stitch is gorgeous and I love the bag. Beautiful photos of your flowers.

Pauline said...

Bev, I love bags made from jeans! I've made a few and the granddaughters love them. I thought I planned ahead for Christmas but don't start quite this early - you're on the ball!
Hope you get some lovely crab apples when that tree sorts out its seasons. For now, it sure looks very pretty.

melanie said...

Hello :) I have just discovered your blog and love it so much! I love the things you make :) I am going to add it to my blogroll so I can find you easily and come back for a visit :)
Take care
Melanie x